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« on: May 31, 2009, 03:04:06 PM »
Marion+Ette brushed her lips across his."I need you to help me kil-- temporarily impair someone.." she looked into his eyes, poking out her bottom lip a bit."Please..." *
* Kiriou brushing his lips across hers. "Define, impair. And who am I temporairly imparing" murmurred, staring down into her eyes with his crystal blue orbs. *
* Marion+Ette giggles, sliding her hand up the side of his neck, her dark midnight blue eyes locking to his."It may sound a little crazy.." she looked away, a small look of melancholy(sp) on her face, hiding her real intentions."My grandchilde.." *
* Kiriou shivered slightly, her hand along the his neck the cause. His hands pressed gently at her hips, their fingertips slowly running caresses down and along her thighs. "I see. What is it, you need me to do..about your grandchilde. How is it, you would like me to impair him." *
* Marion+Ette giggled a bit, biting her bottom lip as she slid her other hand on his chest, playing with the collar. Gasping against his touch, sighing she began to speak as softly and as innocently as possible."I.. I don't want you to hurt him.. I would never want that.." her other hand travelled to the other collar."Just.. get him back.. for what he did to me.." she snapped her head back to face him, looking him in the eyes as she gripped his collar, pulling him closer as she crushed her lips to his. *
* Kiriou released a slight gasp, his lips crushed to hers. The mans eyes closed with a growl, as he slammed her back against the wall. His lips pressing back into hers, crushingly. His hands traveled over her ass, coming back just to smack upon her ass and pull her against him. "And..what did he do to you.." Softly bit out, against her lips.  *
* Marion+Ette grinned against his lips, panting a bit as she pulled at the collar, begging him to take off the shirt."Mmm.. he embarassed me.. so badly.." she moaned into his lips, her bare rumpflesh tensing up to his touch, she closed her eyes, turning her face from his as she shivered."Ooh.. it was so horrible.. my panties were wet and.. ooh." she knew that sounded a bit wrong, but it was hard to concentrate like this. *
* Kiriou teasingly pulled his shirt off, dropping it too the floor. The mans teeth, nipped and bit softly at her lowr lip. "Did her now How is it you would like me to try and get him back" Questioned softly, before crushing his lips back into hers. His fingertips trailed down along her bare ass, and down the backside between her legs. His fingers alighted upon her pussy lips, his finger sliding across the slit. *
* Marion+Ette groaned, shivering as she smiled a bit, crushing her lips to his hard, panting against them as she licked his lips, gasping out, shivering against his touch, she opened her eyes a bit."Mmm.. He.. he put whipped cream all over my ass, and over my cunt.. while I was wearing a mini skirt.. and everyone saw.." she moaned out, knowing he would love the thought."Oh.. take me now.. please.." *
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Connection closed.
* Kiriou groaned softly, shaking his head. That would have been something he would have loved, to lick off her cunt. Releasing a slow growl against her lips. His hand dropped his own pants, dropping them. His hard cock springing from his confines. Pressing the woman back against the wall, his hands pulling her up against him. He ran his cock along her pussy, releasing a small moan of pleasure at her wetness. *
* Marion+Ette giggled against his lips again, slipping her fingers through his hair, wrapping her legs around his waist as she hoisted herself up, shivering a bit."Take me.. take me.. don't wait, I need it.. mmmm.." grinding into him closely. *
* Kiriou pressing his thick cock against her. He slowly pressed his cock into her cunt. A low groan leaving his lips in pleasure, his body trembling from it. "I will, love." Mumurred softly, kissing her roughly. is hips pulling back, just to slam foraward into her cunt hard. *
* Marion+Ette groans, kissing him back, tugging his hair, grinding into him as she did. She then gasped grunting as he thrusted into her she whimpered a bit."Uuh.. uhh.. baby.. Oh god.." she tightened her legs around his waist, panting hard."Oh.. god!! Ooh!" *
* Kiriou released her lips, his lips traveling down along her neck. His teeth biting and teasing at the soft skin. His hips presing further against her hips, as he felt her legs tighten about his hips. Grasping her hips, he pulled her hard against him, as he slammed his thick cock into her dripping cunt harder ith a long moan, his body heating up with pleasure from her. *
* Marion+Ette groans, leaning her head back grinding into his hips."Ooh.. baby.. to me.. baby.. talk to me.." she tugged at his hair, rolling her hips against his as he fucked her, her cunt dripping in anxiety as she whimpering in protest."Oooh!! Hah-harder!" *
* Kiriou groaned softly, his head tilted at the tug of his hair. His hands slapped roughly at her ass, his hips rocking against her hips. Pressing his length deeper into hr dripping cunt. "You like this dont you! I know you do, fuck it like you want it, or Ill pull out. " Barked softly against her lip, neck. *
* Marion+Ette screamed."Yes! Yes I fucking love it ooh!!" tossed her head back, bouncing up and down on it hard, rolling her hips around as hard and as fast as she could, her breathing matching her frantic bouncing as she tugged his hair harder."F..Fuck me!! Fuck mee!!" she whimpered, her eyes closed tightly as she grinded into him *
* Kiriou slammed to woman back against the wall hard. His hips pressing hard to hers, as his cock slammed into her slippery pussy. The head of his cock rn along her gspot, his body trembled at her tightness and clench upon his body. Kissing her roughtly, his body shaking in pleasure. "Fuck, yes! Take it all!" Cried against her lips softly, grinding back into her harder. *
* Marion+Ette screamed again, her own body beginning to shake against his, her pussy feeling like its on fire now and it didn't wanted to be put it out. She crushed her lips to his as she tensed up against his thrust."OOooh! Fuck I'm gunna cum I'm gunna cum! Ooooh!! Baby!!" she squealed, loving how thick, long and hard he was inside of her. *
* Kiriou groaned, biting on her neck hard. His body shaking in immense pleasure, his thick cock crushed between her pussy. He felt her muscles ripple along his cock, his body and blood flaring with heat at her. He felt himself on the edge of cumming, the rumble in his balls. As he thrust his cock faster and harder itno her tight cunt. "Come for me, babe! Come on my cock!" Growled out loudly, grinding rougly up into her. *
* Marion+Ette screamed, the sweat from her brow falling onto her bouncing breast as she released her juices on his thick cock, grinding into him as she did, her clit now hard from the intense fucking, she groaned out in pleasure as her body spurt out the last of her cum.  *
* Kiriou closed his eyes in pleasure, hos body shook hard. He grasped her close, thrusting his cock up into her roughtly. He felt her cum, her pussy clenching upon his cock, the final squeeze. His back arched, his cock thrusting up into her deep. "Fuuuck, Im cummin!" He groaned out, as he began to shoot his cum into her. His head dropping slightly, biting at the womans breast. His arms moving about her, holding her to him as he didnt want to let her off of him. *
* Marion+Ette grabbed a tight hold of him, legs and all. Panting against his shoulder as she leaned down to bit it lightly, grinding into him a bit as he filled her with cum, her own cum and his mixing as she kissed and sucked on his shoulder, making a little mark there. She whispered."Oooh.. yes.. baby... that was soo good.." she clung to him, she didn't want him to let her go. *
* Kiriou held the woman to her tightly, his breathing still heavy but slowly slowing. He could feel himself still hard i her. She did that to him. Carrying her over to the bed, he lay her down. Not once pulling out of her, as he lay upon her. Pressing his lips against her breast, where he bit and sucked making his own mark upon her. "It was babe, it was spectacular." Grinned down at her, grinding back against her. *
* Marion+Ette giggles, biting her bottom lip as she let him make his mark, gasping a bit."Kiri!! Everyone'll know you made that mark!! Unless.. you dont care if they do.." she blushed. He knew what to do to get her that way, she played with his hair, her face hot and covered in sweat, *
<Marion+Ette> G2g bb tomorrow

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Nice story...but doesn't sound like its end.

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Fuck story very good