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« on: May 31, 2009, 02:10:14 PM »
Beautiful Rebecca

Here I am again. I talked to Victoria who told me about her sexual times with my husband, John. She is 17 years old. John and I babysat her when her parents were on vacation when she was 9. She said, “Cheryl John never tried anything.”
She has great breasts. John and I were in the car when she leaned in to talk to me. John stared at her sexy breasts. She told me, “Cheryl watch John when I come over with Sarah. I bet he takes our picture. He hasn’t come on to us, but he will.”
Victoria said, “Cheryl I want John to fuck me. I’m going to come on to him.” She went to John’s office and showed her sexy body. She set up a camera and I saw everything she and John did. She sat on his desk and asked John, “John my foot hurts.”
He kissed her foot and saw her thighs up to her vagina. She sat on the couch and wrapped her legs around John’s thighs. Victoria wore a sexy nightgown and said, “John I want to see your body naked.” John took off his shirt. She felt his erection.
Victoria took off her clothes, except her bra and panties. John took off his pants. He has a pair of shorts on with an erection. Victoria said, “John lets go to your house and see if we can have sex.” John said, “Victoria you are much too young for that.” Victoria and John sat on the bed. She grabbed his penis through his pants. I could tell John has an erection that Victoria rubbed.
John and Victoria went back to her house. This time John reached into her camisole and massaged her firm breasts. Victoria said, “John rub my thighs and finger fuck my vagina.” John put his hand between her legs and found her hot vagina. She took off her panties as John finger fucked her wet vagina. She said, “Oh John that feels so good. Don’t stop.”
Victoria’s parents told her they would be home in 10 minutes. She and John went outside where John finger fucked her again. That night Victoria’s parents went out and John took his shorts down. His penis popped out and he finger fucked her again. John took Victoria to the couch and slipped his hand in her bra while he was naked. He massaged her young breasts again.
They kept going back and forth between houses when her parents came home. John kept her breasts in his hands. I had cameras in every room. John took off his clothes. Victoria went to the kitchen. John massaged her sexy breasts again. Victoria said, “Cheryl I wanted John to kiss me and feel my body when I turned 13. I couldn’t get John to notice my young body.”
I turned on the camera in time to watch Victoria take off her camisole with John dressed on the couch next to her. It didn’t take long before John got on his knees in front of her. He rubbed her thighs and got to her vagina and finger fucked her. Victoria took off her shirt while John kept finger fucking her. John has an erection. I hope he doesn’t fuck Victoria.
They came back to our house and Victoria got on the bike. John put his hand up her mini skirt and in her panties to finger her. They went back to Victoria’s house when I came home. I turned on the camera in time to wee John put his hand in her bra again. She said, “John I want to see your penis. I’d like to see what it tastes like.” He said, “Victoria let’s go to your bed and fuck.”
Victoria said, “John wait until next month when I’ll be 18.” I guess they will have sex soon. John fingered her vagina again.
Today is Victoria’s 18th birthday. She came into the living room with just her shorts and panties on. John took off his shorts. Victoria said, “John lets go to my bedroom and see what happens.” I started the tape recorder to record their sex.
John said, “Victoria lets not do anything we will be sorry for.” They went to the living room and John finger fucked her again. Victoria wants John to fuck her. She wore a sexy dress without panties. She hugged John. She reached in his shorts to his penis. John said, “Victoria lets wait until next week and think about what we should do.” She said, “John I want you to fuck me.”
She spread her legs to show John her wet vagina. John took his shorts down. He has to have sex with her. He has an erection. Victoria said. “John I know you want to have sex with me. I want sex with you. Please fuck me John.” He said, “I cannot.”
Victoria lifted her skirt and showed John her vagina. She said, “John I’m ready for you to fuck me. I need your penis in me.” John took all his clothes off and I think maybe I’ll get to see him fuck Victoria finally. John reached to take off Victoria’s dress.
Victoria still had her panties on. She said, “John please take my panties off me and suck my vagina if you won’t fuck me.” They went back to Victoria’s room. John got behind her and hugged her. He wrapped his arms around her with an erection. She said, “John please don’t tease me. I have to suck your penis and I want you to fuck me.” He said, “You’re too young.”
Victoria sat on the bed naked while John masturbated. I hope he decides today is the day to have sex with her and fuck her. She got in bed and John came to her with his erection. I watched as John finally fucked her. He pumped in and out of her. Victoria said, “John please don’t stop fucking me. This feels so good. I want you to cum in my vagina.” John kept fucking her. Victoria sat on the side of the bed and guided John’s penis back into her vagina. John pumped in and out as she had an orgasm.
A few weeks later Victoria and John were in our living room. Victoria wore a mini skirt and masturbated John. Victoria changed clothes and went back to the living room as John sat in a chair and masturbated. Victoria stood to watch. As John masturbated Victoria took off her skirt. She said, “John don’t ejaculate. I want you to fuck me again. Ejaculate in me.” She went to John and masturbated him. She said, “John I want to feel you ejaculate in my hand and I want to taste it.”
Victoria put on a sexy outfit. Her mini skirt was 9” above her knees. Her vest showed her sexy firm breasts. John got up with his erect penis sticking straight at Victoria’s vagina. Victoria said, “John put your penis in my vagina again.” John got behind Victoria and fucked her. He pumped in and out of her vagina. She said, “Oh John fuck me and cum in me.”
Victoria pumped along with John. She yelled, “John this feels so good. Fuck me again and don’t stop. I want your sperm in me.” John said, “Victoria your vagina feels so good on my penis. I have to ejaculate in you soon.” He pumped in and out of her. I watched them fuck and I could tell John was about to ejaculate in her. John yelled, “Victoria get ready, I’m going to ejaculate.”
Victoria said, “John fuck me from the front. I want to see you ejaculate all over my pubic hair/” He ejaculated on her vagina. John got on his knees in front of Victoria. He said, “You have sperm between your legs. Don’t let it go to your vagina.” Victoria said, “John I please fuck me some more. I want your sperm to go into my vagina. I won’t get pregnant.”
John said, “Victoria get dressed. We shouldn’t be doing this.” She asked, “John don’t you like having sex with me” He pulled his pants on and said, “Victoria I love having sex with you, but you are still much too young to have sex with me.” They were dressed and went into the kitchen. I watched as they looked at each other. They look like they will fuck again.
Victoria said, “John if you enjoyed sex with me, lets get naked again and I want to suck your penis while you suck my vagina.” John said, “Victoria we have to stop this.” She asked, “John why should we stop I thought you liked having sex with me.” She said, “John finger fuck me again and see how horny I am.” He finger fucked her and said, “Victoria I want to fuck you.”
They went to the bedroom naked. Victoria took John’s penis and masturbated him. He said, “Victoria I want to fuck you again.” John got on top of Victoria and pumped his penis in and out of her mouth. Victoria sucked his penis and he ejaculated in her. John moved down to Victoria’s vagina up side down and he pumped in and out of her vagina. He ejaculated in her vagina.
John moved on top of Victoria and pumped in and out again. He yelled, “Victoria I’m going to ejaculate in you again.” Victoria said, “John I love your sperm in my vagina and I want you to ejaculate in my vagina many more times.” Victoria sat up and guided John’s penis back into her young vagina. She said, “John I hope you can ejaculate in me again.”
I had multiple orgasms as I watched John fuck and ejaculate in Victoria’s vagina. I want John to fuck me as many times. John said, “Victoria lets shower and clean the sperm off your vagina.” John got naked and helped Victoria get in the shower. After they showered Victoria said, “John I want you to fuck me again. If you ejaculate in me, I want you to suck my vagina.” John said, “Victoria I always wondered what sperm would taste like when I suck a vagina. I will ejaculate in you again.” John massaged Victoria’s breasts and guided his penis into her vagina again. He ejaculated a huge load of sperm in her vagina.
Victoria said, “Ok John now you have to suck my vagina. It is full of your sperm.” John licked his sperm off her thighs. Victoria came with us on vacation. She sat in the patio and John stood in front of her with an erection pointing at her face. They went to the bedroom and John guided his penis into her vagina and pumped his sperm into her vagina again. I cannot believe how many times John ejaculated in Victoria’s vagina. I got a closer look at Victoria’s sperm covered body.
John and Victoria went to another hotel. John held Victoria and slipped his hand into her panties and found her very wet. They went to the hot top. Victoria said, “John please fuck me one more time before we get into the hot tub. Ejaculate in me.” John went to Victoria’s room and she took his clothes off him. She had a mini dress on without a bra or panties. She is hot.
Victoria said, “John lets go to my parents’ bed. It is bigger and we will have more room.” She took John’s penis to suck. John turned Victoria over and guided his penis into her vagina. He pumped in her vagina from behind and ejaculated in her again.
I turned on the camera again and Victoria and John were in bed. I watched as they fell asleep. I want to suck them both. Victoria woke up and masturbated him while he slept. She masturbated John and he ejaculated while he slept. Later that week Victoria and John were in different beds. Victoria finger fucked herself while John masturbated.
John said, “Victoria we shouldn’t have had sex. If Cheryl knew we were having sex, she would hate both of us.” I didn’t know Victoria knew I had a camera running. She said, “John see that over there Cheryl is watching us having sex.” She said, “John Cheryl has been watching us for about a month now. She wants to join us.” I asked, “Cheryl is that right” Victoria and John went to the couch. She said, “John she can hear you, but cannot respond. She is at your house right now.”
John said, “Victoria lets give her something to see. I want to fuck you again. Cheryl I hope you like it when I fuck Victoria.” I wanted to go to her house and join them. I watched on the camera as John and Victoria fucked until they had orgasms. Victoria got into the hot tub and John kissed her while he finger fucked her again. John loves to finger fuck her young vagina. Victoria masturbated herself to an orgasm and John went to his knees to suck her vagina. He sucked her vagina for over an hour. She sat at the table and John kissed her young breasts. Victoria said, “John lets invite Cheryl to join us later.”
Victoria wore a sexy mini dress. Her breasts look so good. I have to see if she is bisexual. I know I could suck her breasts. John and Victoria got on their knees facing each other. John said, “Victoria lets give Cheryl a show and fuck again.” Victoria said, “Ok John, but I want to get on top of you.” She got on top of John and guided his penis deep inside her vagina. Victoria rolled over on her back and guided John into her vagina again. She said, “John ejaculate your sperm in my vagina again.”
Victoria told me she and John went to a nudist beach to fucked on the beach. I have to get together with them for sex. Victoria said, “Cheryl John loves to fuck me. When I was 13 I had an orgasm finger fucking myself pretending it was John fucking me.” Victoria said, “Cheryl you should’ve been with us. John fucked me on the beach. After he ejaculated he sucked my vagina.”
I turned on the video and saw Victoria, John and Sarah in the living room. John said, “Cheryl I want you to join us for sex.” I watched the tape and John massaged Victoria’s gorgeous pert breasts with Sarah watching. I need to join them all. John, Victoria, Laurie and two girls I don’t know got together for an orgy. Victoria’s ass is so sexy and I want to suck her cheeks.
The four girls raped John. I guess you cannot call it rape. Rape is forced. John didn’t look like he was forced to have sex. John fucked all four of the girls. After he ejaculated in each of them they took turns sucking sperm off his penis. I was shocked when I saw the tape and John sucked Victoria’s vagina after her bisexual boy friend ejaculated in her vagina.
I will tell you what happened when I finally caught them having sex in the next story. I will tell you that I joined them in a fantastic orgy.

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Story story.


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christabel, no be story.come make we do our own and then write am or how u see am.if u are game,just sms
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