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Apostle Zachariah
« on: June 27, 2020, 10:14:24 PM »
The room was cold, colder than it needed to be but that was intentional, he wanted these two as vulnerable and exposed as humanly possible.

Zachariah looked at the older of the two women seated across his large table and said, “What can I do for you today, my children?”
The younger one looked to the older woman as if in question before putting her head down and fidgeting with her fingers as she had been doing since she’d walked in.

That one looks like she needed serious help, too bad they came to the wrong person. Wearing that serene and self-righteous look he learnt from that crooked bastard ‘Timothy Áthan’ Athanasius, he waited as the older woman collected her thoughts and began to speak.


“Apostle.” Zachariah supplied.

“Apostle, you have to help my daughter. She has been possessed by a marine spirit, it drives her to do all manner of evil things that a child ought mustn’t.”

Ought mustn’t? This people were hilarious. Never in his life had he met a group of people as deeply religious as this lot. It bordered on the extreme. The things Athan had had his ‘members’ do in the name of being a supposed ‘Man of God’, he never would have believed it if he hadn’t been there.

Unfortunately, the idiot had accumulated enough money as was always his plan and absconded with it in name of being on a Pentecostal mission. And they had all believed it. Even taking him at his word that he was the one ‘god’ had led to lead in Timothy’s place. Four months down and the finances were starting to pick up again.

Zachariah leaned forward, getting a closer look at both women. They were both light skinned and beautiful. The younger because of her apparent youth and tight nubile body and the older one because of a sense of maturity that has settled upon her eyes. They were both incredibly alluring.

“What is it she has done?”

“Something evil.” The older woman said looking at her daughter downcast face and frowning.

He recognized that look. “This is your daughter?”

“Yes Pasto….Apostle.”

“Hmmm. And what is it you said she did, speak clearly now. I feel power here.”

The older woman looked up, slight terror in her eyes now.

Zachariah smiled, that line always worked.

“I caught her with a man.” The woman said, then added “And his manhood was in her mouth. She was sucking it like it was lollipop from a store.”

Zachariah felt his dick stir. Things were getting interesting here.

He looked at the girl again. He couldn’t see it. She seemed so innocent and shy.

“And what is it you want the man of god to do for you?”

“Please Apostle. Cast out the Jezebel spirit in her.” She got off her seat and walked to kneel beside him, her hands on his thighs and head bent. “Please Apostle. Help me. She’s my only child. Her father is dead.”

Zachariah breathed out slowly. He placed his hands over the woman’s, rubbing it subtly, back and forth, back and forth. After he’d had his fill of looking down her blouse to the slight cleavage exposed, he asked her to stand.

“You will bring her to me this night at 9pm. She must be clean and neatly dress. Are you in your time child?” He asked.

The girl looked up at him in confusion then turned to her mom who whispered something to her before she nodded no.

“Good. You will have her here without any underwear. Anything that restricts her womanly features must be removed. In the morning tomorrow you will then come for her at 6am sharp. I would have freed her by then.”

The mother almost cried at his words. “Thank you pastor, thank you. Thank you.”

Zachariah smiled inwardly, not even bothered that she’d gotten his title wrong. If he played his game right, he’ll be enjoying this young sweet thing all night. Life was good.

“Come to me. Let us pray.”

Zachariah opened both arms wide, waiting for both women to come in them. They did, though just slightly touching. He held them just below the shoulder at the back and drew them closer till both breasts of mother and child was pressed firmly against his chest.Surprisingly, the daughter breast felt bigger than the mother’s even though it didn’t look like it on the outside.

He went through some rehearsed lines of his ‘special prayer’, delaying just enough to enjoy more of their bodies before letting go.

The mother moved back way too quickly for his liking, but didn’t seem suspicious.

He bade them goodbye and stepped out of his office. The church assistant Stella was sitting behind her desk, playing some silly game on her phone. He sidled behind her and shamelessly reached for her breast, squeezing them through her simple polka-dot dress.

She pouted, moving away from her seat to get farther from him.
Zachariah laughed, knowing this ploy. He chased her, after her feeble attempt to escape and took her into his office. She pushed and resisted. All part of their little game. She always did this but eventually did what he wanted.
They reached his office and he sat on his desk facing the guest seats. She weaseled in between his legs still fighting.

She wrinkled her face and twisted away mumbling something about him stopping. Zachariah started kissing her neck and cheeks.

He saw her fight a little longer then slowly give in. Just like clockwork.
He took her hand and directed them to his cock, He was already painfully hard.

She stroked him through his pants gingerly before picking up the pace.
Zachariah raised his white robe up and over his head and then pushed his trouser and boxer down in one go.
Her hands returned to his dick on their own now and he knew he had her.
With both hands, he pushed her onto her knees and then took himself in his hands, guiding them to her big lips. Stella was not a beautiful woman. Most likely in her early 40s, at least two to three years his senior and big breasted. They weren’t perfectly shaped but were nice none the less. It was the only good thing she had.

She opened her mouth slowly, taking more and more of him with each bob. The first time she had done this on him had been horrible, she had nearly bitten his dick off. Thanks to several period of practice she was almost a pro now. Almost.

He held her head and slapped her hands off of him, fucking her mouth however he wanted. She choked and salivated but otherwise was powerless to stop him.

“That’s right bitch. Take my dick, all of it.” Zachariah whispered, looking down at her as she fed on his dick. Sucking and slurping till he started to get close.

His hands moved to her breast and he squeezed them, pushing himself deeper in her mouth. He pulled out and leveled his dick with his stomach exposing dark skinned balls. She knew what to do next and licked, sucking each testicle into her mouth till he was almost cuming.

“Look at me, Stella. Look at me and suck it.”

She did and he couldn’t help but appreciate just how slutty she looked in that moment. He pushed back in at the last second, getting deep in her throat before he started cuming. Hard.

She tried to push off but he didn’t let her. When he was done, he pulled out expecting her to spit as she always did but she just knelt there looking at him.

Waiting to be used again apparently having swallowed his cum.
Well, someone was getting naughtier.He was supposed to fuck her now, right here on this desk but something told him he’ll need his strength for tonight. Something like disappointment flicked over her face and he said, “Don’t worry, after tonight I’ll fuck you till you can’t walk.”

The day moved on swiftly. Zachariah had a few things to attend. At 2pm, a married couple were coming in for counseling. Child issues.

He had been prepping the woman for a while now, setting the stage so he could have her. Their last session had been very fruitful. After several weeks of private prayers and minor groping, he had convinced her that one of the problems was her sensuality. She was then supposed to arouse him repeatedly just to make sure nothing was wrong with her womanhood. Whatever that meant.

It had started out awkward at first. She just held his hand and started stroking it, rubbing his shoulders tentatively and then later his chest. Zachariah was unimpressed. So, he started telling her what to do. For some reason, the idea of him giving her directions seemed to have an effect on her.
She was more secure in her movement, less nervous.

Oh well, this was even better.

While sitting down, he had instructed her to turn around slowly. Regina was a new member in his church but she had lived in the community her entire life. Her body wasn’t particularly impressive but she was pretty.
He knew he had to be very careful, one minor slip and the entire scam was over. So, he kept his voice level even when he was turned on. She had tried to dance sexily, it wasn’t working, so he moved on. She would stroke her breast and ass through her clothes and then he’ll tell her to check if his dick was hard.

After a while, she would repeat it, rubbing on his chest and back with her breast and hands then grinding on his dick with her ass. Zachariah was the perfect actor, feigning disinterest, urging her to keep increasing her effort.

He stopped things after a while, commending her for trying but still acted like he expected more. It had the intended effort. She had promised to do better at their next appointment.

He was so going to fuck her brains out one day.

The rest of the day went by and he soon retired to the private quarters behind the church. Stella came in as he was about to have a bath to tell him she was about to leave. She didn’t have to do that but he guessed she was hoping he’ll do something with her now that it was late and they were alone.

He dismissed her without remorse and continued getting ready.
At 9 in the evening, there was a rap on the front door. Mrs Nwa and her daughter walked in. Zachariah greeted them in the living room. After a little chat with the mother, he told her to leave them and come for her child first thing in the morning.
He turned towards the girl now, she wasn’t as young as he thought she was, probably around 21 or 22. He began with another round of his special prayer. He had her kneel before him as he slowly circled her.

About twenty minutes later, he sat on a single couch and said, “Crawl towards me.”

The girl looked shocked. “What?”

Zachariah continued, “What is your name?”


“Felicia,” Zachariah said again. “Crawl towards me.”

Slowly, very slowly, she turned and crawled towards him, maintaining eye contact with him the entire time. God, this girl was a seductress.

When she reached him, he said, “Turn around.”

She did, her ass now occupying his optical field. She looked full and soft beneath the while cotton material she had on. Zachariah leaned forward and ran his hands from her neck to the edge of her waist. And the he spanked her ass. Hard.

She gasped and looked back at him surprised. Zachariah paid her no mind. He repeated the motion and again smacked her ass when he got to her waist, on the other cheek this time.

Inside his garment, he was hard.
He fingered the hem of her robe and raised it up slowly. He turned when he started doing that, and watched him as he gently uncovered her ass and pussy. His hands massaged her ass and spanked it. The sound of flesh on flesh was maddening. She screamed but, in his head, it sounded like a moan.

His fingers penetrated her. She wasn’t a virgin, thankfully.

“Turn around.”

She faced him once more, her robe falling back down.
Zachariah leaned back, and began mumbling some spiritual nonsense. He knew his hard dick was visible to her. Good, he wanted to see it. After a while, he made some utterances and asked her to repeat it. While she did that, he raised his robe and exposed his penis. She faltered after seeing it but kept going.

Next, he grabbed her hands and placed them on his dick, urging her to stroke. He resumed his mumbling as she gently complied. Her grip was loose on his dick so he held his over hers till he was fisted firmly in her hand.

Guiding her gently until she was stroking his dick nicely.

He looked at her then, her eyes were closed. His left hand went to the back of her head and began pulling her down. She quieted immediately; her eyes were huge as they looked at him in question. Perfect in his role, Zachariah kept his face remote till her lips touched the side of his dick. He rubbed her lips and face around his groin like a rag doll, playing with her as he continued his chant.

After a while, he fisted himself and positioned it at the entrance of her mouth, pushing in as she stared innocently. For a second, there was no movement on his part or hers. And then Zachariah started moving her head up and down, forcing her to take more and more of him till her lips were hitting his pubes.

And then he said, “Suck.”

He released her and she finally grabbed his dick and put it in her mouth. The first suck was divine, the next three proved his initial thought, this girl was a wild one. She seemed to have gone on autopilot and was effectively making love to his dick. Her tongue was everywhere, roaming over the side of his dick, his balls and then back to the tip. He came. Abruptly, and all over her face.

As he came down from it, he grabbed her face aggressively again and forced his dick inside her mouth again, choking her till he was semi hard again.
He pulled her up and removed the cloth on her body. She climbed on top of him and slowly impaled herself on him.

Zachariah grabbed her waist hard and said, “Ride me. We are going to remove the spirit of Jezebel from you.”

“Say it.”

The smile she flashed him with was surprising, “Fuck the spirit of Jezebel out of me, Apostle.”

What the hell! When had this become consensual. Anyway, even better.

He wasn’t kind in his actions, his hands were in her hair, holding her neck, smacking her as she rode him. He pinched and sucked her nipples, messing with her rhythm and then fucking upward when she slowed. Her pussy was soaking.

He could feel himself getting close now, whether she came or not was not her concern. Thrusting, stroking, biting, he slowly rode the crest, spending himself deep inside her. She screamed when she felt it, buckling on him like a wild horse.

He pulled out of her and went in again from behind, giving her gentle long strokes, just enjoying the feel of her. She was moaning loudly, her hips undulating to the movement of his motions. He grabbed her shoulder and pushed himself to the hilt, causing her to scream ahead.

There was no love in his thrust, he was as deep as he could go. His hands smacked her ass loudly and she rotated her hip in lust. His hands went to her hair and pulled her back. He was going to fuck her till death.

She began a low chant, gyrating and uttering, “Fuck, please, …”She tried to pull away, whimpering, Zachariah was having none of it. He grabbed her hips and pulled her semi-upright and closer to him, drilling her pussy. She began calling her mommy and it just made Zachariah inwardly. He was already making plans to have her mother in the same position. Imagine having both of them together.

Mother and child on his bed, sharing his dick, sucking each of his nipple while he stroked their pussy. Hearing both of them call his name.

He felt that itching in his balls as those images went through his mind, ploughing inside her like a madman, he grabbed her head, hunched over her body as he came deep in her.

Zachariah fell back on the sofa staring at the empty space ahead. Well, this had been a surprise. He allowed her lay on top of him for a while to catch her breath and when he got bored of it, he swatted her naked ass to she would look at him.

“Get up. Go get cleaned up and wait for me in the bedroom.”

The little brat surprised him again when she kissed his chest and then sauntered into his bedroom, waltzing like she was right at home.

Looks like he was definitely going to make a thing out of this encounter.

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Re: Apostle Zachariah
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Interesting ..............