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GENERAL DISCUSSION / NAF Is coming back to life this year
« on: May 08, 2020, 05:44:01 PM »
I'm upgrading NAF this year to increase activities, it will cost me four figures for the free service that i'm giving, four figures in dollars not in naira.

« on: January 03, 2020, 04:16:23 PM »
Wishing you all good health and success for 2020.

« on: January 01, 2019, 12:59:27 PM »
Happy New Year to you all, more pussies and dicks in 2019.

GENERAL DISCUSSION / Are There Any Benefits In Late Marriage
« on: April 30, 2016, 05:45:32 AM »
Yes, there're lots of advantages in late marriage.

1. Late marriages last longer than early marriages, because you're more mature and have already seen all.

2. Late marriage also help to be financially solid, because you're more professionally solid.

3. Late marriage help you to avoid the same mistakes.


Feel free to ad yours...

VIDEOS / Funniest Cheaters Caught in the Act Revenge Compilation
« on: December 06, 2015, 10:41:03 PM »
! N

GENERAL DISCUSSION / Buhari Cut Ministers Salaries
« on: November 28, 2015, 10:56:05 AM »
Buhari Shocks Ministers With Austere Benefits
Barely three weeks in office, President Muhammadu Buhari has shocked Ministers with poor salaries and austere allowances.
He has also imposed dos and don’ts on the ministers including travel restrictions.
Most Ministers were said to be embarrassed by the perks of office accruable to them in office.
The only leverage the Ministers will enjoy is the privilege of flying in a Business Class on trips.
These conditions of service for Ministers were contained in a letter given to them during the week by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Engr. Babachir David Lawal.
The letter said: “I am pleased to inform you that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has appointed you as a Minister in the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
“The appointment takes effect from 11th November, 2015 under the following Terms and Conditions of Service as contained in “Certain Political, Public and Judicial Office Holders(Salaries and Allowances, etc) (Amendment ) Act 2008.”
“I am to add that your tenure terminates at the end of this Administration unless otherwise decided by Mr. President. Please accept my heartiest congratulations and best wishes on your appointment.”
The SGF’s letter gave the details of the perks which the ministers will enjoy in office as long as they last in the Federal Executive Council (FEC).
While the substantive minister will earn N2, 026, 400 Annual Basic Salary($8,514.285), Minister of State is to get N1.8million($7,563.025) per annum.
Other highlights of the conditions include: Estacode Allowance($900 per diem); Duty Tour Allowance(N35,000); Utilities Allowance(Telephone/ Electricity/ Water)–30% of Annual Basic Salary (N607,920); Domestic Staff Allowance(75% -((N1,519,800) of Annual Basic Salary; Medical Facilities (in accordance with NHIS Policy); Special Assistant (To be provided in kind); Security (To be provided in kind); Air Travel (By Business Class); Newspaper Allowance (15% of Annual Basic Salary-N303,960).
The letter said: “As a Political Office Holder, you must obtain permission from Mr. President before you travel out of Abuja. If the trip is official, Ministers are entitled to a Duty Tour Allowance of N35,000 per diem. However, all private journeys will attract no Allowance.
“Severance Allowance of 300 %of Annual Basic Salary payable after full tenure of office with government. The allowance will be pro-rated after a minimum of two years tenure.
It added: “200 % of Annual Basic Salary (N4,052,800) will be paid to you to enable you to acquire accommodation of your choice in line with monetization policy.
“Furniture Allowance. 300 %(N6,079,200) of Annual Basic Salary will be paid once in every four years. The allowance will be paid annually at the rate of 75% (N1,519,800) of Annual Basic salary.
“Motor Vehicle Fuelling Maintenance Allowance. 75% of Annual Basic Salary (N1,519,800) for the maintenance of your vehicle(s) as Government no longer provides chauffeur driven vehicles to Political Office Holders/Public Officers for house to office running.
“Annual Leave (30 calendar days for each leave year or calculated on pro-rata basis, with 10% of Annual Basic Salary(N202,640) as leave grant); Personal Assistant Allowance (25% of Annual Basic salary to enable you to employ a Personal Assistant of your choice).”
Investigation however revealed that some of the ministers were uncomfortable with the salary and allowance package because it might not be able to pick their bills.
The package has caused rumbles in the cabinet because while Nigerian ministers earn $8, 514.28 Per Annum (N2,026,400), their counterparts in Ghana are on $50,000 (N11,900,000) and those in South Africa (the highest paying in the continent) were said to be taking home about $302,521 per annum.
A reliable source said: “Most ministers have been sad since they received their letters of appointment because the salary and allowance package was a far cry from where they were coming from. We hope that ministers will eventually not steal if they have to serve this nation on hungry stomach.
“We have ministers in this government who left high-net worth job of $10,000 to $20,000 per month, how will they settle their bills? Some ministers have headed corporate. You can imagine a minister managing about $3billion portfolio now getting $8,521 per Annum.
“Some ministers have children in Ivy League universities where they are paying as much as $40,000 to $60,000 per annum. How will they be able to cope to meet up with their responsibilities?”
As at press time, it was unclear if the ministers had made representation to the president or not.
“Curiously, we have some Executive Secretaries, Directors-General and Group Managing Directors of parastatals like NNPC, PPMC, NCC, NDIC, PEF, PPPRA, DPR, NERC, NIGCOMSAT, and others who will be earning more than their ministers. I think the system is distorted somehow.”
Another source added: “To earn commensurate salaries and allowances, the president can explore foreign donors’ basket for payment of ministers. Or else, it will be difficult to get the best from this team.
“Alternatively, there might be scientific corruption in Buhari’s cabinet. This is the type of corruption we call ‘chop and clean mouth.’

« on: August 25, 2015, 05:31:00 AM »
This thread is for guys or girls that are lucky to disvirgin a girl/guy.

I start with myself.

I'm lucky to disvirgin only 2 girls.

HELP and SUPPORT / Error Message 403 Fixed
« on: December 15, 2014, 10:34:37 PM »
You can now post your stories, i have located and fixed the 403 error.


PICTURES / Man caught having sex with a goat
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:06:44 AM »
Man caught having sex act with a goat in Murang’a He's called Peter Karani. After his wife left him he live with a goat....

PICTURES / Business man Caught having sex with a School girl in car
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:02:04 AM »
A Businessman who has been notorious in molesting and having sex with young school girl has been caught in the act in Benue State. The businessman (name withheld) was apprehended while having sex inside a bush path with his latest catch who was old enough to be his daughter. Someone who noticed the act quickly alerted other people and the swoop on the two lovers .He was caught pants down having sex with the girl whose mates were in school.The man was given the beaten of his life,paraded naked and later handed over to the police.Some of his neighbours who spoke about the incident,said the man uses his money to entice school girls with mouth watering offers....

One of South Africa’s greatest soccer team’s, the Orlando Pirates, could be in a bad position after one of their players tweeted a photograph of the group posturing naked in the club’s showers with the Nedbank Cup trophy. Privateers regulatory supervisor Floyd Mbele said in the report on Friday that those players could face sanctions, yet conceded that this circumstance is kind of unchartered region for the club. Goodness, truly? So there isn’t a handbook of what to do if your players assemble round the shower unclothed, coating their privates and kissing a trophy? My most loved part about this story is that the director said that its not that the players posturing naked with the trophy that disturbs him; rather its the way that its out in the media. In this way, I figure, lesson took in: If you and your companions are going to stance naked in the shower bro’ing out over a trophy, don’t tweet it. Much appreciated, Pirates....

PICTURES / Police stopped Naked Women Walking on Street
« on: June 01, 2014, 07:38:27 AM »
Sharjah: Police were called after a naked women was spotted strolling on Al Wahda Road in Sharjah. A 22-second feature spread by means of social networking indicated the Nigerian lady, 24, evacuating her garments in light hours....

Lieutenant Colonel Yousuf Bin Hramoul, Director of Buhairah police headquarters, said the episode was accounted for to police by a traveler. Occupants and shopowners were stunned at the scene and one bystander faced the lady and kept her from intersection the road. A group of female cops soon arrived. The lady apparently told police she didn’t know why she was naked and declined to clarify her activities. The lady was alluded to Public Prosecution on a charge of conferring a foul demonstration. Lieutenant Colonel Bin Hramoul impugned the conduct. He said it is the first occasion when it has happened in Sharjah. Sharjah criminal court sentenced the lady to six months in prison succeeding by extradition. The offer court decreased the correctional facility term to one month. The episode occurred on January 16. The lady has since served her prison term and has been expelled....

PICTURES / A Girl Pour Hot Water On Her Boyfriend's Dick
« on: May 13, 2014, 05:36:25 PM »
No much detail was given but as the story goes. Guy cheated on his girl, and she was so furious about the whole thing, before the guy knew what was going on, his girlfriend pour boiling water on him.

 Tanwa who had married a nice young gentleman has now added the ultimate disgrace to the Fagbayi family name. Her husband who has a nice job with an oil company had travelled to one of the ex USSR satellite countries and left Tanwa in the house with their two young children. Alas, when Tanwa’s mother-in-law came visiting to their 1004 Victoria Island Flat Estate, she found Tanwa in bed with the family driver. To cut the long story short, Tanwa has been sent packing and she has relocated to the USA.

It did not come as a shock, some years back when Olu Fagbayi, the scion of the Fagbayi family passed gently away. This was because the sleek, happy-go-lucky and gregarious Olu had, some years back, lived life to the hilt, but life had then lived past him and abated with receding ebb. Olu was the son of the very successfulbuilding contractor, Chief M. Fagbayi, Chairman of MA Fagbayi & Sons, undoubtedly the most successful Lagos firm of building contractors. Being of the illustrious Fagbayi family from the Oto royal family near Iddo on Lagos Mainland, Chief Fagbayi possessed a huge company works yard in Oto and had a fantastic mansion by the creek in Apapa, a house on Willesden Lane in London and educated all his children in highbrow educational institutes in England. Olu had many sisters –Mrs “Mama” Bakare, Mrs Toun Mohammed, Head of Apapa Corona School, Mrs Fulayo Ogbara, wife of Rasaq Ogbara of the Ogbara dynasty.

Olu’s dad had also married Mama Toyin, owner of thriving Toyin Stores in Apapa and she had children for the Chief, Toyin, Bola and Tunde. Mama Toyin had lost a son in a car accident in the UK and Toyin had had a child for the maverick politician, Francis Arthur Nzeribe. However, when Chief Fagbayi denied any knowledge of some funds which the late Lagos State super Permanent Secretary, Alhaji Durosimi-Etti had said belonged to him during a probe of civil servants in Lagos, all hell broke loose and the rapport between MA Fagbayi & Sons and the Lagos State civil servants vaporised and evaporated into thin air. Things were never the same again and Chief M. A. Fagbayi began a downward fall on a sloppy and slippery hill.

Olu, who had returned from the UK and had trained as a builder, was the rave of Lagos and it was parties galore with all the boys having a ball with him at any of his father’s apartments on Randle Road, Apapa and sometimes even in the mansion by the river. Olu, slim, handsome suave had married Kehinde Onagoruwa whose father was the first Nigerian bank manager and who hailed from Odogbolu in Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria. Kehinde’s sister, Taiwo, was married to ebullient and fantastic socialite, Eniola Odufunwa. Eniola Odufunwa was murdered by armed robbers who smashed a bottle full of groundnuts on his head at his lovely Gbagada residence early in the morning at the beginning of the new millennium. Kehinde was a perfect partner for Olu as they both lived a Champaign-Charlie lifestyle taking in the joide de vivre, first class travel and crystal glasses. Mutatis mutandis, when a cheap fortune began its decline, Olu’s lavish lifestyle also took a turn for the worse. He, Olu, turned to the bottle and could not maintain his aging father’s business interest. Chief Fagbayi later died in a minor car accident on the Lekki-Epe Expressway. Sadly, despite Olu’s friends coming to the financial assistance of Kehinde, she died of cancer in the UK. Left to his devices, Olu, an erstwhile beautiful dancer, could not manoeuvre himself out of his ordeal and passed away a few years ago.

Very sadly, Olu’s son, living in the UK, would have nothing to do with his father and did not bother to come to Nigeria for his burial. Olu’s other son, Wole, has become a disgrace to the Fagbayi family as he hangs around various shops fraudulently telling people to pay for his purchases as he had left his wallet at home. As if all these were not enough to traumatise the family and shame the name of Olu, his lovely daughter, Tanwa who had married a nice young gentleman has now added the ultimate disgrace to the Fagbayi family name. Her husband who has a nice job with an oil company had travelled to one of the ex USSR satellite countries and left Tanwa in the house with their two young children. Alas, when Tanwa’s mother-in-law came visiting to their 1004 Victoria Island Flat Estate, she found Tanwa in bed with the family driver. To cut the long story short, Tanwa has been sent packing and she has relocated to the USA.

GENERAL DISCUSSION / Your Worst Experience With a Girl, Dating or Not?
« on: April 05, 2014, 02:49:37 PM »
Read a bouncer story below from

In my early 20's As well as being in construction I worked as a bouncer in a club in Londons west end called Maximus. On Thursdays Nights It was called Taboo and run by a good friend the infamous Leigh Bowery. The night was always packed it really was the hottest club in London. Being a bouncer always had it's perks. Women being the main one.(I don't know why but a lot of women love bouncers) Anyway one night Leigh mentioned that Lisa a gorgeous asian model liked me and that I should talk to her. She was about 5'8" beautiful figure and had long blonde hair her mum was Malaysian and her dad was Spanish. She had this exotic princess look. On my walk around the club I spotted her and we started to talk after about 20 minutes we were getting on really well and she asked if there was somewhere less noisy where we could talk. I took her to the empty kitchen and we carried on talking. There was a real spark between us. Suddenly she started to kiss me and things led to her giving me probably the best blow job of my life while I just stood there. Superb. After I said I would have to back to the club door again as I would be missed. We parted with plans to meet at the end of the night. Back on the door Leigh come up to check the numbers and I told him that Lisa was great. That was then he said she was fantastic and that it was unbelievable that last year when she moved to London she was a wreck and that being transgender was a big deal in Spain . I was shocked The other bouncers could not stop laughing. I had told them all about the blow job. To cut a long story short I had a chat with Lisa and never saw her again. I like to think of him as her. That was my only ever dabble on the other side and He/she had great tits and it was the best ever blowjob.

PICTURES / See What A Lady Wore To The Club In Lagos
« on: March 26, 2014, 09:42:50 PM »
Lagos at night
Can you go out like this? or allow your girlfriend dress like this to a club?

GENERAL DISCUSSION / Woman Takes Off Panties And Starts Dancing At Funeral
« on: September 24, 2013, 09:20:00 AM »
Members of BMW clubs across South Africa came in numbers to the funeral of skilled spinner, Bongani Makhubo (40) of Soshanguve, Tshwane....

As the cars spun around in circles, spectators cheered.Then a young woman took off her panties and began dancing in the middle of the spinning cars.But not everyone was pleased to see her waving her underwear in the air.John Lelaka said: "People are allowed to celebrate but not in a way that disturbs other people's peace."Bongani died last week after a short illness.

The drivers respected the family during the formal burial ceremony at Soshanguve Cemetery.After the funeral, they had a spinning competition.About 300 gusheshe engines roared and the smell of burning rubber filled the air at Spin City.

The funeral was attended by spinning clubs from Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Pretoria.Puff Selotela, chairman of the Botsotso Social Club, told Daily Sun: "This is a way of celebrating one of our own and honouring his love for the game of spinning."Spinning is not only a thug sport. We have attorneys, doctors and businessmen in our spinning clubs.

"We all do it for the love of it."Reikhutise Malala, a longtime friend of Bongani, said in his farewell message: "You taught me how to be humble and inspired me to venture into business. I will remember you for your charisma, bravery and passion. "It is sad when someone dies and you never have the chance to tell them the impact they made on your life."I guess life is too short and we all need to live while we can."

GENERAL DISCUSSION / Female Students In Kaduna Forced Into Prostitution
« on: September 24, 2013, 09:16:37 AM »
While it can be agreed that the seemingly unending Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike is beginning to take a toll on students, the fact that female students in Kaduna are now resorting to prostitution is becoming a source of worry....

Reports have revealed that the number of sex workers in the state has shot up since the strike action.
The sex workers are mostly seen along Rabah road, Muhammadu Buhari way, Constitution road and Independent road, all in Kaduna metropolis while others have moved into the Obalande area located around Cameroon road where they rent rooms in small hotels for their business.
Other student sex workers were also seen around Gwari avenue road, Barnawa and other hotels in the state capital where they meet their patrons.
According to reports, one of the sex workers revealed that she was in the business to enable her meet her needs till the strike is called off.
Another lady who claimed to be a final year student of one of the federal universities hailed ASUU for the strike.
According to her, "The strike, though will delay my graduation, is helping me gather funds for my upkeep when the strike is finally suspended."
Another female undergraduate said, "we contribute money to pay for hotel rooms and we sometimes hire the rooms for several weeks to do business.
"Most of us do not have anybody that will take care of us and we even have our younger ones to cater for. So we have to do this business anytime we are on strike or holiday to survive."
Asked when she intends to stop the business, she said, "anytime the strike is suspended, I will go back to school. But, I hope to stop this business as soon as I get a job after graduation."

GENERAL DISCUSSION / ASUU Strike Turns Female Students Into Prostitutes
« on: September 24, 2013, 09:13:50 AM »
It is no news that many students take up part-time jobs while studying at this or that university. Such practice is encouraged and offers many benefits. However, the ongoing ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities') strike has seemingly brought a new meaning of the "part-time job" notion for some female undergraduates....

Since the strike left the universities almost empty, these girls, known also as 'Olosho,' now earn their living by offering s*x to various men. 'Home service,' 'short time,' 'body for ground,' 'cash for hand,' and 's*x for money,' this is how they call what they do among themselves.
There are different types of university commercial s*x workers: their 'packaging' and 'swag' determine which category of men they service.
Their expencive and often indecent attire singles them out on campus during the day, their body language attracts customers.
Thanks to the strikes, these girls can now carry out their 'duties' full-time, in private hostels and especially in accomodations within the university axis.
The activity peaks are usually from Thursday through weekend, when men pick the girls up with their cars.
Moremi,  Fagunwa Hall and Madam Tinubu Hall (MTH) are considered to be the hottest s*x spots among the University of Lagos female hostels.
All you need to call a UNILAG prostitute is a blackberry phone, a car and some cash to spend.
One 300 level girl in the Psychology Department spoke thus: "I no fit go runs [part-time prostitution], if motor no dey, na the client go organize how dey go carry us. Sometimes if I go clubbing, from there I fit follow man go for overnight runs, and I know how much I go carry commot."
Another girl says: "For me, parole no dey like that before, it's just roadside. I try stopping vehicles and any interested man will pick me. At the end of the groove, I come back with something like N10,000 or N20,000 depending on the consumer."
Also, there is a trend among female students in the university hostels to sell their bed space, and use the money to get an accommodation in a private hostel. Some rent apartments with the money they get.
Before hitting the roads to perform s*x acts, many girls consume alcohol for encouragement.
A 100 level female student in the English Department says, "The truth is, that there's nobody to take care of us, and I have a daughter to cater for. It is part of this money I use to send her to school. At times, I leave Lagos to Abeokuta, Sagamu, Ibadan, Edo, depending on the pay. I'm doing all this just to raise money for her upkeep."
Another students, 200 level in English Education Deparment, says, "I risk my life to travel as far as Jos and Abuja, and I spend at least two weeks, depending on the agreement I strike with my client. Most of the time, I follow my client around over there under the pretence that I am his personal assistant."
What is more, these students-turned-s*x-workers also go to bed with their lecturers — to get higher marks. It is said that girls who sleep for grades are organised, work and move together. They hardly attend lectures but make fantastic results at the end of the day. Some people state that female students even pay the lecturers after having s*x with them.
The security guards at private female hostels say that girls go out at night and come back in the early morning hours, so no one would ever guess they had spent the night somewhere else.
When there is a gathering of politicians or government officials, the girls use social media to solicit for wealthy prospective male clients.
Some girls are lucky enough to get a laptop, a phone, or a set of jewellery as a gift. Sometimes, however, they are beaten up by clients or left unpaid.
Investigation has also revealed that some students still get involved in runs after graduating if job opportunities are poor. They buy bed space like students and stay with the ones they have trained on campus. Most of the experienced s*x workers never think of getting married; instead, they turn into 'sugar mommies'

PICTURES / Married Man’s Penis Chopped Off By Love-Rival
« on: August 25, 2013, 11:13:39 AM »
Information reaching us indicates that the phallus of a father of three has been chopped off by five assailants as punishment for dating the girlfriend of one of the attackers.
The victim, whose name has been given only as James, a married man andfinal year student of Gbewaa College of Education in the Upper East region, was attacked on campus on Friday August 23, 2013.
The assault happened in broad day light on the College’s campus.
XYZ News’ Upper East regional Correspondent Musa Lansah reports that the attackers ambushed the victim, overpowered him and severed off his phallus after confronting him about dating their colleague’s girlfriend, Comfort.
Police in Pusiga have arrested a young man in connection with the alleged crime.
The four other accomplices are on the run.
Comfort is also in the custody of the Police helping with investigations.
Musa Lansah says James is currently receiving treatment at the Akonye Memorial Hospital.
Crime Officer of Bawku, Adamu Seidu who confirmed the incident to XYZ News said James’ phallus was completely severed off with a knife.

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