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« on: May 31, 2009, 03:00:17 PM »
Zack started a new job a few weeks ago. So far everything has been going great but like usual he is having a few issues adjusting to the new environment. The problem is that the office is teaming with young attractive women. There were a few in particular that really set him off.  Ann works in right down the hall from Zack. She always dressed very professional with a sexy librarian twist. Zack found himself walking down the hallway right behind Ann. He admired her sexy long legs. His eyes followed them from her high heels up the back of her thighs.  He firm round ass was held together in a short black skirt. His dick starts to fill up watching her ass sway back and forth as she continued down the hall. By the time he reached his desk Zack was fully aroused. He had no choice but to let this one go to waste as he fantasized about what was under Ann’s skirt. The day slowly dragged on.

Before I thought twice it was almost 5pm and time to head home. On the way out Zack gets stuck behind a group of girls leaving for the day. Each one of them dressed sexier than the last. It was a parade of high heel shoes, thigh high stockings and short skirts.  Zack’s member reacted quickly to suck a sight. He could feel his dick growing and pushing into the front of his pants. The girls stopped off at the café leaving him to walk the rest of the hall to the parking lot free of potential embarrassment

Zack came home from work to find the house buzzing with activity. Every day at home was a full of life with Zack his parents and younger sister all in once house.  Zack’s younger sister Sarah gathered a group of friends over for a few drinks and a movie. Everyone is gathered around in the kitchen sharing mixed drinks and a few beers.  The houses full of people caught Zack off guard. His whole ride home was spent rubbing his crotch through his pants waiting to get home and so he could relieve himself.  He stopped in the kitchen to grab himself a drink before heading to his bedroom to change.

After spending a few hours watching TV and relaxing he still felt an urge. Zack closed the door to his bedroom and put on a DVD. He began to think about the sexy girls at work now committed to his memory . It didn’t take him long at all to get into the video. He pulled off his t-shirt sat down on the bed. His dick is growing tight against his leg. He slowly unzippes he pants giving his dick some room to breeth. He wraps his had around the shaft of his dick and begins to stroke it slowly. A wave of pleasure comes over him as he can finally give his dick the attention that it needs. His hand continues to work up and down the shaft of his cock. He keeps pace with the girl getting deep dicked on the DVD.  He lets out a sigh as things really heat up. He starts to stroke harder as he gets more and more excited. His free hand is rubbing and pinching at his nipple. Almost off in his own world he gets pulled back by the sound of voices and footsteps. He was startled as he had thought everyone had gone home for the night. Between the sound of the porn and the bed springs whoever was outside of his room definitely knew he was up to something. He adjusted the volume and kept on with business.

At first he was a bit embarrassed at the thought of someone hearing him jerk off. As he got back into his rythem the embarrassment turned into curiosity. He jerked his dick faster and faster thinking about one of his sisters friends walking in and seeing his dick exposed.   He let out a solid moan as he stroked faster and faster while pinching his nipple. A flood of pleasure and relief poured through his body. His dick throbbed shooting out a thick stream of cum up into the air. Two more shots landed on his stomach. He continued to stroke his dick milking out every drop of cum. Zack did his best to keep the volume down knowing there were other people in the house, but his pent up tension did little to help.  “Oh well” he thought to himself. Sarah and her friends had all been drinking heavily at this point and would probably not remember anything the next day. Zack cleaned himself off and turned in to bed.

The next morning Zack woke up a little sticky from the previous night. He decided to take a shower so he through on his bathrobe and headed upstairs and down the hall. He gets in the shower and starts to wash off before he realizes there is only one small towel left in the bathroom. He finishes showering and gets out. He is soaking wet and dripping water all over the floor. Not wanting to get his robe wet he attempted to drape the half sized towel around his waist. It manages to cover up even less than it dries. He didn’t think twice about stepping out into the hallway to grab full size towels from the linen closet. He opens the closet and his mind starts to wander about last nights fun.  He ends up spending three or four minutes out in the hallway in front of the closet.  He grabs his towels and turned around. Noticing out the corner of his eye that the door to the spare bedroom was cracked and he could see someone in the bed.  Bearing only a small towel for  he knew that if he could see them they could see almost every bit of him.

He panics and walks down the hall. As he turns the corner to head down the stairs he stops and tries to get a better look of who is in the room, and more importantly if they have been paying any attention to him out in the hall. He gets back to his room and starts to think about what had just happened. He looks out the window and sees that a few of Sarah’s friends have spent the night. He can’t help but wonder if someone was in the room silently checking him out standing wet and almost naked in the hallway. Probably after listening to him jerk off the night before.  He can’t go on wondering so he grabs the small towel wraps himself with it and heads back upstairs. He pretends not to notice the breeze between his legs from the lack of coverage. He walks back to the linen closet giving whoever is in the room full view of his still wet body. He turns his head to peek through the cracked door into the room.  His glance was intercepted by Brooke looking back at him. She hesitates before looking away pretending not to have noticed Zack in the hall.

He stands around for a few more minutes hoping she is bold enough to come out and make a move. He hears a gasp followed by a quite snicker. The thought of his sister’s friend checking him out did enough to arouse him to the point where the towel might as well been a neon sign.  He grabs another towel out of the closet and attempts to cover himself as he walks back to his room. Zack reluctantly closes the door  and towels off.

While waiting to dry off he jumps on the computer to check his messages and tries to take his mind off his newly developing fantasy.  He is in the middle of reading an email when a chat window pops up..  He isn’t sure who the message is from but the screen name looks familiar.

“You really should get a towel before taking a shower” it said.  “What the hell” he thinks. It must be Brooke messaging me from upstairs.

“Yea , that little towel I had wasn’t working out too well” I replied.

“You can say that again!” she says. He wonders where Brooke is going with this. Probably just wanting to pester him.

“I did get quite a view while you were standing there. You must not be used to living with people around” she comments.

“Why do you say that” I asked before fully realizing what she meant.

“You were a little noisy in there by yourself last night. And now you are walking down the hall with your boys hanging out.”

He sat for a moment thinking of how to reply back. Torn between embarrassment and arousal he wondered why she was telling him this.  His dick had already made up its mind and was stirring at the thought being ogled by a girl he didn’t really know.

“Are you there or are you playing with yourself again” she asks before he could reply to her previous message.

“No I’m not playing with myself. I’m just drying off and reading a few e-mails” He replied typing with one hand. The other already engaged rubbing the head of his dick.

“That’s a shame. I really had my hopes up.” She said ending the message with a smiley face.

“Oh really” he replies his dick now fully erect.

“After hearing you last night and getting a nice view of what you were playing with I am a little horny”

Zack carefully starts typing a reply message but hears a knock at the door before he can finish.  He gets up and walks towards the door wearing only a large towel wrapped around his waist. Zack opens the door to see Brooke standing there with a devious grin. Her eyes widen as she looks down to see a protrusion coming from beneath my towel.

“You were jerking off again I knew it!” she says smugly

“Yea, yea, you caught me.”  I say sarcastically

“And obviously just in time” she says as she steps toward me and brushes my dick through the towel.

His jaw drops stunned by her aggressiveness. She steps into his room pulling the door closed behind her.  She walks past Zack and sits in his desk chair leaning back comfortably. Zack comes back into the room still unsure of Brooke's motives.

He walks toward her sitting at his desk. Her eyes fixated on what his towel is failing to conceal.  She uses her finger to beacon him closer. Zack walks follows and is now standing right in front of her. She reaches out and tugs at the towel pulling it right down leaving Zack exposed. His dick is pointing straight now into the air now uninhibited. Brooke reaches out and grabs him by his dick tugging on it gently.  His pulse begins to race with excitement causing his dick to jump in her hands.

“Did I do that” she asks while sliding her hands up and down his dick. Zack moans as she squeezes him tighter in her soft hands.  Zack inches closer to give her better access. He slides his hand down the front of her shirt cupping her soft tit in his hand. The excitement is almost too much for him to take. He starts to feel cum welling up in his balls. She strokes faster keeping a firm grip on his shaft while looking deep into his eyes. A drop of precum leaks from the tip of his dick. Brooke uses her thumb to smear it over the head of his dick causing him to moan and thrust forward. Another stream of precum leaks out. This time Brooke leans forward and licks it from the tip of his cock. The feeling of her warm moist tongue running across his dick was all it took to send him over the edge. Zack thrusts forward as he begins to cum.  Before she can pull her head away cum shoots from Zack’s dick into her mouth.  Another shot of warm thick cum lands on her lips and one more across her cheek. Her hand pumps his convulsing shaft draining him of cum. The last of it runs across her fingers and lands between her tits. Zack's eyes roll up in the back of his head his knees shaking and struggling to keep him upright. He looks down at Brooke worried that she’s about to kill him for cuming on her face. What he sees is even more of a turn on. While she was surprised by the sudden rush of thick white cum hitting her in the face she was far from angry. He watches her as she uses a finger to collect the excess cum from her cheeks and guides it into her mouth licking her finger clean. Watching her eat his cum was enough to make his dick hard as a rock.  She picks up the last drops stands up and says

“I have to get back upstairs before my boyfriend wakes up.”

“Oh and thanks for the treat!” she says with a smile as she walks out of his room.

Stunned by what she said Zack forgot what he was going to tell Brooke before she left, but now she is already half way up the stairs.  He shrugs it off and collapses onto the bed to enjoy the lingering sensation from his orgasm.


Later that evening.

Zack pulls up to the house after going out to dinner with friends. He notices a bunch of cars in the driveway. Sarah must be having another party he thinks to himself. After this morning he almost looks forward to them. He opens the door and walks into the kitchen. Sarah Brooke and a few guys and girls are all hanging out and drinking again. Everybody waves and says hello. Brooke pulls him aside for a second.

“Zack, this is my boyfriend Eric.” She says as she introduces Zack to her boyfriend.

Zack says hello and extends his hand. Eric grabs Zack’s hand and looks him in the eye for a moment before  greeting him back.

“That was weird.” Zack thinks to himself as he walks to his room to relax. Just then Zack remembered what he was going to say to Brooke before she left his room this morning.

“He must have seen it!” he says to himself. As excited as Brooke was to be cleaning Zack’s cum from her face she left some cum right between her tits. Eric must have seen it when she went back upstairs.

“Fuck it.” He thinks to himself. He didn’t say anything and I didn’t even know she was dating anybody.  Zack puts it out of his mind and relaxes in his room watching TV.

Zack is getting ready to crawl into bed when someone knocks on the door. He goes to the door and Brooke is standing in the doorway wearing what must have been her pajamas. She wore a very short and snug pair of pink terrycloth shorts and a white lace V-neck top. The bottom curve of her as is hanging out of her shorts. Her tits were barely contained by the top.   His eyes looked her up and down thinking what he could do to her. She  walks past Zack into the bedroom bouncing with every step.

“What are you doing here Your man is gonna be pissed” he said.

“He is almost passed out drunk. He won’t even remember” she replied.

“I can’t believe you let me walk out of here this morning with cum on my tits!” she squealed.

“After you made me cum I was speechless”

“I felt the same way after you blasted me in the face!”

“My bad, I didn’t think I would cum so fast”

“Don’t apologize. Actually that’s why I’m here. Hope you have plenty stored up for me”

“But what about Eric. He is going to wonder where you are”

“I told you he’s drunk now are we gonna do this or what”  and with that she lunges toward him. Their lips meet and the fall onto the bed. Brooke presses her cleavage up against Zack’s chest. She can already feel his dick poking her through his pants. She undoes his zipper and pulls out his dick. Chills run down his spine as he prepares himself for her. She goes down and takes his dick into her mouth. Her hand gripped tightly around the shaft they move up and down in unison.  Zack squirms on the bed with pleasure trying to keep himself quiet.  Her soaking wet mouth slides up and down his dick welcoming it down her thoat. Again Zack feels a well of cum building in his balls. She can feel his dick pulsing and slows down her strokes. Zack reaches down and pulls                Brookes shirt over her head exposing her tits. He brushes his hand over her nipples and gives them a gentle pinch.

“Ahh yea” she moans while slurping on his dick. He continues to rub and massage her tits while she bobs up and down sucking his dick. She stops and pulls his dick out of her mouth and lets it fall between her tits. She squeezes them together around his shaft and moves up and down. Zack watches his dick disappear between her massive round tits. He uses every bit of will power he has not to let loose and soak her soft tits in his sticky white cum. Zack lays flat on the bed and Brooke gets up to straddle him., keeping his dick snug between her tits. Zack can see right up the leg of Brookes shorts. The wetness from her pussy  glistens calling out to him. He runs his hand down her inner thigh and rubs his hand over her pussy. He can feel her warmth and moisture on his skin. He reaches back between her legs pushes the fabric aside to easily access her goods. He slides 2 fingers past her clit into her wet pussy.  She moans with his dick between her lips. Zack continues to work his fingers in her pussy as it gets wetter and hotter. Brooke throws her head back and moans loudly.  Zack is startled knowing that someone must have heard that but continues on.  She goes back down on his dick taking it all the way down her throat.  Zack continues to work her clit as they both get hotter and closer to cuming.

Zack hears the door creek open. He turns to look and sees Eric standing there with a grin on his face similar to how Brooke looked earlier today. Brooke looks at Eric then back at Zack.

“Get back down on that dick” Eric commanded.

Without hesitation she had her lips locked tightly around his dick sucking like a pro.

“You enjoying that blowjob Zack” Eric asks.

“Fuck yea she is amazing” He replies

“I could go for one of those myself” he says as he unbuckles his pants and pulling out his dick.

Brooke lifts her head and reaches for Eric’s cock.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing. Get back on his dick” He shouts at her.

“You stay busy down there so we can both get our dicks sucked” he said with a smile on his face. Zack brushed his comment off and continued to enjoy himself.

“Close your eyes and down bite down” he said pushing his dick into Zack’s face. The head of Eric’s dick brushed past Zack’s lips leaving a trail of precum between them. Eric grabs a knife from is pocket and says

“Put my dick in  your mouth now” Zack hesitates but then grabs Eric’s fully erect dick and pulls it towards his face. Zack has never been with a man sexually so this was all new to him. He thought to himself “I should be terrified right now there is a man with a knife forcing me to suck his dick”

He hesitantly pulled Eric’s dick towards his face and into his mouth. He opened wide to allow Eric’s thick cock head into his mouth. He held it in his mouth running his tongue around the head of Eric’s dick before moving his head  up and down the shaft.

“How does my dick taste” he asks. Zack mumbled and continued to suck. Brooke got back into her pattern sucking on Zack’s dick like there is no tomorrow. Eric slowly thrusted his hips driving his dick deeper into Zack’s mouth. Zack could feel Eric’s hard dick throbbing between his lips. He continued to slide Eric’s dick in and out of his mouth all the way to the back of his throat. As Eric gets more and more aroused precum starts to leak from his dick. Zack can taste the rich salty fluid coming out of Eric. The sensation of having a big hard dick in his mouth along with the taste of precum excited Zack more than ever. He sucked harder and faster coaxing out more precum with is efforts. Eric began to thrust his hips harder pushing his dick deep into Zack’s throat. Zack took Eric’s dick all the way down his throat sucking harder and harder. Eric spasms as he begins to cum. Zack sucks Eric all the way into his mouth. He feels Eric’s dick swell with cum.  He sucks harder and faster.  Zack gets a burst of rich thick salty cum right in his mouth. He continues to suck while Erick thrust in and out of his mouth. 3 more streams of cum shoot from Eric’s dick. Zack wraps his lips tighter around his dick. 4 more streams of cum rush out into Zack’s mouth. Eric pumps one last time producing a 8 and final wave of cum.  As Eric pulls his dick back cum leaks from the corner of Zack’s mouth falling down onto his chest. He closes his lips tightly keeping the fresh hot load in his mouth. He swirls his tongue around in Eric’s cum letting it take over his mouth. The feeling of this warm thick goo in his mouth sent Zack over the edge.

“I’m gonna cum” he gargled as cum leaked from his mouth.

Brooke grabbed his dick tightly and sucked him into her mouth. Rush after rush of Zack’s sweet cum filled Brooke’s mouth. She sucked every last drop of cum from Zack’s dick before pulling away. She glanced over at Eric and winked before moving closer to Zack. She pushed her lips against his letting the mouthful of cum he gave her flow into his mouth. They swirled their tongues together combining Eric and Zack’s loads of cum. Zack and Brooke kissed each other deeply and passionately. Streams of cum leaked out and feel from their lips and landed between Brookes tits. Eric saw cum dripping across her tits. He got up and licked every stay drop from between her wet tits. Zack swallowed the rest of the cum still in his mouth while Brooke decided to let the rest of her mouthful fall down across her tits giving then a nice shine. Eric buckled up his pants and walked out of the room. Zack fell back onto the bed reliving every moment, the taste of cum lingering in his mouth.


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Shitty. . . this should be in bi-sexual. . . .sucking another guy. .  .yuck !

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as a virgib,nvr suck a pussy talkles doin d do*shit*