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« on: May 31, 2009, 07:35:52 AM »
Mary Miller sat at her desk looking at the file of her next appointment.Julie Barker,age 15,straight A student,Cheerleader,Sunday School Assistant,softball captain.Arrested for pandering and prostitution.Sentenced to 3 years probation and counseling.

KNOCK<KNOCK Mary looked up......"Come In"....she replied.

Mary caught her breath,Julie was 5'5" or so, long blond hair,beautiful full mouth,great smile,pert breasts,beautiful trim legs,and she was wearing a short mini skirt with a low cut top exposing her pert breasts.Her nipples showed thru her thin blue shirt.She had on 5" spiked black heels.She sat on the couch shyly lowering her eyes.Julie was a stunning girl.

"Julie you have been sent to me for Christian Counseling by the Courts,do you know what that means".....Mary ask.

Julie looked up....."Yes Mam,I think for 3 months,and I'm supposed to help out here at the Church again I think"....Julie replied.

Mary looked at Julie........"Julie I would appreciate it if you would not dress that way exposing yourself like that."

"I,I,I can't,Otis and Leon my,my my men friends would get mad at me and I don't want to make them mad,I,I,don't know what they might do,you see,please,"......Julie said,tears coming to her eyes.

Mary got up from her desk sitting next to Julie,she noticed a light bruise over Julies right eye."What happened to you Julie"....Mary ask.

"I tried to keep a tip last night and Otis found out,he hit me he was mad,I'm not allowed to keep tips you see,so it was my fault,oh please don't say anything,he will be so mad,please".....Julie begged.

Mary hugged her as the girl cried."Okay,Okay don't you worry its between you and me okay"....Mary combed her hair tenderly with her hand.Julie was the same age as Mary's oldest daughter Susan.

"Tip,so explain to me what happened".....Mary ask.

"Oh I fucked,oh sorry,I screwed an old black man last night and he gave me a $2 tip and Otis found out,I cost $25 to screw and Leon and Otis get all the money,he told them how great a screw I was and they found out about the $2 and got real mad.I was so proud he liked me that much,so you see it was all my fault."..............Julie explained.

Mary went behind her desk,"your proud of being abused by an old black man,your just a young girl,Why are you proud of being used for sex like that"......Mary ask.

"It feels so good,he had a huge black dick,not as big as Otis and Leon but big and it just hits places in me that feel so nice,ha ha you know what I mean".....Julie looked at Mary.

Mary had been married to her loving husband for 15 years,she was a virgin when they met,sex was always something they had never abused,they had 3 beautiful daughters,Susan 15,Sophie 13,and Linda 11.Mary always thought sex was dirty really and nothing but a sin if abused for pleasure.She had never had an orgasm and gave thanks in prayer that those thoughts and feelings never led her into perdition. But listening to this young girl was making her warm all over.

"How did you go from an A student to prostitution Julie"....Mary ask

Julie was feeling more comfortable now with Mary."Well I met Otis at school,he's the Janitor,he caught me making out with a boy and threatened to turn me in if I didn't let him touch my body.Well I went in his office after school one day and he started touching my body,next thing I knew I was sucking his black dick and licking his balls and then he stuck his black dick in my body and I came so hard I passed out.It felt so good,I'd never felt that tingly,and I found out later I had orgasm ed,I just loved the feeling so much.Next thing I knew he introduced me to Leon and that was last year.I fucked both of them regulary and then their friends and now I do whoever they tell me.I mean Mrs. Miller,Otis dick is 14" long and thick as my wrist and Leon's is 12" and just as thick.I mean it just feels wonderful when they fuck me,I see stars I cum so hard.School and sports just took a back seat I guess"......Julie said.

Mary was blushing listening to Julie's story. She was embarrassed at her feelings.She stood up ready to say goodbye to Julie."Same time tomorrow Julie"..........Mary ask.

"Okay Mrs. Miller,tomorrow then,are you okay Mrs. Miller your face is red".......Julie replied.

Putting her hands to her cheeks she felt flushed,embarrassed she said......"I'm fine Julie,tomorrow then."

Closing the door Julie smiled to herself that her story had turned the Church Counselor on.

After dinner that night where the family commented on how quiet she was she excused herself."Girls do the dishes,Mom's going to take a bath.".......Mary instructed.Kissing her husband Max...."Honey I'm tired,I had a tough day with a new girl from court,I'm going to bed after my bath,okay"

"Okay honey,sure your okay"......her husband ask.'I'll be okay".....she replied walking upstairs.

 As the hot bath water filled the tub Mary looked deeply at herself in the mirror thinking of Julies story.Mary had always been considered beautiful by everybody.She had shoulder length thick black hair with green eyes,full lips,porcelain skin even at 35.Her full 36DD breasts fell free when she undid her bra.Slipping her panties off her full hips, her tummy was still firm after 3 daughter's and she was blessed with no signs of cellulite.Looking at her puffy 50 cent aureole's and 1" nipples on her still firm breasts.Since she considered it a sin to shave her body her pussy was covered in thick bush and a lite hair covered her legs,she did shave her underarms.

Climbing in the bath closing her eyes and putting a wash clothe over her eyes she pictured Julie being used by black men.She pinched her nipples and electricity shot through her body. She reached down to her hairy pussy and poked a finger inside,she was sopping wet and it wasn't from the water.Suddenly she shot up and prayed for forgiveness and washed quickly and got out of the tub,dried quickly and went to bed.She slept heavily not feeling her husband get in bed.

! hour late,2 hours late,Mary sat at her desk at the Church.Looking at Julies file she found her cell#.RING<RING<RING ......."hello".....Julie cried into the phone.

"Where are you at Julie,I'll come get you"........Mary ask.

"1342 Western,Ted's Hotel,Room 103,I'm sorry Mrs. Miller,I'm sorry"......Julies was sobbing.

Mary wasn't a raciest but she didn't really like black people that much.As she drove to the hotel she remembered how in High School and College the black boys always tried to touch her and would make highly sexual comments to her. They made her nervous and she prayed for them.She noticed this hotel was in the dark side of town and she saw white women along with black girls working on the street.As she walked into the hotel she could feel eyes looking hungrily at her.

KNOCK<KNOCK<KNOCK.....Julie answered the door,crying.

"Oh honey,honey what happened to you".....Mary put her arm around her sitting on the bed.

"I had to gang bang 6 guys last night and some guys slapped me around a little.Otis got mad because they bruised me and now I can't work for awhile all bruised and all.I'm sorry I couldn't make it to our meeting Mrs. Miller,your so nice to me......Julie said burying her head in Mary's arms.

KNOCK<KNOCK<KNOCK.......Julie got up answering the door.

Mary's eyes widened as Otis and Leon entered the room.Otis was 6'5 and 280 lbs, Mary estimated,a large scar on his cheek,tattoo's on his coal black arms,he was about 50 years old.Leon was about 5'8",fat,a toothless grin,very ugly both men had shaved heads.Both men were so dark they were purple black.

Mary stood up looking a them both."What have you done to this beautiful young girl,both of you should be ashamed".......Mary said angrily.

"Julie,who's this bitch talkin to me like this......Otis stood menacingly in front of Mary,shoving Julie into Leon's arms.

"she's my church counselor from court,I'm sorry about last night Otis,I'm sorry"......Julie cried.

Otis reached and grabbed Mary by the waist......"you one fine looking bitch,church lady,cmon be nice to old Otis."

Mary struggled but Otis was so strong.She felt Otis put his thick black lips on hers.Mary couldn't believe this nightmare.This black animal was trying to put his tongue in her mouth,his breath was putrid but Mary wasn't strong enough to get away.Mary tried to kick him but she couldn't.She was screaming against his lips.

Otis pulled away,Mary begged,no,no,don't touch me you animal,I'm a married Mother,How dare you touch me,let me go you bastard."......Mary yelled.

"Julie get the fuck outta here and close the door,me and Leon goin to have us a little fun with the Church Lady,go on get out.".......Otis ordered.

Julie closed the door,leaning up to listen.She knew they were both going to fuck her.

Otis pushed Mary up against the wall."NOOO,No,don't do that,don't touch me,get away!!!".....Mary screamed.

Otis grabbed Mary's full breasts...."Dam Leon,this bitch got some big titties".....Otis yelled at Leon.He expertly tweaked her nipples.

"Get your hands off me you animal,you dumb nigger,quit touching me".....Mary yelled. Otis's lips came back to hers,his black tongue trying to enter her mouth.

Mary was struggling,fighting. But her worst feeling was the reaction of her nipples,they were on fire at this black monster's hands.Otis noticed.

"MMMMM bitch,your nipples are getting big,you a hot little bitch huh".......Otis was getting hard."we got a hot bitch here Leon"....Otis said.Leon was watching walking over to feel her body.

Otis continued kissing her closed mouth and turned her and now Mary felt Leon's hands on her ass.Leon was pinching her ass and his other hand started rubbing her pussy.

Ahhh,a slight moan escaped Mary's lips,her body was responding against her will.Mary was ashamed she couldn't control her body. She prayed for help.She felt her pussy responding to Leon's probing.

Julie standing in the hallway was getting turned on listening to her new friend getting abused.The young girl knew her friend would never be the same after she felt their huge black dicks in her.She heard Mrs. Miller moan with pleasure.

"Let's get her ass on the bed and get these clothes off her I want to taste this church ladies pussy".....Otis ordered.

"Nooo,Noooo,please don't,please,quit that,please"......Mary begged.She felt her pants being pulled off.

Both men laughed...."look the pretty church lady wears pink panties"

Mary couldn't believe her body was betraying her at the gross black men's touch and dirty talk.No other man in her life except her husband had ever seen her like this.She felt her shirt being pulled off.

"Ha Ha,she's got a pink bra on".....both of them laughed.

Leon undid her bra her beautiful full breasts came tumbling out into this animals black hands."Otis,look at the size of these tits,his lips expertly went to her breasts tonguing her large nipples.She felt her panties being ripped off and a black tongue was licking her pussy edges,she felt her clit exposing itself.

"OOOhhh please stop,please,OHHH Nooo.don't,Stop,Stop,Ohhhh".......Mary could believe how her body felt.She could feel herself falling into sin.

Otis's tongue found her clitoris.Leon was rubbing one nipple with his thumb and forefinger and expertly tonguing her other breast.Otis entered a finger expertly up her tight ass.

Julie was listening in the hall.She heard her friends passion growing,her pleas were weakening. Suddenly she heard Mrs. Miller moan in pleasure.Suddenly she heard a SLAP,then another slap,she knew what that meant.Julie leaned in closer,she heard Mrs. Miller wimpering and Otis was talking.

She listened intently........."You our ho now bitch,a sweet white ho you are to."

Mary was crying softly,tears flowing down her burning cheeks,but her body betrayed her,and the nasty talk and the slap made her tingle all over.

"listen up bitch,you going to get a nigger fucking,something you ain't never had,then when we'er done with ya you going to fuck who we say,understand,HUH Understand,Ho".....Otis ordered.,another slap,and another.Mary moaned at the bitch slaps.

Otis and Leon got their clothes off,Mary was stunned she had never seen a man's dick except her husband and these black dicks with veins running thru them and balls hanging down the size of golf balls carrying loads of black man's cumm,they were monstrous,she didn't know men's penis's got this big,they were more like horses cocks than a man's.

Julie was listening intently hearing everything.Her young pussy was getting wet,she inserted a finger in her damp pussy.She heard Mrs. Miller......"Nooo,please,Its to big,nooo I can't take it,please."Suddenly she was quiet and she knew Leon had stuck his huge dick in her mouth.

Suddenly from behind the door Julie heard Mrs. Miller........"OOOOhhhh aaahhhhh,OOOhhhh God.Oh God,God,O,O,O I can't oh god,suddenly she heard Mrs. Miller squeal,EEEeeeeeee,OOOOOEEEEeeee.Julie knew then that Otis's 14" cock had buried itself in her womb.

Julie heard Otis......"God this bitch is hot,FUCK her pussy is tight,FUCk Me,You My slut Ho,You My Slut,tell me you bitch,you slut,who do you belong to,You my slut"Leon take your cock out of her mouth.Mary's love canal was squeezing it's new invader adjusting itself,embracing Otis's huge cock.

AAAAhhh OOOhh no,please,NNNNooo,God,God No AAhhh.Suddenly Mary Convulsed,she gave into her sin,she was nothing but a whore,God she was lost in pleasure,this black animal was her savior.

Julie was fingering her pussy when she heard her Counselor moan in Orgasm squealing Orgasm.EEEEEEEeeee,OOOOOOOHhhhhhhh,Fuck me,fuck baby,fuck me,IIIIIi I'm your whore GGGGooood III'mm cumming.Julie knew then that Mrs. Miller belonged to Otis.Wrapping her trim white legs around Otis's huge black body,drawing him deeper.

"Open your mouth slut"....Leon ordered.

"Take my Cumm whore and Otis's huge cock twitched and spurt after spurt of black spunk shot into Mary's love channel coating her womb with black man's thick seed.Mary was convulsing lost in pleasure,She saw stars as she passed out in unbelievable pleasure.Something unbelievable she had never felt,indescribable.

Leon Jacked Off spewing his cumm on Mary's beautiful face.Mary layed still.

Julie heard Otis and Leon laughing."Man what a hot fuck,she's going to be good for us,we'll get her working shortly.She needs to shave her legs and that sweet pussy.We'll get her some clothes,this shit she wearing is for shit.I want everybody seeing that body. Otis opened the door,they were both laughing.

Mary was groggy on the bed.She barely heard and understood Otis talking to Julie."Thanks girl,we're even.You were right,she'll be perfect and her body was just what you said,HOT.Now get her cleaned up and have her shave her body.I want those legs and sweet pussy smooth as a baby's butt in 2 hours.I'm going to get some clothes for her. I'm going to look for old Gene,see if he wants some of her"......Otis ordered.

When Julie saw Mrs. Miller she was a mess.Cumm was all over her face and Otis's thick cumm was leaking out of her pussy.Mrs. Miller opened her eyes looking at Julie."You set me up for this Julie"....Mary ask weakly.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Miller but I was in trouble with Otis and I saw how my story effected you yesterday so I thought you might like it,Otis and Leon really like you that's for sure"........Julie explained."Cmon we need to get you in a hot bath and shave you."

Julie touched Mary's breasts as she dried her,"Damn I'm jealous,Otis was right you do have beautiful titties,fuck look how big and soft they are".....Julie said.Mary looked in the mirror,looking back at her was a wanton sexy woman begging for sex.Her legs were long,shapely and now soft and smooth and her pussy was bald and still puffy from Otis's huge dick.Mary could not help feeling naughty as she fought hard to remember her church duties.

Here put this robe on and sit at the dressing table.Julie picked up her comb and combed Mary's beautiful hair.She got a curling iron and worked on her hair.Afterward' s Julie picked up some makeup and applied eye shadow and thick red lipstick.She powdered Mary's cheeks."Okay great,take a look"......Julie ask.

"AAAAAwww God".....Mary cried out.Looking back at her was a stunning woman crying out for sex.The heavy eye shadow and thick red lipstick on her full lips made her look very sexy.

Otis walked in with 3 bags of shoes and clothes.Tossing a pink halter top skin tight pink sweater mini dress at Mary."Here put this on, we're going out,I'll be back in a few minutes.Julie get dressed.".....Otis ordered.

When Mary saw herself in the mirror she was ashamed of how she felt.Sin had overtaken her,the dress extenuated her large breasts,her nipples stood out,the skirt came just over her ass and made her long shapely legs seem longer and the 5" black spike high heels made her almost 6' tall.She was an extremely sexy woman.Julie was dolled up but still she looked only like a beautiful 14 year old girl.

When Otis returned he whistled walking over and kissing Mary deeply.This time Mary allowed Otis's thick tongue into her mouth.He hungrily sought out her tongue,they kissed deeply.Otis broke the kiss and stepped back and whistled,"Wow,you one fine lookin bitch,you my ho now understand,I own you,understand"

Mary remembered her loving family but she knew she had never had a man such as this who cared this way about her or made her feel like this.She hated herself that his dirty words turned her on.She knew in her soul she was his."Yes Otis,Honey I'm your Ho".... Mary couldn't believe her reply.

In the car Mary was in the front seat with her new man.In the back Leon and Julie were making out.Mary turned seeing Leon's thick finger's entering Julie's young 14 year old pussy.Mary leaned over and undid Otis's pants pulling his huge dick out putting it in her mouth.Otis's groaned,"MMM that's my baby suck old Otis's dick,yeah,that's it,suck it. your going to be my top HO baby,oh,oh,Wow you can really suck dick."

Mary felt the first gob of black spunk enter her mouth,spurt,then another,another gob of spunk entered her throat she enjoyed the salty taste and the manly smell of Otis's dick.She swallowed every drop.She heard Julie reach an orgasm in the back seat.

When they entered the club Mary was ashamed that she was proud that all the eyes were trained on her and Julie.Everyone knew that they were Otis's girls.Sitting having drinks and being introduced to all Leon's and Otis's friends,Mary suddenly remembered she should call home.She ask Otis for permission.

"Go ahead but don't be long."Walking to the phone she felt hands pawing her body as she walked through the crowd.She noticed that all were black men and most of the women were white.

"Honey,Hi Honey,everything alright"....Mary ask."You okay Honey"...her husband replied. "Listen I'm with that young client from court yesterday,I'm going to be late,go ahead and have dinner and I'll be along in a few hours,okay.....Mary said.

"Sure,okay,your sure your okay sweetie....Max ask.

"No,No,I'm fine,she just has alot going on,I'll be alright,okay,I'll see you later........Maty replied,feeling guilty lying to her husband for the 1st time.

"Okay honey goodbye"...Max replied hanging up.

Mary suddenly felt hands on her hips it was Leon. His lips kissed her hungrily, his tongue snaked into her mouth kissing her deeply.Her arms went around his neck pulling him closer she could feel her body against his growing cock.Their tongues were entwined in Leon's mouth.Leon broke the kiss,"Damn your a hot bitch,I'm going to fuck that pussy of yours tonight."They walked back to the table.

Otis put a little ex in Mary's drink.After a few hours Mary was feeling warm all over.She had just finished dancing for the umpteenth time.Mary had always thought dancing was sinful but tonight it felt nice.The men's hands explored her body when the dances were slow and she loved the sexy dancing grinding her hips to the fast songs.Otis laughed,"You quite a dancer ho,Okay time to go."

"You sit in the back with Leon"......Otis ordered.Julies working,she'll be along later.

Mary was sucking Leon's huge dick,he lifted it up...."baby lick my balls,that's it lick them good,"Wow Otis this bitch can really suck dick,that's it baby suck it".....Mary was licking his balls when Leon suddenly lifted her up and placed her legs on each side of him lowering her onto his thick dick."Damn your pussy is hot you bitch,that's it put it in you slut,you a slut for old Leons black cock right baby"

Mary grabbed the thick cock and slid the head in.It was so big his cockhead.She felt full already.Slowly she lowered herself,her tight pussy was expanding until his whole 12" was in her married pussy.She leaned up and slid back down,his dick was all the way in.....OOOOhhh,GGGoood,AAAhhh."

"Wow your pussy is wet,God your so hot"......Leon pulled her dress top down expertly licking her beautiful breasts."..... Mary groaned,OOOOhhh Gooooddd,MMMMMMM,God it feels ssooo good"

Mary started humping up and down suddenly Leon groaned, Mary felt his Dick expand and gobs of cumm entered her pussy.spurt,another,another gob of spunk.AAAAhhhh OOOhhhh GGGGGooooddd I'm cumming,shit,fuck I'm cumming.....Mary groaned.She fell into Leon's arms.She had never used such bad words before.

"MMmmm baby that was nice,you my Ho,you a black cock slut now,no white boy going to be able to satisfy that sweet pussy of yours ever again"....Leon said.

Mary sighed.

"Now get down there and clean my dick,and lick it clean my balls clean to.".....Leon ordered.

Mary enjoyed the taste of her juice and Leon's cumm mixed together.She zipped up his pants when she was done.They all were quiet until they reached Mary's car.

Otis turned around after parking the car...."Okay whore here's the deal.Blowjobs are $25,you get $5.A fuck is 50$ you get 10$,If a guy wants to fuck you in the ass that's 75$ you get 20$. For awhile I'm going to have you work in a room,you won't work the street for awhile.Leon and I will bring the guys to you.These clothes cost $400 so I'll take it out until your even.I expect you to dress sexy all the time,keep those legs and pussy shaved.Some of the guys like an all girl show so you'll work with Julie,thats $200 and you get $25,anything else Leon."......"No I think that about it except who are these people.".......Leon ask.

"Oh that's my family,I have 3 daughter's age 15,13,and 11.....Mary said proudly.Otis took the picture."Wow look at these little beauties,mmmmm I love young girl pussy nothing better,wow,they are beauties."

"We might have to talk about them"...Otis said.

'NOOO NO,No,their my babies"....Mary cried.

SLAP<then another SLAP....... "listen bitch don't go high and mighty,your my ho,that means they are my ho's understand".....SLAP< more of that shit....Otis ordered."Be here at 10 tomorrow night now get the fuck outta here and you one fine piece of pussy bitch."

Leon laughed putting his finger in Mary's pussy....."Otis this bitch wet again yo talking about her purtty daughters,stupid slut."

Mary was ashamed that her pussy surely was on fire.

"Get the fuck outta here,be back tomorrow,what time again"....Otis ask.

"10 Pm ok."....Mary answered.

Mary walked in her house,how was she going to get away Some of Leon's cumm was dripping down her leg,she spooned it with her finger and licked it off.Her husband walked down the stairs and saw his wife.

He had never seen her look so sexy,God he thought.His little white husband dick stirred. "Honey what happened,you look,you look so so sexy".....Max said.

Mary smiled knowing she was a sexual attractive woman such a shameful thought yesterday.What should she tell her husband making herself some hot tea.She felt her husbands eyes on her body as she walked.She increased the sway of her hips walking sexy.

What am I going to doHow am I going to work this and stay at my job at churchWhat will the church leader's sayAnd My girlsThe water started boiling,the tea tasted good.

How can I work this out.