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« on: July 21, 2011, 09:32:13 PM »
  After our first 2 meetings of sucking fun, I called him to meet up again and he said he would pick me up after dark and bring me back to his place where it would be more relaxing. He had me go in the back way and meet him up at his apartment. We went in and he got me a drink of Amaretto and Ginger Ale. A big glass full. lol. He had me go over to his couch and he turned on the TV and put on some videos for us to watch while we chatted and drank our drinks. All the vids on the tape were edited to just the sex and the talking and pre-sex stuff was missing, which was great to me. Nothing but white girls sucking and fucking blackmen videos. After a while of watching an drinking and chatting he got up to use the head and i just continued to watch and get really horny. When he came back he was naked and he sat down and said it was time for me to get to work. I stood up and took of my clothes and then got down on my knees in front of him and proceeded to lick his black cock all around with my tongue. I went down to his balls and licked them and sucked on them a little and then worked my way back up his cock with my tongue licking it all over. When I got to the head I licked all around it a couple of times and then proceeded to slide it into my mouth and started to suck slowly on his cock. Their was no rush tonight as we were not out where someone would see us. I continued to suck on his cock and playing with his balls as he watched the videos that were playing. As I went along I started to suck on it faster and slurped on it harder and was squeezing and rubbing his balls more. He was starting to build up to a cum as I felt the viens in his cock get bigger, he then put his hands on my head and held it as he started to pump my mouth with his cock and then he held me real tight and i felt him explode into my mouth with lots of hot juicy cum. I swallowed as fast as I could but i know some leaked out on the sides as he has such an intense cum and there was so much of it cumming out it was hard to swallow that fast. He let my head go and leaned back and i continued to suck slowly on his cock getting everylast bit of cum out I could. He had a nice big smile on his face and told me that I did really good and I must have been born to suck cocks. I sat up on the couch and took a big gulp of my drink to wash all the cum down to my belly.

 After a little relaxing time and getting a fresh drink and putting on a new tape of videos, he said it was time for more fun and had me stroke his cock while he fingured my pussy while we watched the videos. After getting me nice and wet from the fingering he had me climb on top of him and had me sit on his cock and slide it up into my pussy where I proceeded to slide up and down on it while he held my hips and ass and he also sucked on my tits as I moved up and down on his cock. After fucking him that way for a while he had me get off and get on my knees on the floor with my ass facing the tv and my upper body laying on the couch. He got behind me and inserted his cock back into my soaking wet pussy and proceeded to fuck me from the behind, going in as far as he could , I could feel his belly hitting against my ass as he started to really work my tight little pussy with his big black cock. He was really moving it , in and out, his body banging hard against me. He leaned up and grabbed my titties and and squeezed them and and pumped away at me.
 I was really soaked as during the whole episode I think I came 3 times, it felt soooo good in me. After fucking me like that for what seemed like a day he told me to turn around and lay my neck back on the couch with the rest of me off it and sitting on the floor. He then climbed over me and leaned down and stuck his cock in my mouth and started to fuck it like it was my pussy. he held onto the back of the couch an fucked me down into my throat and I was almost choaking when he came again deep into my mouth and I had to again swallow as fast as I could to keep from choaking on all that he was giving me to eat. He fucked my mouth for a little longer then pulled it out and sat back down. i just layed in the postion for a bit to gather myself and then got back up on the couch with him and finished my drink and just layed back into the corner exhausted. He said that was great and i did a fine job for a young 15 yo white girl.
He also said that he liked it that I was such a good little cum slut and that's why he keeps feeding me, because I seem to really love it when he cums into my mouth, which I do, and he will continue to cum into my mouth no matter what we are doing. After relaxing a bit he let me go take a shower and the get dressed and he took me back close to home where I got out and walked the rest of the way.
  That night I laid in bed just thinking of what he would have in store for me next time. I know it will be something good and fun, can't wait to have his black cock in my holes again.

 will do part 3 later.

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