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my sister's house help
« on: October 24, 2016, 02:25:54 PM »
Here's is the thing with my sisters house
help Chobe She's hard workin when she
wants To be but sometimes sulky, she
would Purposely keep to her self
She is quite fond of me in spite of her
Anger I would slip by the kitchen and
Hold her chest and rub my couch
Against her, she will simple whisper
Brother and keep quite while my
Erection probes her buttocks
While she continues with what she's
When I want to shower, I noticed
She has washed n hung her undies
Where I can see it, in no time I started
Wondering what she smells like I
Went into her room when she's not
Around and find a fresh pair of
Used undies to sniff.
I wrapped them on my hard dick
And rub it up and down the shaft
Of my dick, I find another pair
And sniff it and continue stroking
My dick with her panties hanged
Around my dick. She's smelled nice
In no time I send juices spouting out
Of my dick , so I wipe it with her panties
And keep.  After the day it happened
She stopped talking she kept silent
She occasionally looks at me without
One-day me and my sister with her child
Went out,  we left for the saloon, so I
Had my hair cut and finished before
My sister. I told her I had to go back
Home because am starving, when I came
I found chobe doing the house chores
It was Saturday, so I ordered her to
Prepare me Indomie and eggs she did,
I went into my room. 
She must I taught I was asleep she striped
Naked and was perhaps dancing naked
My door wasn't shut so I came out
To Peharps play with her a little like
We always do behold she had her back
Side facing me as she danced slowly
Behold chobe has the biggest ass and
Largest hips she was whinning and
Grinding slow like she has an invisible
Dance partner I grabbed her hips
She was shocked and tried to cover up
I rocked her she begged I don't want to
Get pregnant brother please,  I told
Her u r a woman keep quite.
She's started sobbing a little
She's is in J S 3,  18 years,  but shes
From the village , I guess  this all
explains her age with her gullibility
I hold her and started loosening
My zipper she started to struggle
I had her pushed to the bed her
Ass upwards I pressed my cock
Into her it sink in fast she was very
Wet I had her in a lazy girl position
A girl lies like she's sleeping but her back
Facing you,  while you are on top her,
I started pounding her viciously,
She started moaning and I was groaning
I must have heard our main gate open
I increased my pace and was about to
Cum, she manage to mumble the
Word stop.
I pulled out and shoot hot steams
Of semen on her bare ass,
Her Pusey was gape wide reddish
And glistening with her juice.
I pulled up my jeans and ran into
The toilet.
While she quickly put on a wrapper
And went to answer the doorbell
I heard my sister's voice  talking
To her. She asked chobe if she had
Her bath that the house is stuffy
The unmistakable sex smell.
But she kept quite and went into her
I taught she was going to give me
Away, as I opened the toilet to
Greet my sister and nephew shes
Quickly went into the bathroom to
Wash herself.
It's not long she came out, our eyes
Met and she smiled and said
Brother thank you.
My sister looked up and asked her
For what,  she said he bought me
Sausages earlier.

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