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I think I overtook my time
« on: March 06, 2016, 01:53:17 PM »
kicked off my film production classes in South Africa after a long procrastination. It was on a Monday morning and everyone laughed at me for making fake excuses when the lecturer asked why I'm late on the first day of class.

I wasn't happy after the first lectures coz none of the girls I've seen made my soldier salute. I saw Kagiso in the second class because we all do visual literacy together. We locked eyes but she quickly turned away. She's perfect, caramel skin, nice boobs ( she doesn't expose but I can tell) lovely legs, innocent looks ( I know there is no such thing) and big eyes. In a minute I imagined her lips wrapped around my cock and her big eyes looking at me. I walked straight to her during the break introduced myself but she wasn't keen so I stepped off. A month passed, we talked here and then and share blunt occasionally during breaks.

She walked up to me on this faithful day and asked if I have a particular film we were supposed to watch and review for a project and of course yeah, I have all the movies in the world. She brought out her laptop and I transferred from my drive. I told her I want her number and she obliged. To cut the long story, we started talking but she's very hard to get and I know she's a freak, a beautiful one.

After another 2months, she called me and said talk to me what do u want from me. I told her I'd like to get closer enough to the point where I'll be able to screw her outta of her mind...raw but what have I got to lose? This was what helped my cause. She holla the following weekend if I'm ready to spend the weekend with a total stranger and I'm like he yeah.

I love food so on that Friday I picked her up from the train station and took her to a nice restaurant in the mall. We ate, bought some stuff for the road and head to my place. She told me she wasn't sure I'd be a nice person that's why she waited long plus Nigerians are always problematic. We shit chatted, roll some joint, and fool around. I whispered in her ears ( I am going to fuck you good till it start to feel weird). She took  a shower nd she commanded me to go take mine. By the time I was done, I told her to get naked while I catch up on the news.

I was watching the news when she came out. Her body is out of this  world, the boobs were perfect and her pussy is very fine. I told her to go lie on her stomach on the bed that her punishment starts now. She was there for 10mins before I entered. I took my sweetened oil and start to rub her back. From her neck to her thighs, to the inner thighs while I kiss wherever I have rubbed. I gave her a full body rub, we kissed, then she grabbed my cock. I told her we still have a long way to go before she could even see it in flesh she moaned.

I spread her legs as wide as she can go and I started licking her inner thighs, kissing the upper part of her pussy, fondling her breast and running a finger through her stomach for extra pleasure. I started eating her pussy, slowly but eating the right places. She started twisting and turning telling me it took her so long coz I look too innocent and she's worried I might not fuck her good. I started sucking her clits, grabbing her ass and telling her how delicious her pussy tastes. She came very heavily and begged me to grab her ass while she was at it. I gave her a kiss and went to the lounge to roll another joint.  She joined me and we smoked together but while we smoking, I realized she enjoy the spank every now and then so I told her to get on the couch in a doggy position. I started eating her pussy again from behind nd rubbing some oil all over her ass before I start to spank. I spanked her for over 20mins and she came while at it....i fingered her for about 10mins the slowest she ever got with my thick fingers she came all over them while grunting..

She asked me if im ever going to fuck her angrily and I'm like yeah but today you will know why u should never have kept me waiting. She kneel on her fours and begged me to fuck her. I moved closer to her and tell her to rid of my brief and suck my cock. She wasn't a sucker, she's a gagger. She deep throat and gagged on my cock for almost 10mins, I helped her up and kissed her lips, spread her in a missionary position, wear a condom and her pussy is way beyond wet and it looks so damn good .. I hungrily tongue fuck her to enjoy the pink inside and she loved it before I drive my cock in as slow as possible... Kagiso was gone and came back in tears ( very strange) and she asked me why I can know what her body like so much when we are just fucking for the first time...I didn't even bother to answer even though I know the answer, I just started  working on my strokes, to make sure I'm not too fast, nd to read her body while at it...i paid 95% attention to her body nd fucked her in the missionary position for a long time while she creams all over the condom.

She jumped into the doggy position, I put on another condom, lick her clits for a minute, and drives in slowly, I know I can't go in fully but just about what her pussy will rejoice bapsing....didn't take 3minutes before she start to squirt all over the place and I'm like hen hen.....I know women gets drained after squirting a lot, and in my mind I'm like she will be tired after this, ID better rock away and give her multiple orgasms becuse when you are that wet, shit could hardly hurt. I grabbed Kagiso's hair from the root, raised her fine ass up, and fucked her very fast and consistently. She squirt, came, shake while trying to hold me. I held and explained that my cum is still in my balls. She opened her mouth and told me fill her mouth with my babies. I came so hard and that will be the third time. I slept off to find her riding on my cock around midnight with her is different every time...I am back in Nigeria and she won't stop calling me. She said you could have just fucked me normally and I won't be this attached, but you fucked my brains..I am starting to feel bad...what can a man do huh. I think I overtook my time.


I think I overtook my time
« on: March 06, 2016, 01:53:17 PM »

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Re: I think I overtook my time
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