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Disclaimer: This intellectual property not mine its someone's.

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This post was written with SEAL’S song VISION blasting in the background and the image of a very HOT guy I stalk on INSTAGRAM rotating constantly in my head. Here’s hoping my un-named muse fucks quite as good as my ADNAN.
MUSE QUOTE: “You and me in a room? EARTHQUAKE!”
“@AdnanFox is now following you on twitter”
Keri blinked twice to be sure she wasn’t reading the notification wrong. Adnan? The same Adnan??? The hottie and certified DON of twitter big boys? You were not a cool kid on social media if you didn’t know the handle “@AdnanFox”. He was one guy every girl stalked endlessly on Twitter, Instagram and Keek. Keri had had many fantasies about him and even nicknamed her vibrator Adnan. If the guy posted a photo of his shit, he was sure to get 600 Likes on Instagram. The dude was too good looking for his own good. Keri knew that guys like these never lacked babes and she was sure he owned a pussy factory where he could pick whatever kind of pussy he wanted, whenever it suited him. Adnan looked like a guy who would do many bad things to a girl if locked in a bedroom with him.
She had no idea why he was following her. She hadn’t done anything extraordinary on twitter lately. As a matter of fact, she’d been off twitter for some days. The scene was beginning to bore her…. same old political gists, banters from smart-alecks, quotes from Oscar Wilde clones and un-required advices from ‘Churcheous’ housewives. Keri had real life problems that constant dwelling on cyber-space couldn’t solve. She had just gotten a new job and was trying hard to fit in with her overtly professional colleagues. Her love-life needed a boost after the disaster she called her last relationship and she was getting really tired of sleeping alone. The thought of inserting a vibrator into her pussy, for sexual gratification, made her wary. She wanted a man that would lay atop her, grunting in pleasure while he fucked her… she wanted to scream and grab a firm ass and feel a male sweaty body merge with hers. Keri wanted a man and that was the end of that!
She stared at the notification for a bit longer wondering what next to do. Ah! She thought of sending him a cheesy DM, thanking him for following her back but discarded the thought. Then she thought of changing her AVARTAR to something sexier… She discarded that thought too. Strange thought then crossed her mind; maybe Adnan was feeling magnanimous and decided its ‘FOLLOW A RANDOM’ day. She chuckled at the thought and dropped her phone as she spied the head of her department approaching. She shoved the thought of Adnan aside and turned back to her computer screen to continue the proposal she was working on.
She got home at 6:48p.m., tired, hungry and irritable. Thembi, her older sister whom she lived with in a two-bedroom flat, was applying her usual color-matte of make-up that made her look like a prostitute clown. Her sister wasn’t lucky in the male department. As a matter of fact, Thembi had shittier luck with men than Keri did. Where Thembi loved ANY man as long as he had money, Keri was all about looks. She loved fine boys, men, guys, dudes.. whatever they were called; so long as they were human, of the male species and possessed a penis. Keri’s love for handsome guys irritated Thembi to no end and she never stopped gripping about it. Keri, on the other hand couldn’t understand how her sister lived with herself after being dumped by yet another rich monkey. As a matter of fact, she couldn’t understand how her sister achieved orgasm with the kind of ugly men she touted about as boyfriends. It was safe to say, the sisters never agreed on issues bordering on men and relationships and Keri was fine with it. But, be that as it may, Thembi was never in short supply of men… Fugly Rich Men! Keri had a sneaky feeling that her sister used a professional pimp to land these men and if, indeed, her feelings were correct, Keri needed the pimp’s number ASAP.
She had dinner, showered, dressed in her favorite Big Bird nightshirt and lay down on her bed, with her iPad. She was prepared to tweet away her Friday night boredom and if that didn’t work, she would go on to Youtube and watch endless videos till she fell asleep. She logged on to twitter and her first tweet simply stated;
She smiled at her boring twitter-wit attempt and began to scroll down her TL. 10minutes later, she got a DM. Wondering who it was, she lazily tapped on her message icon and was surprised to find that it was Adnan. Keri’s suspicions heightened at his succinct message…
“… Can I have your BB Pin?”
She stared at the message for a bit, shrugged and punched in her BB Pin. She dug out her blackberry from her handbag just in time to receive his request. Keri accepted him, her heart beating excitedly for no clear reason.
‘Maybe Adnan wanted to discuss business or something…’ She thought.

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She stared at her BB expectantly, waiting for him to make the first move. Sure enough, he did.
Adnan: PING!
Keri: Hiya…
Adnan: Hey… Finally!
Keri: LOL.
Adnan: I get to have a moment with the mysterious @KeriIsSoVery
Keri: LOL. U make me sound like a celeb
Adnan: But you are… A twitter celeb
Keri: Me? Naaah. I’m sure u’re mixing me up with someone else. I’m far from being a Twitter celeb. I’m just an ordinary workaholic who tweets to drive away stress and loneliness
Adnan: And I’m Tu-face Idibia’s Father.
Adnan: Heheheeeee.
Adnan: So… I’m sure you’ve got plans for tonight. Clubbing and stuff…. You twitter celebs never lack fun.
Keri: Hahahahahaaa. I’ve got plans but they include Tweeting and sleeping, not clubbing. My life is boring like that…
Adnan: Really? On a weekend?
Keri: What can I say? #TeamForeverAlone
Adnan: I find that hard to believe. You look like a girl who gets it going everyday.
Keri: Gets what going??? Please o… I’m a virgin
Adnan: Yeah! Right!!! LOL.
Keri: LOL.
Keri: I’m actually surprised u asked for my BB Pin I won’t lie.
Adnan: To tell you the truth, I’m surprised myself. I kept saying “Adnan, what are you doing? What are you doing, seriously”
Keri: Wow! Then why did u ask for it?
Adnan: Do you want the truth or the edited version of the truth?
Keri: LOL!!! Let me humor u and go with the edited version first.
Adnan: Right! Well…. You’ve not been online for a few days and I kinda noticed.
Keri: Wow! Really?
Adnan: Yeh… You’ve not liked my photos on IG lately and you’ve not been on twitter for a few days. I kinda got worried that my biggest stalker was missing and I wanted to be sure you were alright.
Keri: Oh my God! U noticed me?
Adnan: Yeh…
Keri: Can I now kill myself? This is so embarrassing… OMG!
Adnan: I actually think its cute.
Keri: LOL! But how could u have noticed I wasn’t on IG when half the women on cyberspace crawl all over u?
Adnan: You’re the only stalker that never made an attempt to contact me. You’re just content with stalking and retweeting… and sincerely, that made me stalk you too. I’ve been waiting for you to make a move, like most girls do, but you don’t seem to wanna do it.
Keri: LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I’m content in my small stalking space o. I don’t ask for much.
Adnan: I had to contact you to be sure you hadn’t shifted that attention to someone else.
Keri: Hahahahaaaa. And if I had?
Adnan: I will just kill somebody.
Keri: Oh??? Why?
Adnan: …because I’m attracted to you…
Keri: Hmmmmm… I see.
Adnan: And the worst part is, I find myself getting a hard-on whenever I look at your pictures on IG.
Keri: Wow! U don’t mince words…
Adnan: I don’t see why I have to be pretentious.
Keri: Hmmmm…. Sooooooo… My pictures give u a hard on?
Adnan: Yeh.
Keri: Issokay o. I hear u. Now tell me the TRUTH.
Adnan: The truth is that… Hmmm…
Keri: What? U’re suddenly shy?
Adnan: Me? Shy? No! Not shy. I hesitate because I don’t want to offend you.
Keri: LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Don’t worry… I’m a good sport. I promise not to be offended no matter what u say.
Adnan: Ok. The truth is that I have an overwhelming urge to fuck you.
Adnan: And by fuck, I don’t mean stick my dick in, pound a few times, pull you on top of me and let you ride. The kinda fuck I want to fuck you will cripple you.
Keri: Jesu!!!!
Adnan: LOOOL! She said Jesu…
Keri: LOL. I’m speechless na.
Adnan: I swear, I intend to make you speechless. I want to stuff my dick in that your beautiful mouth and fuck it…
Keri: Ahhhhh….
Adnan: Then I wanna taste you and feel your juice all over my lips…
Keri: OMG!!!!!!
Adnan: You have no idea WHAT my head is planning for you
Keri: Wow! Oh wow!!!
Adnan: Fuck! Now I’m hard… Very hard…
Keri: Hmmm… I’m sure u have someone that can take care of that…
Adnan: I do, but I want YOU to take care of it.
Keri: Hmmmm…. So u r hard like right now?
Adnan: Yeh… Very hard… With veins popping and shii…
Keri: Snap it and send it to me so I know it’s real…
Adnan: Nope. I don’t send dick-pics
Keri: So I’m just supposed to take ur word for it?
Adnan: Yep!
Keri: Ok. But I don’t believe u. U’re just gonna wind me up and make me horny. Then feel cool with yourself
There is a brief pause in communication and she wondered if to ping him or not. Keri was so very horny. Reading Adnan’s chat and all he planned to do to her made her wet. She hated the turn this conversation had taken. She suspected that Adnan was merely chatting sex with her and would probably call one of his many girlfriends to come and fuck him while she would be left alone in her room, high and dry with her overworked vibrator. She heard the tinkle sound signaling an incoming chat and turned to look at her phone, wondering what he had to say. Apparently, Adnan had broken his NO-DICK-PICS rule because right there on her Blackberry was a photo of an big, black, slightly curved dick… And yes! She could see veins popping, though the photo wasn’t clear. A sudden heat engulfed her pussy at the sight of his dick. Keri swallowed painfully and sighed.
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nice piece.. keep it coming..

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I think this is Dames work @naughtyspice. one of her classics.  Thanks for sharing

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one of the few good stories I have read so far..... keep it up :)

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Nice  write up, I  see y u shared dis piece @naughtyspicy...... Hmmmmm thinkin
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I think this is Dames work @naughtyspice. one of her classics.  Thanks for sharing
Now I see you don't border to read instructions while in school.... lol...
there is a disclaimer there!!! I don't plagiarize darling... hehehehehe

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Keri: Jesu!!! See penis…. Kai
Adnan: That penis wants you so bad.
Keri: It will be hard not to want this penis though…
Adnan: Do you want it?
Keri: Who wouldn’t? But the real question is, can I handle it? What I’m seeing here is huge.
Adnan: Forget about handling it. I don’t need you to show me your sexual prowess B. All I want is for you to keep that pussy wet and moan in pleasure while I fuck you. I doubt if there’s any style you want to impress me with.
Keri: Ur modesty is such a turn-on… Duh! *RME*
Adnan: Fuck your sarcasm B. Are you wet?
Keri: Yes.
Adnan: How wet?
Keri: Very, very…
Adnan: Pic?
Keri smiled. He wasn’t the first guy to ask her for pussy-pic and sincerely, she didn’t mind. It was only a picture of her pussy… she wasn’t going to show her face. She’d shaved her pussy 2 weeks earlier but now, her pussy looked like a fertile ground experiencing spring. New pubic hair were sprouting out. Thankfully, they were fine strands, not the tight, nappy-looking ‘takoko’ hair some people carried about. She was proud of her pussy, with or without hair. The lips were full and fleshy and hid her clit well. She’d been told by past boyfriends that she had beautiful pussy and she prayed it remained that way even after childbirth. She spread her legs open and aimed her phone camera at it.
Click! Click! Click! Click!
She took several shots and perused them carefully. She had to send the one with the best angle. Several deletes and more shots later, she managed to get the perfect pussy-picture for Adnan. She smiled at the beauty of her vagina and sent it, her heart beating as she waited, almost breathlessly for his response.
1 minute… 2 minutes… 5 minutes… 10 minutes… Eventually, the expected PING!
Adnan: I am going to fuck this pussy all night… Tonight!
Keri: LOLOLOLOLOLOL. And how are you going to do that sir? Are you sending me a private jet from the UK?
Adnan: LOL!!!!!!! No. But I’m sending you a cab. I’m in Nigeria. I got in last night.
Adnan: Give me your address…
Keri’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe it. Adnan… The guy she’d been stalking for close to 4 months was in Nigeria and wanted to see her. Keri didn’t have time allow her moral fiber kick up a lecture in her head; she was way too horny to listen to it if it did anyways, so she showered again, taking time to wash her pussy real clean. She dipped her finger inside, brought said finger out and sniffed. She smelt good. Then she washed her underarms, scrubbing them fiercely till the skin there smart. She washed her breast, taking time to clean out her nipples thoroughly. She spent a long time in the shower and when she finally came out, she could swear every inch of her gleamed. She checked her BB for further messages from Adnan.
Adnan: I’ve sent a Red-Cab your way. He should be with you in 30minutes.
The message was sent 15minutes ago. She slipped on a thin-strapped dress and didn’t bother with a bra. Her full breasts were beginning to show signs of depression but they held their own in the gown and her nipples peaked proudly. She didn’t bother with panties… there was no point. She brushed her long hair and twisted it into a single braid at the back of her head, put on light makeup and spayed on her precious bottle of EDEN. Then the wait began.
1 minute… 2 minutes… 5 minutes… 10 minutes…TENSION…
Keri: PING!
Keri: I haven’t seen the taxi o.
No response. Keri began to panic. ‘What if this is some sick joke on his part? What if its a bet and he wants to see how easy I’d fall?’ Her thoughts were not making her comfortable so she sat on her bed and grabbed her iPad. She had to do something… anything… to take her mind off Adnan and the blasted Red Cab.
20 minutes… 25 minutes… 30 minutes… FRUSTRATION… 32 minutes… DOOR BELL!!!!!
Keri sprinted out of her bedroom in delirious joy and relief. Thembi was already out of the house so she locked the door and tucked herself inside the taxi. Keri was both excited and scared. Everything was happening so fast and she was worried but she couldn’t help herself. The moment felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity and she didn’t think the gods of coitus would forgive her if she missed out on it. The taxi took her to Shonibare Estate and drove into a compound where a block of six flats stood proudly. She saw him almost immediately. He was speaking to someone on his cellphone. He was tall, slim and in person, looked unbelievably breathtaking. Keri got out of the cab and stood beside it uncertainly. Adnan ended his call and walked towards her with a smile.
“Hi… My name is Adnan” he said with a mischievous smile....

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Nice  write up, I  see y u shared dis piece @naughtyspicy...... Hmmmmm thinkin
And why, if  I may ask?
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