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« on: August 19, 2008, 08:53:52 PM »
Horny at work

Sarah had just turned 17. Because she had been varsity swimmer for her highschool, Sarah had no problem getting a job for the summer as a lifeguard at a local park. Swimming had not just blessed Sarah financially. The long days of intense practice had toned her flat stomach and given her lean, slim legs. She was beautiful; about 5 foot 6 with long, shiny black hair, C sized bra cups, and a firm, tight ass. Every day during the summer, Sarah would drive to the small park. She'd spend her days talking on her cell phone and tanning, bored out of her mind, attempting to remain alert in case of an emergancy. The lake was normally very busy, and Sarah knew that if anything bad were to happen, she would be held responsible, being that she was the only lifeguard on duty. The only perk she recieved from her job at the park was getting to watch Bryan every day. Sometimes he'd arrive with his friends, sometimes alone. He always looked so hot, his tan skin, his long, sandy blonde hair, and that beautiful, toned body. This would always make Sarah's pussy tingle, that familar feeling of arousal, and she'd blush from embarassment.

She knew it was impossible for anyone to know how wet she was, but she still felt as if they did. Especailly Bryan. The way he looked at her with his big, brown eyes. One day at the lake it was very cloudy, so Sarah spent the day reading and praying for rain. Though no one was there, she couldn't close the park down unless it rained heavily. Soon, Sarah began to think about Bryan. She thought about his gorgeous smile, that sexy, all-knowing glance he often shot her, and about his hard six-pack. Sarah soon felt herself growing aroused. She glanced around. No one was anywhere to be seen. She let her mind wander. Sarah imagined what it would feel like to touch his hard stomach, to let her hands graze over his bathing suit, to slide her hands inside his suit and grip his dick. She knew his dick would be big and stiff in her tiny hands. She wanted it inside of her. Sarah realized she was now soaking wet. She wanted to touch herself, but was still very nervous someone would come, so she did not. Sarah fantasized about Bryan's hands touching her body. Running down her flat tummy, past her bikini bottoms, and onto her clit. She could almost feel his moist tounge licking and sucking her clit, making it's way down inside her dripping wet pussy and thrusting inside of her, fucking her.

Sarah realized she had started quietly sighing and moaning and was now slowly griding her hips in a humping motion, her legs squeezed tightly together. She stopped and looked around. No one was there. She couldn't take it anymore. Slowly, Sarah slipped her hand inside her bottoms and slid one finger to her slit. She was soaked and that turned her on even more. She began to caress her clit with one finger and squeeze and rub her tits with the other hand, alternating between the two. She moaned. It felt so good and the thought of getting caught at any second was driving her crazy. She slid her finger inside her pussy, and slowly began thrusting in and out, harder and deeper, and squeezing her tits. Her nipples were so hard and she rubbed them too. Sarah was breathing very heavily and her moaning was growing louder. She inserted another finger and began to thrust faster and harder, all the while imagining Bryan's dick inside of her. Sarah realized that she was going to cum soon. Suddenly, she heard footsteps. She quickly ripped her hand from her bottoms and pulled down her top, but it was too late. Whoever had come had seen her. "Enjoying yourself there?" a deep voice asked. Sarah didn't respond. Bryan walked up to her and smiled. "It's okay," he said "don't be embarassed. I've been watching for awhile now.

I don't mind" Sarah noticed his raging hardon. She touched it. They both exchanged glances. Bryan pulled her closer to him and placed his hands on her hips. They kissed passionatly. "I've wanted this for so long" Sarah told him. "Shh," Bryan replied, "Me too. Close your mouth, we don't want anyone coming down here and you were pretty loud before. Just let me take care of you." He got to his knees and motioned for Sarah to sit in the lifeguard chair. He removed her bottoms and sucked her clit, slowly running his tounge downwards toward her anticipating, dripping wet, slit. Sarah wanted to scream.

It felt amazing. She realized she was going to cum soon, and opened her mouth to tell him. Bryan, realizing this, put one finger over her mouth, and motioned for her to be quiet. Then, he thrusted his tounge in and out of her pussy, fucking her harder and harder and deeper and deeper with his tounge. Sarah came, and she came hard. Her body erupted and she began shaking. She tried her best not to, but soon began to scream and moan in pleasure. Bryan smiled. "It's always great to help out a friend." he said and walked away. Before he left the park, he turned, smiled and said "See you next rain day."


« on: August 19, 2008, 08:53:52 PM »

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« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2011, 11:48:42 AM »
This story sounds like something out of a foreign magazine. . .