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« on: August 19, 2008, 07:21:39 PM »
My First Wank TRUE STORY

I had just turned 15 when this happened. Id never had a boyfriend really, well not one that i had ever 'done anything' with. But i did like this boy, he was called Robert. I used to sit in lessons and picture my body entwined with his in a passionate embrace. I used to dream about him penitrating me and sucking my clit.

One day, non-uniform day. I wanted him more than ever. He looked so hot in his tight jeans and designer top. I wanted him bad.

I got home that night and i couldnt get him out of my head. I went to bed at night and i couldnt sleep. My mind was racing, picturing him, picturing us both. I imagined him naked on top of my, panting as he came inside me. I imagined sucking his cock as he came down the back of my throat.

Thinking back now it was quite silly really. But then, as i pictured all these things happening to me i couldnt handel it. I could feel a strange feeling in my clit. It was like nothing id ever felt before. I put my arm down under the covers and when i brought my fingers back up they were covered in clear glistening liquid. I dont know what made me do it but in a split second i decided to lick it. It tasted sweet. It made the feelings in my vagina even stroner.

I layed on my back and closed my eyes. I put my hands down under the covers again and began to touch myself. I ran my hand up and down my clit, then left to right. Then up and down. It felt so good. Amazing feelings overcame my body. It felt so amazing. Like nothing else in the world. Then i took my other hand and stuck a finger inside me. I was tight as i was a virgin but it felt good. More of the clear liquid came out. I started to finger harder. My hole got wider so i stuck another finger in and started to finger fuck myself hard and fast.

There i was. Lying on my bed rubbing my clit with one hand and ramming myself with the other. It was amazing. I felt possesed by the pleasure. Like i couldnt have stopped even if i wanted to. More and more of the liquid gushed out of me as i let out a slow low moan. I dont know why i did it. It was like my body was possesed.

Then something happened that i didnt expect. I started getting a strange feeling in my legs. It felt so good. I started to move both my hands faster and faster. The feeling got stronger. It rose from my legs into my stomach and then into my vagina.

My body exploded with pleasure as i jerked on the bed. It was so amazing. I wanted to stop but i couldnt. I was panting and sweating. I stopped. Both my hands soaking. I turned over and went to sleep, happy about my new experiance and knowing that id be doing it again tomorrow...

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« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2010, 08:42:58 PM »
WAT a discovery, i felt good readin,i think i would try it

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« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2010, 01:45:28 PM »
It was lik hell.  I hate it.  D lady was lik trin 2 break into piece cos i was pounding her very well indeed.  Although, she cried and and i pity 4 her.  She smelled it and loved it at d end.