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« on: August 17, 2008, 08:21:08 PM »
Once you go black....You know the...

 The following story is completely true. My wife and I have been married for eight years now. Her name is Yoli and we are both twenty six years old. She is 5' tall and 100 lbs. She is half Hispanic and half white. She has tan skin, big, beautiful dark eyes with thick lashes that she loves to bat at you and a magnetic smile and beautiful face. She has black hair that reaches the middle of her back. She has a fantastic body, c-cup breasts and a perfect ass with fine legs. She is a natural flirt; she gets any man to do exactly what she wants when she wants. She is a man eater; she knows exactly how to use every part of her body to get attention from a man. She will tell you to your face she is going to screw you over and bat her eyes or wiggle her ass and the man will simply let her and help her do it.

We met in high school and dated all four years together. We married after graduation, but we attended different universities. We stayed together even though we were apart from each other. She dated and fucked other boys while we were together in high school, in fact one of her current boyfriends is from high school. I was her steady guy, but all the other boys knew they could have her. I thought if we married she would stop seeing other guys, but she would not. She says she loves me with all her heart and will not leave me for any other man, but she enjoys seducing, dating and screwing other men too much and did not want to give up that freedom. While we went to separate universities she would call me every night and tell me of every guy she flirted with or who asked her out or who she wants to fuck. Sometimes she would call me after she just got through fucking some guy and tell me every detail, I would jerk myself off in a mad frenzy as she talked, sometimes teasing me that she was too tired from such a magnificent fucking to tell me the rest, right when I would be on the verge of coming. I would have to beg and plead her to finish the story so I could cum.

She would just giggle and sigh, Okay, I guess so. And keep talking until I came all over myself. This went on during the four years that we attended separate colleges..

I used to hate the fact she was seeing other boys in high school, but couldn't tear myself to break up with her because of her beauty and charm. She is very gentle and loving in our relationship and I love her deeply. Although I hated these other guys she would go out with, after a couple of years I had grown used to it and played dumb to all my high school buddies that were doing her. After getting used to the idea of an open relationship I would get excited to no end by the mere mention of a date she would be going on during the weekends. She loved to cancel plans on me to go out with a new boy that had asked her out. She loves the control and power she knows she has over me. The mere thought of some guy kissing or touching her or just holding her hand, excited me to no end. I would beat myself off four or five times on those nights.

After college I got an internship at a prestigious investment firm and worked my way up the corporate ladder. I made good money and bought a house for us within a year. Because I made such good money she did not have to work, so she enjoys my money and the money of her boyfriends (she currently is seeing two other guys).

One boyfriend she has been fucking on and off since she first screwed him in high school, in fact he is my best friend from high school. His wife works with me at my office. She and my wife are best friends and she knows nothing of our arrangement.

The other boyfriend is a guy she met at a club one night and was the first time I got to watch, she allowed me to lick her swollen pussy after every fuck with him.

They are the only two guys she keeps around as steady boyfriends. They both know that I approve of her dating them and I get to watch and sometimes join in. Any other guy she fucks for only one or two nights, she never let's them know that I know what's going on.

Both guys have become great friends with me and I enjoy sharing my wife with them. Sometimes we will watch a game together and my wife will dress in a sexy outfit and serve us. The whole time alternating sucking our cocks and letting us fill her slick pussy with hot jism. When these sessions happen she loves to have the first guy shower the inside of her pussy with his spunk and then grabs the next guy and forces him inside of her so all the cum gets mixed together. She'll have one in her pussy and one in her mouth at all times. When one guy blows his load in her we alternate. This can go on for awhile and she usually wears all us guys out. She is quite particular about whom she sleeps with so one night stands are few and far between since college.

Well now, at my office I work with a guy who is a complete asshole and my boss (he prefers to be called my superior rather than my boss, I told you he was an asshole). He is so annoying and rude, I cannot stand this jerk. He is black and thirty five years of age. He is handsome and in good shape, but an asshole all the same. He first saw my wife at a company summer picnic. She was wearing her short shorts and looked very hot. All my co-workers had to pick their jaws up and all of their wives were pretty steamed at them foe constantly trying to sneak peeks at my sexy wife. Our buddy (we will call him George) was at the picnic with his wife. We both went to use the bathroom and in the rest room he told me he was pretty horny so after he fucks his wife tonight he will sneak over to do mine. I said sure and to make sure she has several orgasms, because I am feeling a little tired tonight.

When I got to work the following Monday, I was called into my boss' office, his name is Richard. Richard started the day by making sexual remarks about my wife, he continued this all week. Telling me how he wouldn't mind giving her some of his cock to suck and fuck on. I was so pissed off all week and it was affecting my life at home. The next week Richard told me of a promotion he would like to consider me for. Now this promotion would take me out of Richards's office and into my own division so he would no longer be my boss and I would hardly ever see him. I was very happy and my wife was happy also, I was completely relaxed and back to normal. Then Richard told me he was given the okay to choose between me and two other workers, I could have it outright for a weekend with my wife. He told me how he had overheard my conversation with George at the picnic, so he knew Yoli put out for other men and I didn't mind, so he figured why he shouldn't be able to have my wife for one weekend.

I was in complete shock and got so pissed I told him to fuck off and left for the day. Before I got to leave he told me he had one month to decide and make the promotion and he was going to make my life hell until I gave in or quit. He made good on that promise, I withstood his crude remarks and overworking for two weeks. Even if I wanted her to sleep with him, she wouldn't. Yoli is not prejudiced, but she is not attracted to black men at all. She said she tried dating one during college, but did not like it at all. She never even slept with him and I knew she was totally against sex with black guys.

Yoli asked me what was going on and why I was so miserable, I told her what was going on and she was pretty upset. I told her I would look for other work and be done with it. After two weeks passed, we were both in misery. We were irritable towards each other and had hardly touched each other in the past weeks. She hadn't been with anyone either, our regular home life was a wreck because of all the trouble Richard started. Finally, after sometime had gone by, we talked about what we should do. I hated going to work and we felt like we had no control over our lives. Yoli finally suggested that we just give in. We would let him have her whenever he wanted for one weekend, he could only have her at our house and while I was here in the house. This would give me the promotion and I wouldn't have to deal with this prick any longer and we would get our lives back. We were both uneasy about this, but it was only one weekend compared to the rest of our lives.

Monday morning I told Richard that he could have Yoli for one weekend starting this coming Friday night after work, but as soon as this week is up he should never speak of this to anyone. Richard laughed at me and agreed. He told me to have Yoli ready at seven o'clock on Friday.

I got home and told her it would happen on Friday. That whole week we hardly spoke to one another and Friday came at a snail's pace.

At seven there was a knock on the door. We both went to let him in and as soon as I opened the door he put his arms on Yoli's waist and pulled him to her. The fact that I told him Yoli was not at all attracted to black men and was only doing this for me and that she was repulsed by him, made it all the better for Richard. He said this was to be complete conquest, not surrender but conquest of us both, mentally and physically for Yoli.

He told me to go make us some drinks and guided Yoli to the couch. He placed her next to him and told me to sit across from the couch in the chair. I could tell by the look on her face that he disgusted her, and for a moment I didn't think she would go on, but she remained cordial and kept a smile on her face all the while. That beautiful smile that could make men forget the names of their wives was going to be his soon. My stomach was in knots and I really thought I would vomit from all of this. If he wasn't such an asshole and an arrogant prick I wouldn't mind if he had her, but as it was I hated his guts and so did my wife. I sat in the chair and sat silently watching.

He put his hands on her thigh and slowly rubbed it as he drank and talked, trying to get some sort of spark from her. I was so proud of her not giving herself willingly, if he wanted her, he could only have her as a cold fish, she was determined to make this the coldest fuck of his life. He started complementing her, telling her how sexy and hot she was and of what he wanted to do to her. She thanked him politely and smiled, she just sat there showing no emotion what so ever.

Inside my head I was doing back flips, I was cheering her on, she was my hero, this would not be a conquest after all asshole! These thoughts were in my head and I sat across and smiled at Yoli, letting her know that I was proud of her and I loved her with all of my heart. We will win tonight my, my darling Yoli.

Richard was getting irritated and visibly upset. He did not anticipate she was a stubborn bitch. He thought this would be some great sex for a weekend and go on with his shit head life. He had no clue she could be such a cunt, such a wonderful cunt.

I was laughing at him on the inside, laughing at how pathetic and feeble his attempts were. She does not like you asshole!

Richard then turned Yoli towards him and he placed his hands on her breasts and fondled them. I felt like punching him and the look on Yoli's face told me she felt like puking all over him. I guess he figured he made as well take her, whether she liked it or not. He squeezed her tits and started to unbutton her blouse. He removed her blouse and tossed it to the floor. She sat in front of him in her bra, which he asked her to remove. She reached around behind her and unsnapped the clasp and uncapped her delicious breasts. They had a nice tan line that formed two milky white triangles with nipples in the middle that looked like two perfect drops of chocolate. He pushed her back until she was laying back on the couch. He gently toyed with her nipples and felt her firm breasts. He lowered his head to her tit and slowly took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it until it was nice and stiff. Yoli still had a repulsed look on her face and I was feeling sick.

While he sucked on one breast, he squeezed and massaged the other with his black hands. Richard has very dark skin, so the contrast on her skin was a little exciting, too bad Yoli didn't think so. He played with her tits for a while and then started kissing her belly, then her arms, then her neck, and then he finally reached her lips. She was not letting him in her mouth, she only allowed him to kiss her lips.

Come on girl, kiss me. Open those tasty lips just a little and I'll do the rest., Richard almost sounded like he was begging.

Yoli looked over at me as if to apologize, I gave her a reassuring nod and she turned towards him and reached up to kiss him. Just like Richard said, she parted her lips and I saw his tongue invade her mouth. He was kissing her hard and full, his tongue going in and out of her mouth, massaging her tongue with his, his saliva in her mouth and her swallowing his tongue and tasting his saliva. I was dying in the chair, but then I noticed she was not kissing him back.

Yes! She was still strong! This was a minor victory in my mind. Stay strong honey, don't let him win.

I watched as he mauled my wife's face with his, he started to slide his hand down across her belly and unbutton her jeans. He undid all the buttons and pulled them open to expose her tiny panties. His fingers slid underneath the tiny swatch of cotton panties and pulled them down a bit, just enough to expose the tuft of pubic hair in the landing strip shape. He stopped kissing her to look over at me and grin as he pulled and tugged on her pubic hair, that soft tuft of hair that feels like spun silk on my cheek. I thoroughly hated this man through and through as he looked at me with that grin on his face. Yoli just looked odd in a different direction, trying to ignore what Richard was about to do to her. I watched his fingers as the snaked through her landing strip and down to her crotch. I know that crotch so well. I know exactly what his fingers were touching. Her pussy is always so warm, so wet, so sweet and tight. I hoped he was feeling a dry well. I watched as His knuckle pushed up against the cotton fabric and then slid over and down across her pubic bone and inserted his finger in my wife's vagina. She let out a small peep as he first penetrated her with his finger. He looked at me as he slid his finger in and out of my wife.

Yoli started to squirm and looked uncomfortable. This made Richard happy. He looked down at her and started to kiss her belly and slowly worked his way back up her body.

You already tried this and got nowhere, remember asshole. Just stay strong baby, it'll all be over and we can go on with our lives. I was yelling these thoughts in my head as my boss kept fingering my wife.

His lips reached her neck and he sucked her neck for a while and then stopped. He sat up and removed his fingers. It was so sudden it surprised both of us that I thought he was giving up. He slowly licked his finger and complemented her on her sweet fragrance and taste of her juices. He grabbed her jeans and peeled them off of her and sat there taking in the sight of my beautiful wife. There she was, my wife, in only her panties and her nipples obviously stiff and swollen, laying before my boss looking up at him.

He looked back at me and smirked and then started to rub her belly. His fingers slowly found their way back to her pussy, where buried his middle finger and kept nestled in her, warm and wet. His fingers worked in and out as she again peeped as they worked her. She let out an extra sigh this time.

No, baby! No! Stay strong, it won't last, think of baseball like I do. My mind was screaming these encouragements at her to stay strong. I was nauseous and I wanted this to stop now! She looked a lot more comfortable now. A lot more relaxed.

Richard leaned down to kiss her, she parted her lips and she met his mouth with her tongue. She was kissing him back. Her tongue was entwined with his as they shared a first kiss. Her hands slowly moved from her side, where they had remained this whole time, and slowly slid up his back and found their way to wrap themselves around Richards's neck. They kissed each other hard and she slowly parted his legs to give his fingers better access to her wet pussy.

Richard had won. I felt betrayed. I felt utterly defeated and humiliated. You bitch, Yoli. You bitch.

Richard pulled himself away from her lips to look at me in total victory and give me that grin. Yoli looked at me quickly and turned away. She felt guilty and ashamed, but those feelings didn't last as Richard pulled his shirt off and she wa6tched him undress. He turned away as he took of his pants and underwear. He was now nude and turned around to face us both. Yoli gasped as his long and thick, semi-erect penis literally swung around as he turned. He was very well endowed and very dark down there, it was so dark it was almost purple. He had an eleven inch long, uncircumcised, thick penis. This was the pecker that was going to violate and fill my wife all weekend long. Her eyes were fixated to it. Richard sat back down and tugged at her panties. She looked at me sheepishly and slowly pulled them off. What else could she do? She tossed them at me to lighten things up.

Richard spread her legs and slid face first into her pussy. His tongue swirled and sucked on her clit, darting in and out of her. She bit down on her lip to help her ignore the pleasure, but it was too late.

Fuck it! she gasped. She gave in to him and started moaning. Her hands pushed his face deep into her as he ate her pussy.

I couldn't believe this, but this is what we agreed to. I stood up to leave and felt my cock straining to escape my pants. I was harder than ever before. I must have liked what I saw. I unzipped my pants and sat back down. My dick was still covered by my underwear, I touched the tip and I almost exploded in my pants.

Richard must have been watching, You like this black man having his way with your white wife, don't you?

Yoli looked over at me and smiled, It's alright honey. then she turned her attention to Richard.

He stood up and walked towards her head. He let his dick dangle in front of her face. He looked down at her and told her to suck him.

I hope I'm not blocking your view of your wife's mouth all over my cock. Richard chuckled and started to feed my wife his black meat.

She willingly let him slide it into her mouth. I watched transfixed as her tongue darted out and massaged and licked my bosses cock. She sat up and knelt on the floor in front of him to give him a proper blow job.

Go on honey, suck him. Suck my bosses black dick, suck it good. Make me proud. I was now cheering her on. I pulled out my penis and slowly stroked it, trying to prolong my orgasm. Do it baby, lick those big balls, too.

She took hold of that monster and rubbed it on her face, then dove underneath and gobbled up his balls. She had one big testicle in her mouth and I could see her suck on it, and then her tongue was swirling all over it. What a good girl. It popped out of her mouth and she was ready to take on his shaft. She took a hold of it with both hands and shoved it in her mouth. The head was the size of a plum. She fit it in her mouth and I watched her tongue slide underneath his shaft and massage it with her tongue. She popped it out of her mouth with a long slurp. She put her tongue on the head and slid it between the head and under his foreskin and gave it a good tongue bath.

Richards's knees buckled and he fell back to the couch, Yoli never lost suction on his cock. Richard looked at me and smiled, reveling in his total victory over me. He looked at my dick and knew I was excited by him having his way with my wife.

I'm going to be with your wife all weekend long. My cock is going to be in her and come all up inside her. She is going to have my sperm everywhere in her and on her. Your wife is my personal semen receptacle. Her only purpose this weekend is to be something to put my come in and to pleasure me. You won't touch her for the next three nights! he gloated. I hated this guy, but I love to see my wife so horny with other men, I just wished it was someone else.

Richard grabbed Yoli and threw her down on the couch. She was on her back and just looked over at me in a trance. Richard turned to face her direction and she looked up at him. With nothing being said she automatically spread her legs, she knew what was about to happen and she wanted it to happen.

Hah! Your wife wants my black cock. I thought you didn't like black men. Now look at the both of you. She has to have it and you want her to have my black dick. He was amused at how quickly he had conquered us both.

You do want my black shaft, don't you? he asked Yoli.

Oh, God yes! she gasped.

You want me to put my dick in her? He asked me.

I looked at Yoli and she looked at me. She gave me a pleading look as if she wanted me to say yes.

Yes, I want you to fuck my wife. Put your cock inside her pussy.

Beg me to do it.

Please Richard, fuck my wife. Fuck her good with your black dick. I need you to fuck my wife, I give her to you, just please fuck her.

Now you beg me Yoli.

Yes, yes, please yes. Fuck me. I need you to fuck me. I want you to be my black lover, just stick your dick inside me and fuck me. I want your cock in me so bad. She begged him.

You watch as your wife gives herself to me completely. He said.

Yoli reached between her legs and wrapped her tiny hands around his thick ebony shaft. She gave it a few tugs and then pulled him to her. She looked into his eyes as the plum sized head nudged at her pussy lips. She positioned his cock with one hand and slid the other around to his ass and slowly pulled him into her. Her eyes closed as he pushed into her. A smile appeared on her face as they started to rock in unison, trying to get more and more of his dark cock inside of her.

Oh my God you're so big! she gasped.

Your wife's pussy is fine, man. Richard gloated.

Yoli now put both hands on his ass and told him to push deep and hard. She forced him to slide his cock all the way inside of her. His balls were pressed up against her ass now. She let out a long moan as he pushed all the way in her.

Oh! Fuck me now, please fuck me Richard! she groaned.

Richard started sliding in and out of her at a slow and steady pace. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back. She grasped his shoulders and dug in. His cock was now easily sliding in and out of her pussy, covered in a slick, shiny coat of her juices. He hooked her legs and pushed her knees up to her breasts. He started to pound into her now, almost going straight down like a piston. His balls were blatantly slapping at her ass with every downward thrust. She yelped out with every pounding and held on to the sides if the couch, holding on for dear life as she received her first black fucking.

I stroked myself to frenzy and shot off in record time. My dick stayed hard as I watched him violate my wife. Richard saw me come and laughed at me. Yoli slowly turned her head and barely opened her eyes as she was being bounced around the couch. She giggled as she saw my come drip down my hand and on to my pants.

You're worthless, just keep watching my black ass fuck your slut wife! he said.

Yes, keep fucking me! Yoli screamed as she started on her first orgasm of the night.

This made Richard pound into her even harder. She started screaming as Richard started to unload his black seed deep inside my wife. He kept pumping semen into her and Yoli stroked his back.

Oh! My God! That was so good. She said.

Richard pulled his dick out of her and fell back on the couch.

Clean my cock with your mouth and tongue, slut! he demanded of her.

She eagerly got between his legs and started to lick and suck his cock and balls. She brought his dick back to life and mounted his rock hard penis. She started to bounce up and down on him freely. It wasn't long before he shot another load up into her. Come was oozing out of her and ran down his balls as he kept shooting up inside of my wife.

That started the whole weekend. Richard stayed all weekend long. He and Yoli were naked the whole time and constantly sucking, fucking, stroking or kissing every second they could. He humiliated me every chance he got and Yoli didn't seem to mind, she just giggled as she begged him to fuck her the whole time. I really thought it would stop after that weekend, but she fucks Richard every chance she gets, sometimes spending a whole week at his apartment, only to have Richard give me the sordid details and any message she might have for me, like pick up some milk and feed the cat. I'll see her at the office lounge thinking she came to see me, but Richard grabs her and pulls her to his office, making sure I see it. He'll call me to his office and I'll see her bent over his desk taking his cock from behind and he'll order me out, just so I am aware of what's going on.

I got the promotion, but not rid of Richard. She doesn't fuck her other men anymore and last month we found out she is knocked up a black love child. Richard says that is all she's good for, to please him and have his children. Once he loses interest he'll move on. So Yoli is constantly exercising and doing whatever he asks her to do. He'll give her the addresses of his friends and tell her to be there at a certain time and screw his friends. She gladly does this to please him. She'll come home with her pussy filled with the come of his black buddies. They shoot load after load in her. He calls it making her rounds. He'll call and she'll go do him and his friends in one day. We really aren't even sure if it's Richards's baby, because of all the black cock she's fucked since that first night. I haven't fucked her once since then. She always tells me the details as I beat myself off. Sometimes she'll put her mouth over my dick when I come and will let me only in her ass, as her pussy is reserved only for her black lovers whom really deserve her sweet pussy. I am still in love with her and will love our love child when it arrives. After everything I wouldn't have changed anything, maybe just let me have her pussy again. Oh well, maybe someday.


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