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Author Topic: Watching Wifey  (Read 2553 times)

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Watching Wifey
« on: January 21, 2013, 10:01:33 PM »
Watching Valerie’s ass being reamed by cock after cock
was unbelievable. Valerie and I had gone to another
pool room in one of the rougher parts of town to flash
her ass and cunt. Valerie had deliberately worn a short
skirt and top with no panties, knowing full well her
cunt would be on display. We had arrived quite early
and there was only a few other guys in the pool room
and no other women. Valerie as always chose a table
right in the middle of the room where all the other
tables had a good view.

Val and I played a couple of games before she had to
play a shot that would expose her cunt. My wife lifted
her right leg onto the edge of the table to pot the
blue in the centre pocket. Out of the corner of my eye
I watched the other guys nudging each other to look at
Val’s cunt. I made sure that I left the cue ball in
spots where Valerie would have to stretch over the
table. The six other guys stopped playing their games
and positioned themselves directly behind my wife.

I knew Val’s cunt would be leaking her juices by now as
she was aware that twelve eyes were locked on her rear.
After Valerie ‘beat’ me in two games and the other guys
challenged her to a game. I was happy to sit back and
watch the guys stare at my wife’s bare pussy. Valerie
beat the first two guys easily and I heard one of the
other guys ask if she wanted to make it really
interesting. He suggested they play for money but
Valerie said we didn’t have any cash with us.

The guy, Ray, offered to pay $50 if Valerie won and
Valerie had to play two games minus her skirt if she
lost. I could hear the bet from where I sat and I was
hoping Val would accept. My wife made noises about not
being that kind of girl but I needn’t have worried, my
wife is a real exhibitionist. Ray went and had a quick
word with the manager and I think he slipped him some
cash. The manager put the closed sign in the window and
locked the doors. That left seven guys plus my wife and
I. Valerie was playing well and giving all the guys a
good look at her tight ass and cunt with almost every

I was surprised how easily my wife was winning because
I knew she would want to play without her skirt.
Valerie had the black lined up and she was about to win
$50. Valerie sunk the black but the white went in
behind it. She’d lost! Valerie turned and winked at me
and I knew she had lost on purpose. Val made some small
protests before she removed her skirt and handed it to
the manager.

Valerie looked magnificent as she stood brazenly in
front of the guys in just her high heels and skimpy
blouse. Her bald cunt was glistening with her juices.
Valerie won the next two games even with the guys
staring at her ass and cunt. All the guys were taking
photos of my slutty wife with their camera phones as
she stretched to take her shots. Valerie turned to the
manager to retrieve her skirt but Ray suggested double
or nothing.

The double was a hundred dollars for Valerie if she won
and the nothing would be what my wife would be wearing
for the next four games if she lost. The fact that she
would be minus her skirt for another game was not lost
on me or my wife. Valerie accepted the bet and gave me
another sly wink. I wasn’t sure if Valerie threw the
game or if Ray was a hustler. Ray won easily and my
wife again made small protests before removing her

The seven guys got their first look at my wife’s
magnificent big nippled breasts. Valerie just stood
proudly in front of the seven guys letting them get the
full view of her naked body. Valerie enjoyed the full
on groping she got as she played and won the three of
the next four games nude. Valerie was feeling pretty
confident and offered to play the next game for sex. If
she won she got $200 and if she lost all seven guys
could fuck her. I wasn’t sure that we hadn’t been
scammed but it wasn’t me that was going to be fucked.
Ray just stayed ahead of Valerie and sunk the black and
won the game. Cocks seemed to come from everywhere.

My wife was spreadeagled on the pool table as Ray’s
cock slid into her cunt. Two guys were sucking her tits
while another offered his cock to her mouth. Valerie
deep throated the guy in her mouth as Ray sent his
first load into her pussy. One after another the seven
guys shot their loads into Valerie’s willing cunt. She
deep throated every cock that entered her mouth and
swallowed every drop of cum. I was having the time of
my life watching my beautiful wife being gangbanged.

I watched as the cum dribbled from her pussy and soaked
her pink puckered ass. I pulled Ray aside and suggested
the guys might like to give my wife’s ass a workout.
Ray turned my wife over and used his belt and some soft
rope from the manager, to tie her ankles to the legs of
the table. He grabbed two other belts from the
discarded jeans and tied her wrists to the centre
pockets. Valerie offered no resistance as her ass and
cunt were offered up to all comers. Valerie’s ass was
fucked repeatedly over the next two hours. The thick
end of pool cues were shoved into her ass and cunt.

At one point she had three cues in her cunt and one in
her ass. I was very proud of her. When no-one else was
capable of fucking my wife and they’d all taken enough
photos, I untied my wife. The manager handed Valerie
her skirt and top and she passed them to me. My wife
could see it was dark outside and wanted to leave
naked. All the guys gave Valerie a kiss and pinched and
pulled her big nipples before we left. Valerie was
having a little trouble standing and I had to help her
walk to our car.

A couple of passing drivers honked their car horns when
they saw my naked wife. If I remember correctly it took
3 days to get the smile of her face. We returned to the
pool room a couple more times over the next month. We
didn’t waste time with playing pool because the manager
knew us. If it was just guys in the room he immediately
closed and locked the door when Valerie entered.
Valerie stripped naked and I tied her to the centre
table and stepped back to watch her gangbanged.

Valerie loved cock up her ass and would spend the next
two or three hours taking cocks, cues and even bottles
in her rear opening.  My wife is now a well known pool
hall slut all over Sydney! She has been gangbanged in
about fifteen different pool halls and has had a few
return visits.

Valerie really enjoys being used by strangers so she
only ever goes to the same hall a maximum of three
times. When she returns to a hall we always go on
different nights and at different times. Valerie knows
that some of the guys that fuck her will be enjoying a
second helping of her great body but it can’t be

An average of six guys fuck her ass and cunt at each
pool hall and even on return visits at least four are
strangers.  I think over the last 12 months Valerie has
been fucked in every pool hall in western and south
western Sydney. Valerie has told me she doesn’t want to
keep going back to the same places. Valerie and I are
desperately trying to find somewhere that different
strangers can fuck her every night.

We have planned a ten night cruise for next month.
There should be enough strangers on board a ship to
satisfy my cock-hungry, slut wife. If not, she can fuck
the crew too.



Watching Wifey
« on: January 21, 2013, 10:01:33 PM »

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Re: Watching Wifey
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2015, 12:29:53 AM »
Hmmm adventurous


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