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road play
« on: January 21, 2013, 06:33:07 PM »
As I walked out of the restaurant, he was leaning on the car looking at me bewildered. He asked me if I was ill because my cheeks were so red and I was sweating. I told him I was just flushed, ggl.
We travelled on down the road towards Wisconsin. I don't know if it was the effect of leaving hot weather to the cool that was turning me on, but, an hour down the road I was ready to go again. I started my teasing again. Making sure I had a sucker in my mouth to make sucking noises. It was cherry and I licked it until my tongue was cherry red. I made comments to him that it would be so nice to suck his pr*ck just now. He still was very worried about driving and messing about. So, I leaned the seat back. I did what Genevieve did, I placed my legs up on the dashboard, both of them. I ran my fingers over my knees and thighs, accidenty dropping my skirt(sundress). I continued to stroke my legs and until my body was responding and wet again. Moving my skirt up I began to pet the hair on my slit. He was peeking over at me and I scolded him. I told him he is not interested, so keep driving. I spread my legs open and rubbed my p*ssy. I moaned softly and closed my eyes. Saying things to him I knew would drive him wild. I still had my lollypop in my mouth, so, it kinda sounded funny I am sure. lol. I opened the lips of my wonderfully wet vagina and rubbed the lollypop on my clit. The tip was covered in juices. He was rubbing his crotch by now.(I was peeking too) I offered him a lick of my lollipop. He opened his mouth willingly and sucked my juices off of it. This about drove me wild at this point. I know it was dangerous, but, he reached down and began working me. I put my legs down and enjoyed his watching his hands in action. It was a nice slow caress at first, then, he slide two fingers in me, going deep and finding my gspot. I squeezed my breasts together and opened the top buttons of my dress. I pushed my breasts up and tasted my nipples. This about killed my neck, but, mmmmmm, it felt so hot. My body heaved and I was moaning so loud. The louder I got, the more the car kinda swurved, so I cooled it down. His fingers brought me to total orgasm. I could have ripped the back of his seat and his hair out. It was so hot between my legs. After he was finished, I could see he was completely covered in sweat. His bulge was huge and looked painful pushing against his pants. I proceeded to unzip and pull out. I felt so bad, I went between my legs and I swear there was a gallon of juice coming out of me. I got my left hand wet and rubbed it on his exposed c*ck. I kept lubing his hardness. The steering wheel kept hitting my forearm, but, I didnt care. I wanted it to explode in my hand. It didn't take long. He shot a load that went past my hand and over the underside of the steering column. It took all our concentration to keep on that road. Luckily there was hardly any traffic. If there had been, I wouldn't have noticed someone watching me rub my breasts


road play
« on: January 21, 2013, 06:33:07 PM »

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Re: road play
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