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« on: June 05, 2017, 05:35:38 PM »
simple guy with a naughty mind and wild doings would need to meet a lady of such characteristics who stay in Lagos preferably the Lekki axis

« on: March 04, 2017, 09:55:24 PM »

« on: December 21, 2016, 01:21:46 PM »
 my Christmas wish as a NAF member..female in Surulere aged 20-28 looking for sex (fling, one "day" stand, etc)
i can make you scream merry Christmas in more ways than one

EROTIC STORIES / Xmas XXX (Christmas Sex)
« on: December 19, 2016, 12:04:11 PM »
I always dreamt of a Christmas with more than just food and drinks, one where all the naughty desires of my crazy mind would come true, and if you ever think dreams don’t come to pass then here is mine.
The harmattan was biting hard, my skin was dry, the air was stiff and somewhat difficult to breath, boredom did not help so I picked up my phone and started dialling the ladies hoping to get company, “oh sorry I’m not around”, “I travelled to my hometown for the holidays”, the disappointment made me felt worse, I was the only adult male in the compound as my other neighbour was a single mom (she was not my type) and she had 4 kids.
Suddenly I remembered this girl, she was a lesbian, or so she thinks, and I use to tease her that if she met a real man like me she would change her mind set. I never really thought of her up until now so I called and like a miracle she said yes, actually I had told her that since she was a lesbian then there was no need of her being afraid of a man with a 8 inch dick..30 minutes later she was at my door, I let her in bought her a drink and then the “evil” in me started to work.
I was going to seduce her and forget all the talk of lesbians because once a woman sees a dick her body responds, it is natural. My dick got hard inside of my boxers, even a deaf person could hear the sound of it throbbing forth and back. I got up from the sofa and went to my room to sleep, I knew what I was doing playing with her mind, I hope it works. Suddenly my lips was wet, something was forcing its way down my throat, I opened my eyes it was Mercy, my brain was shocked, my body was numb, her kissing was heavenly, how is it lesbians kiss better.
My brain now was in reality, I turned her back over to the bed and tried pulling her clothes, she did not let me, ouch my dick was fucking hard, the thought of fucking this lesbian was like a trophy that must be gotten, I went easy on her playing wit her skin, used my thumb to rub around her thighs, she was responding, then I moved to her pussy, moving my thumb between the parting of the pussy pressing my thumb into it, hey that is it as I pulled down her jeans without her resisting, fuck she wore a pink pant and it was wet so I continued playing with her pussy through her pants then she moaned, so I tried to pull the pants off, she held my hands as in “dayo don’t” but her body could not do what her brain wanted. Now my fingers were in her pussy, one two three fingers, in out deep shallow, I was alternating the thrust and the fingers in her clean shaved pussy..then I went all five fingers and she moaned “dayoohh”..I tried to yank off her top but she held back, who cares I had her pussy then I brought my “lion” out to kill her “cat”
I swear I was going to fuck this girl with anger and dick was pounding her mad and she was responding, it was as if I wanted to teach her a lesson, I pushed my dick up fucking her to get to the g-spot..she dragged the bedsheets holding it tight, shouting my name, I kissed Mercy her eyes were wet she was crying..that spurred me on. She turned me over wanting to fuck me with her on top..I could see her pussy trying to swallow my dick, she went up down forth back but it wasn’t going well, she was shaking, this girl was not in control of her body, my dick was giving her a strange feeling, each time she tried to ride me her pussy would suddenly let go of my dick and her hands could not rest on my shoulder for “lion” was conquering her “cat”.
So I turned her over, man on top, only this time I was more than a man..I became a beast..I angled my dick and was fucking the edges of her pussy “oh dayoohh fuck why are you doing this”..doing what, I just started I said in my mind..then I heard a knock on my window “uncle what is the time”, it was my neighbour’s daughter, “4:30” I shouted..suddenly I looked up again at the clock 4:30pm..what how have I banged this girl for an hour without cumming.
Now I was in trouble, I tried to fuck her fast so I could come, I held on to my window bars using it to propel myself up with my dick inside her pussy..the result was stunning as my dick was reaching the topmost part of her pussy. I placed my hands on her shoulder, bent my back upward and was doing press up with me inside her..”God please help me cum I said silently”..was it the weather or my fucking Mercy with anger that kept me from cumming, she just laid there sobbing and calling my name.
Her phone rang..where are you the voice said, I still was fucking her..she could not respond to the caller except to say “hmmm” “ok”..then she said to me “dayo I have to go”
She pushed me away, it was like she felt guilt for betraying her “lesbian code”..Mercy please don’t go, it hurts me, my dick, just let me release..jeez I wanted a Christmas fuck and now I was begging..”dayo even if I let you continue you would fuck me for the next two hours and not cum”
Where is your toilet she asked, I took her there with my nude body and red erect dick thinking she might have mercy on me..she cleaned up came out looked at me then laughed “dayo clean up so you can walk me to the bus stop”..I went in then she shouted “the water would help calm your dick down ok”
I was now dressed and walking her when she said “dayo I did not believe I would have sex with you today but you seduced me and I admit your dick felt better than a vibrator or a female strapping of a dildo in me” my mind I was angry that I did not finish but at least she was giving me “my trophy” even though it was a “pyrrhic victory”.
As she got on the bus she turned to me smiled and said “thanks for the ‘cock’ it tasted and felt good, hope you don’t finish it because I would be coming in the New Year for the rest”

« on: December 14, 2016, 07:40:12 AM »
woke up this morning & had a big bulge rocking the inside of my jeans. . oh ladies in lagos can you make a grown man weep & call your name like he was your baby. . let the real NAFites stand up to this challenge

« on: December 11, 2016, 09:44:33 PM »
i'm new to NAF and would love to experience all of the pleasures and intrigues accrued to members. . i'm wild crazy funny so in the word of Marvin Gate "Let's Get It On" ladies

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