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VIDEOS / BTW, Where is Fabulouskay?
« on: August 27, 2018, 08:48:11 AM »
Hi, l noticed Fabulouskay has not been active on the platform for a while, unlike before. Bros, l hope you are ok. Just checking on you. We need more of your posts on this platform. 
Thank you

VIDEOS / Popular Nigerian actress getting fucked
« on: August 14, 2018, 07:56:48 AM »
This is the first part. I have others.  Enjoy.

« on: August 06, 2018, 09:15:22 PM »
When a fake prophet jams a whore, you know the rest of the story:

VIDEOS / another one
« on: August 06, 2018, 08:15:12 PM »

VIDEOS / Another Naija porn
« on: August 03, 2018, 07:58:15 AM »
This gal is fast becoming a star in the industry. In one of the Bangnolly videos, she was fucked by four men. I will try upload when I have time. But here is she, fucking another fellow from another production company.


VIDEOS / Bnolly series
« on: July 03, 2018, 11:05:58 PM »

VIDEOS / Nigerian porn videos and series
« on: July 03, 2018, 09:54:09 PM »
Hi guys, the link below is my pornhub profile. I shall be updating with some Nigerian videos as time goes on, You can check for some uploaded videos right away

« on: December 12, 2012, 11:50:32 AM »
Few days  ago, I was browsing through the treads in sexuality secttion of Nairaland  and I came across this topic asking guys to exchange phone contacts of girls who had given dem serious fuck for others to contact and fuck. A dude dropped a number of a lady called Mercy for guys in Abuja that she will fuck the living day out of any guy. Few days later, I was on the 3rd bottle of star @ the. Pool side of Christop hotel looking at some half-naked chics w2 various shapes of breasts. My huge Penis began 2 torment in turgidity as I continued browsing Nairaland Sexuality and Nigerian adult forum on my BB. Again, I came across the thread, copied Mercy's number and dialled. Me: Hi mercy baby, am sure u are cool. Are u in Abuja. Mercy: No lag. (She answered in a sexy sonorous voice). Me: eeyah! I just feel u are arnd. Just feel like hanging out w2 u. Wanna vibrate your sweet pussy again today. Mercy: I am sorry, don't know who's talking. Don't think I have met u before. Me: Baby, you have forgoten me so soon? Dickson in Wuse 2.anyway, when will you be in Abuja? (Knowing fully well that she not likely to remember ho many dicks had registered their prensence on d attendance sheet of her honey port). Mercy: in 3 days time. I hung up and sent her an sms immediately 'Baby, I can't wait to feel my joystick in ur juicy honeyport again while my tongue suck ur volumptuous breasts
 till you pour all ur juice out for me'. O boy, she no reply ooooo. I called her in 3days time to. Ask weither she was in Abuja and her response was Why are so. Keen on seeing me. I said I was sorry it was just to confirm weither she made it. She said she coudn't but wud on the second day. That was yesterday. be continued

Post Merge: December 12, 2012, 02:15:58 PM
had a very hectic day at work y/day and decided to cool off with two bottles of star at a joint with a female junior coleaque who has been throwing herself at me. After we sipped together I decided to drop. Her ooff in her apartmment. Something led to another we jumped at each other. She breast- fed me, suck my joystick while I licked her honeyport @ 69 position. We ended up with one round of sex. Dashing out of her apartment. I remember my swthrt wud be coming home . She had been away for 2 weeks. I was just driving home around 10:30pm and my mind went to Mercy as I was driving home. I picked my 'runs' phone and called her. She told me she was already in Abuja, lodged into one Hotel in Zone 7 that I should come around. I checked d time and concluded it was late since I don't sleep outside, expecially, swthrt wud be arnd. I just told her - was going. 4 a meeting in Sheraton Hotels and  won't be done untill 12 midnight. She should call den. I drove home,put my 'runs' phone in silence and left it in d car went 2 sleep. Bad. Guyyyyyy like me. Lol

« on: January 18, 2011, 04:54:19 PM »
My Family Friend, Johnson Udoh(Not the real name please) beleives he is not the father of his son.

Johnson got married to his very beautiful wife, named mercy,seven years ago. It was a society wedding attended by men of timber of calibre, not because Johnson was so connected, but because the wife's parents are 'big' politicians. As a matter of fact, many of our friends considered Johnson to be so fortunate, because Johnson got hooked up with the young lady when he was working as an admin Officer in a Textile company, with a slim monthlytake-home of N40,000.00.

Few months after the wedding, nature decided to shower fortune on my friend. He moved into a magnificient apartment in GRA ikeja, he drove around in any car of his dream, he could visit any country he disired to visist. As a matter of fact, he resigned in the company where he had hitherto worked as admin officer to own his own outfit.Nothwitstanding that all these came courtesy of his  wife,  Johnson was Indeed a fufilled man.

Despite the affluence of the family, the couple found it impossible to produce a a child even up till the 5th year in marriage. There was pressure every where. The husband's parent beleived mercy 'bought' their son with her wealth,knowing fully well that she had problem. The couple visited the best of Hospitals both within and abroad and all medical investigations showed nothing was wrong medically with the partners.

Consequently, they concluded their case was spiritual. They moved from one church to another, from one pastor to another. They fasted and prayed as if God was no longer in heaven. They even built churches and contributed to charity, but it seemed as there was no mercy for them in the department of child bearing.

One fateful day, a friend invited this couple for a vigil, where this specially annointed man of God would be preaching. They attended and the title of the message was "THE MASTER KEY"  The man of God eloquently emphasized that the spiritual key that opens all door is SACRIFICE. He used various examples in the bible to drive his point home and concluded that "If God must make for you, He must take from you"  To connect to their heavens through the message, the Pastors asked people to come out and make sacrifice. It was done in style.

Those who were ready to sacrifice N10mill and above or landed properties and cars with a worth of the said amount, which must be redeemed within 24hrs should be de first to come out. In the Congregation, Johnson and mercy were the only people who were ready to connect to this annointing. They came out. The man of God prayed for them and gave them annointing oil. The second day, they came to redeem their pledge and since then their house became a branch of the mission. Minimum of three time in a week, the man of God must come for vigil in the House, wheither either of them is around or not.

Six months after the sacrifice was made, Mercy visited the doctor and a pregnacy test ran on her was positive. The joy in her knew no bound. Indeed, it was with tears of Joy she called her husband who was in the U.S for a programme and broke the news. Johnson too was puffed with excitement and joy, in fact he made himself available in nigeria before the scheduled time. They donated more and more into the ministry of the man of God and they consistently offered prophet offering, to attract more prayers.

By this time, Johnson attention was required more and more abroad as his outfit got a business in the US. So he was not always available, but that did not stop the usual vigil in the house. On the second day of May, Mercy was delievered of a bouncing baby boy. But there was a problem.

Everyone, expecially the elders,  who went to visit would just look at the baby and their countenece would change. An old woman was even quoted saying "Na wa oh, God is womderful, no be for my mouth den go hear this" Anyway, thecouple continued to take care of the child and as days went by, the baby continued to portray more resmblance of the man of God. My friend got worried and told one of his uncles about his observation and the uncle said "You are just a small boy. Don't you know that children have a way of resembling people that stay around them, especially when those people are the one available to take their mothers to the Hospitals when the fathers are not around. The son may not look much like you in the face, but if you look at him from the back, he's just like you"

My friend was not satisfied with this response and the issue is becoming a serious treat in the family. As a matter of fact they have gone to see professional marriage/family counsellor and my friend suggested a DNA test, which the wife consented to, but the Counsellor seriously warned them against it. Everyone he discussed with kicked against him running a DNA test, even his own parents, his brothers. I mean everyone.

Here is a man who lives in total doubt of the sons he fathers everyday. I just received his call now as i write this. Please advise me to advise him.

« on: January 18, 2011, 03:46:10 PM »
Hi House. What I Will Be Discussing With You Here Are My Personal Various Sexcapades. I Do Solemnly Swear That Nothing Here Discussed Is A Fiction. They Are All True Life Experiences. I Have Done Bad Things So Much That I Really Need The Combination Of Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Adeboye, Tb Joshua And The Likes To Lay Their Hands On Me. Please Do Not Get Me Wrong. I Did Not Commit Murder Neither Did I Steal Anyone's Property. I Commit Just One Major Sin-Divided Into Two-Furnication And Adultery.

By A Way Of Introduction, I Am A Married Man. Not Just Married But Married To An Extremely Beautiful Angel And God Has Given Us A Son Who Is Just One Plus. Despite This, My Other Name Is 'Sexism'. I Hope My Wife Would Never Have Any Course To Read This Because If She Does,  Anyway, To Her, I Am The Best Hubby In The World. I Make Myself Available As Much As I Can And I Had Never Denied Her Serious sex Just The Same Way I Provide For Her Material Needs. So Therefore, If You Tell Her She Will Not Beleive You. I Am Her Prince And She Is My Guiding Angel. However, Any Opportunity I Have To Go Outside, It Is Going To Be pussy fucking Galore.
I Was Brought Up In A Palace. My Mother Was The 3rd Wife Of My Father-A Community Leader. As I Was Growing As A Little Boy, Gals Were Always Around In The House To Help Mum And Other Oloris(Queens) For Errands. At The Same Time, Because My Step Brother Was Very Brillant In His Secondary School, Some School Girls-Majorly Cousins Do Come To Sleep In The Guest Room To Read Over Night In Preparation For Their SSCE Exams Then. At Age Nine, I Would Stay In The Room With Them When They Studied And Most Time Sleep In The Guest Room. Even Though All Of Them Loved To Play With Me, Aunty Racheal Was The Closest To Me. May Be She Thought That By That Age I Would Not Know Anything, The Truth Is That I Am Much More Intelligent Than My Age. At Every Opportunity, Anty Racheal Would Grab My Thing Which Is Also Very Long And Thick, Compared With My Age And Play With It. If Other Girls Were Around She Would Excuse Herself To The Ladies And Take Me Along With Her And There She Would Take My dick Out And Put It In Her Mouth And The Naughty Thing Would Just Stand And If I Wanted To Shout, She Would Put Sweet In My Mouth. Aunty Racheal Would Always Buy Me Different Kind Of Things  But She Will Never Stop Playing With My Cock At Any Opportunity.

One Day, My Dad And Mum Travelled And Other Wives Travelled For A Function. I Remember It Was A Saturday And Their Was A Big Event In The Village And A Night Party Took Place. A Very Popular Musician Was Invited To Play And Every One In The House Went To The Party. I Was To Travel With My Parents But Aunty Racheal, Who Was A Favourite Of My Mum Told Mum That She Would Stay At Home With Me. When I Insisted I Would Go With My Parents, She Promised To Buy Me Everything I Needed And I Stayed. At Night, When Everyone Had Left For The Party. Infact, Aunty Racheal Did Bad Things To Me That Day. As Little As I Was, I Still Remember Every Detail Of What Transpired. There Was This Chocolate Gogo I Loved To Eat So Much. I Could Never Resist It. She Bought It In Abundance. She Equally Gave Me A Bottle Of Coke To Drink (Which I Now Know Was Missed With Some Alcoholic Contents). She Got Me Fully Unclothed, Put The Chocolate In My Mouth And Used Her Mouth To Share With Me Thereby Stylishly Giving Me Some Kiss. She Went Straight To The Video Player In The Room And Then Sloted In A Blue Film On The Vcr. (My First Time Of Seeing Such A Thing In My Life). As She Continued To Feed Me With The Chocolate, She Continously Ensure That I Wash It Down With The 'Alduterated' Coke She Gave Me. She Also Continue To Caress, Kiss, Suck And Stroke My Joystick. My Stick Rose Like A Warrior Even Though I Knew Not What Was Happening. She Quickly Unclothed Herself And Robb Chocolate On Her Breasts And Her Nipples . She Pull The Innocent Young Me To Her Self and Forced The Voluminous Nipples Into My Mouth. Because I Loved Chocolate And The Drink Was Working On Me I Licked And Succked The Combination Of Chocolate-coated Nipples. As I Did That, She Dipped Her Finger Into Her 'Pussy' And She Began To Moan. The Blue film On The Screen Did Not Help Matter. She Was Moaning. She Was Screaming. All Sorts Of Sound Like 'Oohhhhhhhhhhhh' Aaaaaaaaaaash. Ugagagagash. This Is Too Much. You Are Small But Mighty. Is Yours Luv. Oooooosh. Lick Me Dry. Suck Me Wet. Asssssssssssssh'

Suddenly, She Grapped My dick And Put It In Her Mouth And Started A Very Bad Fluting. I Started Crying. I Was Weeping. She Remained Insensitive To My Cry But Continued To Aggresively Massage And Manipulate My dick. It Was Hard As Rock. It Doubled In Height And The Turgidity Enlarged the Thickness. It Was Like It Was Going To Burst But Aunty Racheal Never Let It Be. As She Worked On My Penis, Her Hands Remained Inside Her Pussy. At A Level, I Could Not Take Any Longer. I Began To Shout And In No Time. Some Water (Not Spermatozoa And Not Urine) Started Coming Out Of My Penis. It Was Like I Was In Another World. I Felt I Would Die But It Was Very Exciting. After That. My dick Went Down And Shrank. Then, I Slept Off As She Continued To Moan.

Early In The Morning, She Started Again. She Went Through The Same Proccess . At A Level, After Feeding Me With Enough 'Chocolate Coated Breast' And Had Me Washed It Down With The 'Coke' Which Got Me On, She Asked Wheither I Wanted More Chocolate And I Answered In The Affirmative. She Now Said I Should Use My Mouth To Pick Eat It From Where She Would Keep It. She Just Opened Her Very Hairy pussy And Inserted A Stick Of Chocolate Inside And Asked Me To Bend Down As She Opened Her Legs Wide And Commanded My To Burry  My Head Inside As To Use My Mouth To Eat The Chocolate. As I Moved Closser To Her pussy, She Dragged My Heard Closer As She Fondled Her Breasts Again With The Shouts Of 'Oooshhhhhhhhhhh, Aashhhhhhhh' And The Likes Even As Juice Drops From Her pussy To Get The Chocolate Soaked. I Eat The Chocolate As I Sucked And Licked The hairy pussy, Maximally Garnished With The Taste Of The Chocolate. Suddenly, She Carried Me On Her, Move My Very Turgid dick Towards Her Honey Pot And Inserted It With Her Hand. She Systematically Jerked The Thing Inside And Out Of Her Honey Pot At The Same Time Fondle Her Breasts With The Other Hand As I Equally Rolled In Great Excitement. This Continued Untill When We Heard The Sound Of A Car Outside Of The Compound. She Quickly Removed My dick From Her Kitty, Cleaned The Whole Place As Fast As She Could Then Wrap Herself Up In An Ankara-Wrapper. She Also Got Me Dressed Up And Warned Me Never To Tell Anybody Before She Went To Open The Front Door For My Step Brother And Other People That Went For The Party.

This Was The Way I Was 'Disvirgined' And Then I Became A Consistent 'Fuckanizer' Of Aunty Racheal For Six Good Months Untill We Were Caught. That Would Be A Story For Other Day. Just Stay Tunned As I Make Further Confessions Of My Sins. This Is Just The Beginning.

« on: January 14, 2011, 12:35:01 PM »
Sho! o boy see wetin my eyez see ooo for this last saturday for lag. Na one of my friend say make we hook up club 4 ikeja since i came from abuja for a wedding. Anywa sha, as i reach ikeja, my giy number no gree go again ooo, na the second day e con day tell me say in battery dey weak but i no too trust dat guy, e fit be say in go just hook one babe somewhere, the guy love toto no be small.  Long tori short, i sha discover say i dey on my own so i had to decide. na in my mind come remember say i don dey hear say some strippers club dey ikeja, na in i google am con hear tory about ocean Blue.

Long tori short, i just stopped the next available taxi and tell the guy say i dey go ocean blue for opebi, the guy billed me 1,000 and carry me join my bag reach the club. For front, apart from bouncers, i for become 2face say nothing dey happen for here but the bouncer fast pass me e just turn 2face say 'no be small thing oo' Long tori short, make i first arrange hotel wey i go relax, i find hotel around pay for room, drom my bag, bath my body come put perf go atm wdl money come go Ocean Blue, meanwhile before i left ikorodu, i don shark like 4 bottles os star so tail, i don dey maya small small. At the ocean Blue entrance, den collect 2k from me ooo but i know care because i just wan enter the place. As i dey climb the staircase, i don dey see pictures of naked girls wei den take art work design. Omo, wen i enter the Club proper, My prick rise in attention instanta. See Blue film dey show for all the LCD on the wall. On the stage, hen, on the stage, this babe, with a very heavy Ikebe and full boobs they dance on pole, e dy do me like say make i jumb to the stage, grab her big ikebe and beging they cane her with my long prick. i just try hold bodyi wan do big boy, i say make den give me one bottle of star as i sit down at the bar directy facing the dancing girl we for now don remove her bra in a seductive way and dangling her pant to removal. sho! see succulent breast, see nipples, walahi, i forgot to ask for the price of the beer, i just say 'open the fucking beer for me' to the waiter eve as my eyes  and mind focused on the naked boobs and ass we dey shake on the stage

Post Merge: January 14, 2011, 04:51:03 AM
No be small thing ooo. the girl don remove her pant completely. She day floor they dance, dey finger her toto. small time, one of the guy wey dey shark with me on the bar just waive the girl ooo, be for i know wetin dey happen, the girl don jumb on the bar marble pavement wher we put our drink open her toto infront of this man's mouth they use her hand caress her clitoris 'ugagsgagsgagsgagsh, my prick double like say e go tear, like say e go break, see how men dey take hand repark dia prick inside trouser.  'Give me another bottle of Star' I told the waiter and before i say Jack robbinson, e don land for my table even as i dey feel the girl wey dey dance finger her pussy infront of that guy. The guy later put n500 on her toto. few minute after, the girl dance commot for stage naked ooo. na den i come ask the waiter say hw much be my money, she come tell me say na 2k. i say for wetin? wetin i buy? the waiter say na 1k per bottle. Sho! beeer wey i dey buy for 200bus, even 180k for some limbo? well, God go judge una, i just pay the waiter 2k. As i say make i dey stand up see weither i go dance small na so another girl, tall, slim lite complexioned with beads danced half naked to the stage. wen i see this girl posture, i poured on my boxer instanta. make irush go gent clean up, na in i see the kind of lap dance we don dey happen behind me.

Post Merge: January 14, 2011, 05:01:01 AM
abou 15 girls wearing justsexy bra and pants moving around men sit down 4 dia lap commot their bra so that the man go fit play with bobby, take dia pussy lipps rubb d man turgid prick even as e dey inside trousers. See how wan man they groan, i know say e wan pour. yeye man. e go rich house now, in babe no go know wetin e don go do over nite. Long tori short, this must not pass me bye. i go clean up come back and sit down dey await girl wey go lap dance me, before i say ope and close, they don surround me, i just look for one wey girt heavy manchester (Boobs), e tell me say na 1k, i say make she sit down do me well. O boy! no be small thing ooo. This girl sit down ooo, dey take in toto romance my prik inside toursers ooo. she commot her bra, i just they coddle her big breast, romance her nipples ooooo. My prick rise to occassion strugling to run out of my jean troursers and enter this silly pussy wey dey disturb in peace. After e don tire me, i gave d girl 1k, and she commot.

Post Merge: January 14, 2011, 05:43:39 AM
i sha see one place wei den write vip, i see men dey enter, na so i go there say i wan enter, den say i go pay 3k, i say no yawa. I pay enter the place. Omo! that place nalife sex party. i dey read for some papers wey den say den no dey fuck the girls for the club, Bros na lie. Vip na sex party life! make i go peace, i go yarn you later.

« on: November 25, 2010, 04:48:45 PM »
I met Helen when I was 18 and seeking admission into the University.  One would not be making a mountain out of a mole hill if he should describe her as 'Miss Beauty' She was jut 19 but had Grade A experience in Blow Job.  It was in a Birthday party we actually met and a Friend of mine who was a cousin of hers connected us together.  Notwithstanding the fact that everyman there wanted her, the influence of the her Cousin, my friend cemented her to me all through the night.

At around 3. am when the party what at its climax, I suggested we should move out of the Hall to take some fresh air outside and she obliged.  We went far into the darkest of night.  We started by a simple hug, moved into a light kiss, as my hands fondled her big breasts.  she let out a soft moan as her hand caressed my Dangerous dick inside my trousers.  In no time, she brought my fully erect Dick out of my Trousers and gave me serious hand work as i continued to moan loudly in the open space enveloped by darkness.

She took it a bit further as she knelt in front of me swallowing my dick in entirety.  Oh! She started with her tongue caressing the cap of my penis.  As her tongue rolled around the cap of my dick, I screamed in ecstacy.  she continued for a moment untill she started mouth pumping my organ and i began to sing all sorts of incoherent songs.  Few minutes after, a sweet sensation ran through my system as filled her mouth with cum amidst thunderous screams.

From that Night on, Helen would always come visiting and each time she would take me into cloud nine with her mouth.  Inspite of this, there was a problem.  Each time i attempt to go through to her pussy she repelled.  I could play all sorts of game with her breast, navel, mouth, head, nose, leg, hand, but her pussy was a 'no-go-area' for me.  Infact, i regarded myself as a 'persona-non-grata' in her pussy.

. . .
. . .
. . .

Kelvin was a very close Friend of mine but he was generally reputed to be loquacious and garrulous.  It was even generally believed that he boasted a lot on matters relating to girls.  He wanted everyone to know how each girl he dated begged him for sex.  Most at time, he talked about how he conquered the biggest of girls on his bed and how they praised him he was the best sex-master on earth.  Sandra was her newest girl and today was the first day they would be fucking.  They had been inside the room since 11. am.  Occasionally, Kelvin would come out to tell his friends-Peter, Tony, Ken and others who were playing football outside, how he had been mercilessly banging Sandra while she kept asking for more.

At 7. pm, I met Peter, Tony and Ken infront of kelvin house just as Kelvin came out of his room (leaving sandra alone in the room) to gist with his friends about his action.

"Guys, can you beleive I had never fucked a girl as sex crazy as this babe? She never get tired and she kept asking me to fuck her.  Infact, i am tired.  I wouldn't mind if I can have someone take her somewhere and continue" Kelvin announced

My Dick responded immediately as she instantly stood erect in my Trousers making a dangerous outline.  My dick was seriously punished by Helen couple of hours ago.  As usual, she came to give me her normal blow job and she would be traveling tomorrow, not knowing when she would be back as her Uncle wanted her to stay with him pending the time she would get admission into the University. 

I needed to insert my dick into her pussy badly.  The blow job made me to cum twice but I needed to bury my dick into her pussy.  I pleaded, begged, persuaded her to allow me just this once but she refused.  i used all man's antics at my disposal yet it failed.  Helen left me with my hard-on dangerously looking for a pussy to enter.  when i could not stand it any longer, I picked up a quarrel with her but it did not make her to open her legs for me. 

Immediately she left, I grabbed the cup of vaseline on the table, applied it on my Pennis and had a serious masturbation, immediately I cum, I had errection again.  The only way out was to fuck a pussy!   Nope, there must be an alternative.  Would i fuck a goat because that is the nearest creature.  God forbid! I grabbed a bottle of Seaman aromatic schnapps and sipped to empty the content believing it would bail me out.  Alas! it only worsened. 

« on: November 12, 2010, 11:36:49 AM »
Things were really tough and rough.  I mean exremely tough and rough.  In times like this, you could not but find a shoulder to lean on.  What do you do when all arms forming shoulders were dislocated?. . . .


Before I chose to marry Cythia, I had dated Halima for three years.   Three years of romantic ecstacy.  Three years full of passion and erortic  glamour.   To describe Halima as a beautiful dame would be an understatement.  She was a slim, full breasted babe with a 'voliminous backyard' the kind that would put even pastors on sexual arousal.  Her lips were perfectly shaped as if they were made  for only kiss, Just the sape shape with her firm pussy lips that always welcome my huge cork each time i visit her down there.  Her voice, bedroom in nature, produced a tender effect on the strongest of men.  Halima was simply sexy.


No.  She was not only sexy, she was as wild on bed as sexy.  During the three years in question, she had taken me from earth  through pluto to the uranus of love making.  She had blessed me with it everywhere, beyond my expectation.  In the room, on the couch, in my car, on the rocks, at the back of dillapidated buildings, just anywhere you can imagine.  The truth of the matter is that, I knew she was not the kind of material I needed as wife the very first day we met, but i found are glamour irrestitible.  Then, I was doing well as a Marketing officer in a paint manufacturing company.  The monthly salary of N25,000. 00 was very small, but the commission of 10% i received on every sales made for the company had brough fortune to me.  I was really sealing deal.  i was making good sales for the company, so the money was coming, so I had money to oil my relationship with Halima.


Do not get carried away.  Halima was not after my money.  She was doing well.  She only needed my around her.  She was a very intelligent lady, full of compassion and wisdom.   She even introduced me to her mother as a very close friend.  I was popular in her family, but I could not marry her.


Cythia was my kind of woman since our university days.  I had said to my self, 'If God should give me this kind of woman as a wife, I will be faithful to her forever'.  God heard and gave her to me.  When my romantic relationship with Halima was still rolling,  I bumped into Cythia in a friend's Birthday party, after loosing contact with her since I left the University. 

"Hi cythia, this can not be true.  So you think you can just run away from like that"

"Mike, it is you again? It is indeed a small world.  How is your wife doing.  She is really taking a very good care of you.  You are not looking bad at all" she had responded.


I had told her I was not married.  I had been waiting for her.  Few months after, we had our traditional wedding and a year after  the traditional, we got married in the church.  Cythia was not employed.  She had been looking for jobs  since she graduated but could not find one yet.  It was not a problem to me since I was making enough money on my job.  Getting information about my wedding through a friend, Halima had been bitter.  She had accused me of jilting her.  She had said she did not know why she loved me but that I betrayed her.  within me, i had thought i never betrayed her because i never promise her marriage.  She had what i wanted and she was ready to give it to me.  That was all.  I promised to be faithful to my darling wife in marriage.  Nobody but her.  I had great plans for my family and I started well.


After I had my first son, things turned upside down.   A deal brought to the company turned so bad that  I had to repay so much in money.  All my savings went.  I sold everything I had ever worked for to raise money and paid up.   My rent expired I could not even pay.  Then Cynthia became critically ill.  No one was there to lend me money as i could not repay the one i borrowed in the past.  My life was completely messed up.  Cythia was ill and  Sydney, my son was sick.  It was like the whole world was against me.  She had been taking to Hospital and slated for a surgery that would cost N700,000. 00.  She was the only child of her 95 years old mother.  Good samarithans and sympathizers were able to raise N150,000. 00 for us.  I called all my friends, even  my enemies in the name of raising money, yet, I could not go far.


"Halima, please i need to see you and talk to you.  I need help.  I need assitance.  I know I do not deserve one from you, but please, whatever you can do to help please do.  i can not give you the details on phone"


I had gone to visit her in her newly rented and expensively furnished apartment that evening.  I told her the situation  I was and inferiorly pleaded for her assistance.


"Mike, I have forgiven you.  I loved and love you, no matter the circumstance.  Just meet me in my Office tommorrow.  Let us what would happen"


I could not beleive what happened.  Halima had lent me a sum of N1,000,000. 00 to be paid back with convenience.  I had never be so happy in my life.  With the stuff, i was able to pay for my wife's surgery which was sucessful, paid my rent and gradually worked towards economic recovery.


I remained forever grateful to Halima.  She never put me under pressure to repay her money.  To assure her I was not on the run, I made calls to her.  Sometimes, she would demand she needed to discuss with me.  She told me about her relationships, her jobs, her visions, just everything about her.  I equally told my wife about her and our indebtedness to her.  My wife was grateful but uncomfortable.   Gradually, my friendship with Halima resumed, first on platonic basis. 


Sometimes, she would call me that she was just closing from work and she was not in the right frame of mind to drive and plead for my assistance.  Since one good turn deserves another, i would made my self available for the job.

In her house, one fateful evening after dropping her off, she had offered a drink that kickstarted the begining of my betrayal to Cythia.


After the sips, I had lost controll and the old days came back.  I had rode her like horse and she had shouted she missed me.  By the time we were through,  guilt was all over me but it never stopped its continuity.  Halima had regained her position back,-my sex toy.   Guilt had dissapeared and I care not any more.


It continued untill she became pregnant for me.  Everything I could use to persuade her into aborting the pregnancy proved abortive.  She is eight months gone already and the scan carried out reavealed that she carries a set of twins for me. 


This is my Gratitude, This is my betrayal


« on: November 11, 2010, 03:05:07 PM »
                                           MAY 2008

I closed from work at 6pm and drove down to my two bedroom apartment located in one of the Estates along Airport Road Abuja.  Since I was the only person staying around as my Fiancee was still in the University studying for her final Exams, I felt like hanging out on this Friday night.
JIAS Holiday resort is reputed for having all manners of call girls hanging around to get hooked up with men.  At 9pm, the resort was already bubbling with activities.  A fuji musician (Live band) was playing melodious music to the fun of his fans there present and they gyrated acrobatically to the very heavy rhythm of the Music.  All sorts of drinks were served by the waiters as customers ordered for their choices.  Girls with different curves of cleavages moved around the entire resort with their breast jumping and buttocks rolling, strategically to send signals to men many Dicks who were present in different shapes and sizes.  Men who were buzzed up and had unbridled turgidity between their legs threw caution into the wind and invited girls of their choice to their table.  They generously landed bottles of beer in front of the called girls and occasionally made their hands travel to the privates of the girls.
I sat on a table with two men.  One of them invited a tall dark babe with a very heavy breast to our table.  As she sat down the man asked “Hi baby, wetin you go shark” and she replied as she pulled down her top to reveal a good portion of her big boobs “Extra smooth” By that time I was already on my third bottle of Big stout and the alcoholic content was now having a very serious impact on me.  The man by my side who invited the dark girl was now smooching the girl even as everybody was present and this started causing a serious problem to my long dick downsairs.  Instantly, I started to look for a partner to bail me out of the predicament and then I sighted her on the stage.

To call her beautiful would be an understatement.  She was average in height.  The set of Breast was also the average size but when I saw the backyard I screamed.  It was so large and well coupled.  Everyone was confused as she moved around with the heavy buttocks.  She was simply the dream of everyman there present.  ‘If I don’t fuck this ass, I will commit suicide’, I said to my self.  Before others would hijack her, I went straight to her and asked her to come over to my table so that I Could buy her drink and she obliged.

 “My name is Dickson what of you?” I asked

 "I am Omotola by name" she repled .

I continued to buy her big stouts as she sipped in the company of Benson and hedges Cig that she smoked without apology. 

“So Omotola, can you keep me company for the night.  I just like your kind of person” I asked with complement.

 “Dickson, what are you taking me for? A Prostitute or something?? Too bad.  If you are looking for someone to hook up with for the night, I am the ‘wrongest’ person.  I am just here to catch my fun.  I love Fuji music and that is the reason I am here.  I am a part time student of University of Abuja and  I also run a bar down there.  I just close my bar and decided to listen to some Fuji music before going to bed.  I am sorry, you have to look for someone else. ” She said.

Cold shills ran through my spine as I swallowed every word of her statement.  I could not beleive what i was hearing.  My huge dick was already aching to slam those heavy ass.  Now all I could hear was a message of morality! Though disappointed, I collected her mobile number so that I could call her the next day.  I also promised to visit her bar for patronage.  I simply could not get the idea of holding those heavy butts in my palm while I ram my long tick rod into the honey pot out of my head.  Eventually we parted after taking about four bottles of big stout.

« on: November 10, 2010, 10:01:46 AM »
Yap, i am here for real.  My friends call me dickson 'cause i 've got amazingly dangerous dick.   My AOC is pussy sucking and i never get tired of sucking pussy.  I love it when she pours her pussy juice all over my face.  ugasgasgagsh.  I get crazier when my long tongue work on her asshole.  Your nipples are my erroctic meat! are you there looking for a bomb-blast bang that will take you beyond your imagination? do you want to be cunninlingusly taken to multi-orgasm? Do you want to experience the kind of sex that you will always leave to remember? do you want to unwillingly become a sex slave courtesy of the power of my huge black dick? then here I am! I am simply your package of Joy.  Gat to match you bumper 2 bumper!

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