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« on: November 30, 2018, 12:35:29 AM »
It's been 21/2 years!
Missed all the kinkiness of this place
Alot happened
Getting hitched was 1 of it
How r y'all?

congratulations on getting married

« on: October 03, 2018, 02:26:55 PM »
i would say this forum is dormant or would i say stagnant.... it's no longer a valid medium to meet spontaneous folks... the ladies don't mingle at all, i can say since i joined (2013 till now) i have met only 1 person & we still talk till date (amazing hawt MILF) & fuck occasionally but aside from her nope, nada... i don't even know why i still come here to be honest.

Do you ever ask your pastor why should members share there testimonies?
Check testimony definition, it got nothing to do with competition.

testimony in church is the same as a sex story? wow! lol

Testimony: Definition

  • a : a solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath in response to interrogation by a lawyer or authorized public official
  • b : firsthand authentication of a fact : evidence
  • c : an outward sign

  • a : an open acknowledgment
  • b : a public profession of religious experience

  • a (1) : the tablets inscribed with the Mosaic law, (2) : the ark containing the tablets
  • b : a divine decree attested in the Scriptures

I'm sure what is done here is #1b & #2a & want to believe that the "testimony" you were referring to is the definition #2b unless you are saying that this is a religious gathering  ;D

Ok so Prince now that I have cleared up the difference, is there a point to this? (I'm still asking) & like I said previously.. "what do I know right" lol

Post Merge: September 09, 2018, 12:47:03 AM
Some moments r just too good to be real and I'll wana write anonymously about it to help keep it everfresh.

i have narrated an experience on this forum before here & it was because i wanted to spice things up but 1: it was not with someone i met here & 2: it was not with someone i met here... lol, when/if i do meet anyone here & i feel the need to "testify" i would not present it as someone i met here... there are other ways i can express to the rest that link ups happen that does not involve details of my sex-scapade.... i have seen some "testimonies" that even include images of the female's body (granted the faces are usually hiden) but still, i might know what a close female friend's body looks like

Sharing experience is not comparison, who are you comparing with? Sharing is more like 'I was able to get this done true here', 'Appreciation', 'Sharing a special moment with others' etc.

Some people are so skeptical and sharing could help them. etc


lol @ appreciation... wow! so a vote of thanks should be given when/if i meet with someone here? the person knowing it went well is not enough, everyone else needs to know? c'mon are we kids here?

So those that share testimonies are kids?
That's the norm here and it existed before both you and I join this forum. Neither will anyone force you to testify either...

kids is not the description i would use.... immature is more appropriate. & norm doesn't mean it's right bro.... just my 2 cents

Sharing experience is not comparison, who are you comparing with? Sharing is more like 'I was able to get this done true here', 'Appreciation', 'Sharing a special moment with others' etc.

Some people are so skeptical and sharing could help them. etc


lol @ appreciation... wow! so a vote of thanks should be given when/if i meet with someone here? the person knowing it went well is not enough, everyone else needs to know? c'mon are we kids here?

I posted this question on a thread but lemme quote it again "is this a trophy/dick comparison forum? why should i need to come describe a private sex-scapade with the rest of everyone else... i don't understand the point to this sex(t)estimony ish.... if/when i have sex with someone i meet here i believe the details to the experience is my business & my business alone... but hey! maybe it's just me.... what do i know right?"  :D

GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Whatsapp Group for the Mature & Married
« on: August 14, 2018, 01:55:34 AM »
Hi people,

We have set up a Whatsapp group for the mature & married (M&M) where everything adult and adult content would be discussed and shared without discrimination or judging anyone. We hope to draw experiences and lessons from people's stories, and also satisfy desires as occasion may permit.

If you are interested, drop the number you want to use in my DM. Secrecy and discretion is our watchword, and both are guaranteed. If you also know anyone who would be interested, kindly let the person know.

It's going to be a new world of experience!


is this group for Abuja NAFites only?

« on: August 12, 2018, 10:41:07 AM »
have fun dear. we await your seximony

lol someone says she needs a man asap & you're saying "have fun" would she have fun by herself? don't you have a dick?

lol as in ehn... lol too funny

Hello beautiful people!!

So, for me....these 3 habits of mine that I will only leave when I die (Crazy sex, cheese and a good drive) wards away depression in my life. I really love driving and even though driving on Nigerian roads can be risky and can also be mahd fun sometimes. Most male drivers that I have seen on lagos roads only knows how to press on their throttles but just a fraction (a tiny tiny fraction) knows how to maneuver and actually play with their speed on the road. I laugh most times when I see a car zoom past me on the TMB with one crazy speed...but later see the car hesitating a lot (or getting more confused) when it approaches clusters of cars in front of him......or is it some cars drivers that honestly believe that they actually own the road by not maintaining one lane on the high way...many many examples in my head, but that is not where I am going to with this.

Does anyone know any underground car racing competition in we racing from maybe...Redeem camp to somewhere after ajah, factoring the inconsistencies and unpredictability one may find along the way as the real fun...:). We will use our cars of matter the year of the car, as long you know how to 'relate' with your car, then there should not be a problem. I would like to be part of this....and if there aint any, anyone wanna join me and we kick this off right here in lagos...? The adrenaline rush I get from this is next to none....guys, sexy ladies...lets have real fun in Lagos mehnnn.

i'm in...

MEN SEEKING WOMEN / Re: Fuck for the Married and the Discreet
« on: May 11, 2018, 10:09:27 PM »
I am married but I just need a sex adventure with another married lady. If you are married and you crave to spice up your sex life like I do or you just want to 'taste' another dick like I just want to have a taste of another sweet pussy that I can suck, eat the clits, roll my tongue in it while I fondle her boobs, stroke her nipples and give a good doggy, just indicate. Secrecy is my watchword, hence, I need only a married woman.

I understand very well the fact that good sex makes a married woman happy, look younger, and takes her mind away from domestic worries and other depressing feelings while making her skin glow. That is why I commit to giving you a good fuck that would make your pussy thank me profusely.

Let's link up, please.
and i hope your wife is not also secretly on this forum...and she now send u a PM.....Hmmmm...i am just passing by o...what do I know sef?

Of course, you know nothing, and that's why this your unsolicited comment is drab, listless, of juvenile mindset and certainly a product of a small mind. These are the kind of comments killing NAF. Why not just pass by without leaving such puerile comment on my thread? NAF isn't for kids.

i agree totally this is one of the reasons i find it hard to post anything... some just have no control over that urge to post a response that is unnecessary, it's so annoying

MEN SEEKING WOMEN / weird but interesting... ladies respond
« on: May 06, 2018, 10:53:47 PM »
If your senses tingle in a good way after viewing this... i'd like to mEAT you

GENERAL DISCUSSION / a small orgy this weekend...
« on: March 21, 2018, 06:54:50 PM »
So i was able to get a few like minded individuals (some of which i have history with) to get a partner each for us to have a small orgy. So far the body count is 3 guys & 4 girls (all the ladies are bi so they can eat each other out). No this is not a request or an ad because if it was none of you would even indicate interest, i'm done trying to get folks here to be adventurous.

I just came to state that if you want shit done... you do it yourself, i have come to learn that not all of you here are as brave or experimental as you may think you are.

Not like i'm the wildest or craziest but i'm practical, i wanna try new stuff & i won't get half my fantasies done by myself... i don't wank so yeah partners are usually needed.

And it's sad that a gathering like this would be such a dull one. Anyways i won't be sharing "testimonies" i'v never done that... i could share my story if i feel the need to trigger urges lol

Peace out

GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Is anyone still on NAF
« on: March 11, 2018, 02:20:17 PM »
Is it me or does it feel like nobody else is on this forum???

everyone seems to be forming here, no one wants to meet yet they come here i'm not sure what for if you won't mingle to start with especially the ladies.... but you can't blame them though... dudes can be retarded sometimes

GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: why i joined NAF....
« on: August 22, 2017, 04:21:53 PM »
Over here... you got an orgy for me?

where is @DaTecNerd?

Nice story bro but that pic tho.. that pic is not recent, had that pic like early this year or last year.. wanted to see a pic of the event but anyways love the story tho.. on point

that pic is a friend's but not the same as who i speak of in this post & yeah it's an old picture

I like her shape and doff my imaginary hat for you dude,You do know you owe me a fuck right?

really, I do? ???

The feeling of getting caught in the act speeds up the fun....Fuckgrats. Kai but some guys dey dull sha.... Be nice enough to fuck a lady when she asks nicely.

as in ehn... well it's human nature, you don't crave that which you already own

Risky! What if he came came back unexpected?

i thought about that too but the best kinda sex is "we ain't supposed to be fucking" kinda sex

What if I told you I had sex with a girl in her boyfriend's place while he went to work, Craziest shit I've done. She came from school to spend the week with him plus she has been horny for days. She & I have had sex before so it ain't the first time but this bf is a new one & she really likes him, not bf per say more like dude she's crushing on.
So he invited her to his place & when she expected prick dude was forming "I don't want to touch you" She buzzed me to complain & I laughed. I told her to seduce him. She said she had tried but he wouldn't budge, She even told him outrightly that she came for sex. His responce was he doesn't want to ruin anything, that made her very upset.

I went to work the next day & she told me if I was in VI I should please get her pizza because she's craving it, I said ok I would let her know when I'm done with my work. When I was done I asked her if it was ok to still bring the pizza, She said yes & sent me directions. I drove there after buying pizza & I gave it to her, She said she was home alone & I asked her how far, she said dude has still not touched her. I was just laughing, She then told me she was still mahd horny.

It was like she was planting an idea, I was like "when would he be back" she said we have time, mehn my dick stood.

She immediately undressed...
& I started to eat her pussy...
She moaned loudly & that got my dick hard...
After a while she pulled my dick out & started to suck...
I swear it was like a crime in progress...
I then got up to check the door was locked...
I took my trousers off & we started to fuck...
Slammed into her pussy like I was stealing it...
I was stealing it...

We fucked till she came 2ice, then I came like 20mins later. It felt so fucking good, She was like please don't cum on the bed lol. I ran to the bathroom to cum then flushed. I dressed up, pecked her then left. It was a wild adventure

Poor dude would come home not knowing his girl got fucked.

She assured me he closes from 5ish, I got there 2pm. Ample time to go 2 rounds sef... But I didn't push my luck, fuck won't kill me.

I love crazy but SAFE crazy

VIDEOS / Re: DaTecNerd: I wanna ride you like this tonight
« on: April 25, 2017, 10:52:41 AM »
this is hilarious... lol

boss welcome back. hope you're recuperating well?

i'm fine, thanks for asking

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