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Return of my village bae
« on: August 04, 2017, 10:24:55 AM »
Hello      readers hope u guys can remember my village bae story this is the second part of it !! sit Back and enjoy! cuz I am with my earphones playing wizkid - Medicine nd ycee - juice and sauce !!! back to the story !!
Peace mother is ill, and now she is back to the village and as God may want It am also in the village for a meeting with my dad!!
After what seemed like eight hours of being on the road with two different buses, peace finally got to her village, she looked around as she got down from the bike she took from the garage, it’s been 3-4years since she came to the village (so I heard) but it still looked the same. She took a deep breath, braced herself for the worst, and walked inside the compound.
She saw her father and one of her brothers sitting beside him playing close to the lantern, she greeted him and her brother shouted her name and soon the others were rushing to her side with sheepish smiles, they collected her bag and looked her over, others asking her a million question about lasgidi(Lagos)
“Where mama” she finally said with an impatient tone.
She went towards her parent small room, lifted the curtain and stepped inside, she inhaled the stuffy smell the room had; she had forgotten about it, she walked towards the bed and sat besides her mother who opened her eyes wearily
“sorry mom"she said softly
She could feel how hot her mother’s temperature was when she felt her hand, she felt the tears pulling up as she thought about what could happen, she quickly dug into her bag for the anti-malaria drugs and pain-killers she had bought with the extra money her anuty gave her, she went out and asked if her mother had anything to eat.
She came back in and helped her mother sit up and popped the pills for her, after she took the drugs peace stayed with her for a long while before she stepped out. It was darker now and dinner was ready they were having fufu with.... soup sprinkled with a little dry fish, she ate and gisted her siblings about lasgidi(Lagos)  exaggerating the story a little.
“peace" papa dey call you” Her little brother that was hanging out with her father came to tell her.
She went into the room and sat on the mat, her father asked how her journey went and proceeded to clear his throat and sat upright, he did that when he had something serious to talk about, he started with pointing out how she was not getting younger and went ahead to tell her that someone had come to ask for her hand
“You remember Akan that own that shop close to the parish?” He asked her.
She remembered him well and there was no way she would ever consider marrying him, he had been eyeing her for as long as she could remember, and she hated him, her father kept going on and on, but she could not hear anything he said since he mentioned Akan.
She wanted to scream that she would never marry him but kept quiet, or who the marriage epp?? when her father finished she stood up and went inside where her siblings were waiting for her, she couldn’t gist any more so she listened to them fill her in on all the gossip she missed.
As soon as her father when inside she sneaked outside, she needed to clear her head, she walked along the footpath her head replaying her conversation with her father
“peace,is that you?” a voice brought her out of her reverie.
She look up to see Izzy smiling at her, i went over held her smiling before hugging her, i held her for a while before letting her go
“peace so how is Lagos heard u now stay there with ya aunty, i said poking her side
“yap' She said nodding her head
“sorry heard ya mom is ill " i said pulling her close and grabbing her ass.
She nodded her head with her eyes closed, she ask when I came that I had to know about her mom and where I was heading to?? told her I arrive a day before yesterday and was actually heading to her huz!! so now that have seen you can we go to house, I bet she would go anywhere with me that the moment.getting to the compound it was very quiet my dad had gone for the meeting!! #mbok who meeting epp with this kind big nyash were I want fuck!! ( the thought run though my head) all she cared about then was being fucked hard by my big 8inch dick,we laid down on the bed i started kissing her hard and viciously, my hands found its way under her skirt riding up till it poked her pussy, i shifted her pant and pushed my finger in , i pushed in another finger in moving in and out with so much speed and intensity, i took out my hands and grabbed her boobs and squeezed till she winced from pain, she doesn’t remember me being this rough but she likes this side of me, i made her sit up and pull off her shirt, I move my  hands to the band of her pant and pulled it off with her skirt, i spread her legs apart.
She gasped out as i pushed apart, i positioned my hard dick and slammed hard into her pussy forcing a gasp to escape her mouth, she grunted as i slammed my dick into her fast and hard making her back move against the bed i squeezed her boobs hard as i thrust in and out fast.
She ran her hand into her hair in a mixture of pain and pleasure, she felt the familiar build up as it climbed higher and higher she hear herself screaming my name as i moved even faster and deeper, her orgasm ripped through her as her pussy flooded with cum.
i quickened my pace grunting loudly i pushed in deeper and pulled out pouring cum all over her, with our breathing still heavy i pulled her up and made her get on all fours, without wasting any time( no time to dull) i plunged my dick deep inside her.
She moaned out loudly, and i continued to move fast, i grabs her boobs and pulled as i moved, she bite her lips as his dick hit her pussy wall, i grabs her ass and plunged in deeper  i moved pushing deeper with every move.
She cried out as another orgasm ripped through her, i pushed in harder and harder till she came again her body shaking as she did, i pulled out and poured warm cum on her ass, we laid down breathing ,it was getting late so i helped her stand to her feet take her bath then dressed up,i walked her till she was close to her house, i pulled her to myself and kissed her deeply
“na me go fuck u tomorrow ” she said as we when our different way !! She snuck into the house and went to bed!!
She could feel her inner thighs ache, definitely a sore down there but it was terrific


Return of my village bae
« on: August 04, 2017, 10:24:55 AM »

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Re: Return of my village bae
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2017, 08:35:38 PM »
Thanks for d story.

 #If in reality, women cum easily, they are always satisfied and men last longer, as it is usually portray in stories, then the world will be sweeter than it is now.